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  1. Yep. Correct. I have a background in these matters. Efl and individuals concerned have crossed a line. Up to dc whether he wants to act on this. Trouble for them if he does.
  2. 1) Owls 1 - Forest 0 21st. Feb. 1961 - Att. 35199 (Alan Finney scorer) - I was 8 finished 2nd. to Spurs double winning side that season. 2) Ron Springett 3) Ron Springett 4) Owls 5 - Man Utd 4 Aug !968 5) Blackburn 1 - Owls 2 April 1980. Just moved to Chorley and was also my new local derby. In the home end our fans were amazing. Mellors goal "eruption". 6) Millennium Stadium. 7) Waddle at Wembley. 8)Brighton home play offs. 9)Peter Swann - absolute class but what a disaster. 10) It's all gone wrong.
  3. Ahhh. I see. I'm a retired teacher and misconduct in my world required ass kicking. Not literally I hasten to add. Haha.
  4. Yes that has been my view throughout. But why the delay if we don't need to go that far? Political/the Derby case etc. Perhaps this is far too hard for the panel. How can you give a harsh punishment for something so open to debate. If found guilty of course.
  5. Cheers mk. Of course with the evidence we will never truly know. It does indicate a reason for the delay. It's complex and involves professionals making judgements. It is that though that makes me feel that even if found guilty a severe punishment would be seen as inappropriate? A charge of misconduct doesn't seem quite right if there is so much conjecture?
  6. Yes that's what I thought he said. What do you think of 2017 - 2018 accounts transaction part mk?
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Cheers. I was brought up over the hill from you in Castleton many, many years ago. Dad used to take me to Hillsborough in the 60's.
  8. Happy Birthday Plonk. My birthday too. On the kop City game. Never thought that defeat would lead to so many years of decline. Why didn't they just let us win? In the home crowd for Ewood (Riverside stand) just 20 minutes away from where I've lived for the past 40 odd years. Gave up trying to get into the Darwen end. Spent as much time watching our fans as the match. It was wonderful to see and hear the explosion of noise and mayhem when spider Mellor scored the winner. What an atmosphere. I certainly wasn't the only Wednesdayite in the home crowd that night . More than 10000 I would wager.
  9. Brilliant!! My first game 1960. Totally agree old boy. New dawn and all that. Seen many over the years. "The end of SWFC!!!". Really!!! Hilarious.
  10. Absolutely. Stayed to the bitter end yesterday and have about half your journey time home but had the same thoughts. DC became too close to Carlos and that makes sacking him very difficult. When you own a football club or are in charge of any kind of enterprise/organisation (I have been) you have to operate with a respectful distance between yourself and those who work for you. He was far too "chummy" with CC which prolonged his tenure. The new CEO is an attempt to change that and make the running of the club more business-like. It needs it but whether she is the right choice remains to be see
  11. Like reading this forum but got to say Neil that is a total misunderstanding of what dc has said. It's simple. Criticise all you want but don't be abusive. That is all he is trying to say. Some of our "wonderful " fans totally lack class. Where I sit most are embarrassed by a couple of loudmouth "fans" who berate certain players before they've even touched the ball. Carlos had to go but he and dc do not deserve your very contrived and for most fans inaccurate and subjective slant on swfc and reality. Plot and counter plot??? He just wants respect. That is all. He admits he make
  12. My first game Feb. 21st 1961. Wednesday 1-0 Forest. Crowd 35,199. I was 8 and my dad took me after saving up for a few weeks so that we could sit in the South. When we scored I jumped in the air wildly waving my arms shouting "goal!!!!!" Much to the amazement of the posh people sat around us. Now at 65 I have a ST in the South and still do the same . Same reaction haha. We finished 2nd. to the double winning Spurs side. Thought it would always be like that??? Best match was the 5-4 against Man Utd. as already mentioned. Lived in Castleton in the Peak. Village was pretty much
  13. Thanks guys will probably go for vpn. as there's other stuff I'd like to watch.
  14. Cheers Janikowski. Just looked at that. Do you have to sign up/download something to watch it?
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