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  1. Absolutely. I'm sure you know that's Mam Tor summit Castleton. I was brought up in the village. Great view of 'me uncle Bill's chimney' as I called it as a kid. He worked in the cement works at Hope. The ad was always better than the match. The only reason I did iFollow. Perhaps apart from Cardiff at home. Av heard Macron interested but Mr C want a transfer fee. £350000?
  2. Thanks swfc93 mine now says 25 points. Anyone know what that means?
  3. Meant to say me too. Can't wait to go to the match and catch up with family.
  4. Great photo your Lordship. My Dad started taking me to the match in the 1960/61 season. We drove in from Castleton in the Peak in our old Wolsey 444. Parked on the streets you can see on the far top right of the photo I think? Off Worrall Road/Langsett Avenue or there abouts ? Then walked down to Middlewood Road onto the Leppings Lane end of the North/South stand. Sadly Dad passed away in February. Wonderful memories. Would love a print.
  5. Assistant manager Jamie Smith on a five star performance v Cardiff! | Owls 5-0 Cardiff Watch video here Assistant manager Jamie Smith on a five star performance v Cardiff! | Owls 5-0 Cardiff
  6. My thoughts too Rivelin. My Dad started taking me to Hillsborough in the 60/61 season when we lived in Castleton, Hope Valley. Swan. Springett, Kay, Megson were my heros. That was a great team and time to support the Owls. Big crowds as well. RIP Swanny.
  7. Neil you're a star. Upgraded to Sky Q got Netflix thrown in and kept everything else. Saved £24 a month. Unbelievable Neil. Took 15 mins.
  8. Yep. Correct. I have a background in these matters. Efl and individuals concerned have crossed a line. Up to dc whether he wants to act on this. Trouble for them if he does.
  9. 1) Owls 1 - Forest 0 21st. Feb. 1961 - Att. 35199 (Alan Finney scorer) - I was 8 finished 2nd. to Spurs double winning side that season. 2) Ron Springett 3) Ron Springett 4) Owls 5 - Man Utd 4 Aug !968 5) Blackburn 1 - Owls 2 April 1980. Just moved to Chorley and was also my new local derby. In the home end our fans were amazing. Mellors goal "eruption". 6) Millennium Stadium. 7) Waddle at Wembley. 8)Brighton home play offs. 9)Peter Swann - absolute class but what a disaster. 10) It's all gone wrong.
  10. Ahhh. I see. I'm a retired teacher and misconduct in my world required ass kicking. Not literally I hasten to add. Haha.
  11. Yes that has been my view throughout. But why the delay if we don't need to go that far? Political/the Derby case etc. Perhaps this is far too hard for the panel. How can you give a harsh punishment for something so open to debate. If found guilty of course.
  12. Cheers mk. Of course with the evidence we will never truly know. It does indicate a reason for the delay. It's complex and involves professionals making judgements. It is that though that makes me feel that even if found guilty a severe punishment would be seen as inappropriate? A charge of misconduct doesn't seem quite right if there is so much conjecture?
  13. Yes that's what I thought he said. What do you think of 2017 - 2018 accounts transaction part mk?
  14. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Cheers. I was brought up over the hill from you in Castleton many, many years ago. Dad used to take me to Hillsborough in the 60's.
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