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  1. Phil Henson - Taught me from a young age that watching Wednesday was often about making your own entertainment. Laughing at his ineptitude helped pass the time. Guy Branston - Proof if ever it were needed that you should never give up on your dreams. A psychotically poor footballer yet a professional one nonetheless. An inspiration to me to never give up on my dream to be an astronaut (even though I am 49 years of age). Reach for the stars Guy.
  2. Eric Potts

    Madine Booking

    Let's take the blue and white tinted glasses off. Ironically one of the only decisions the ref got right all day and he actually didn't see what happened. I just hope Madine doesn't end up picking up a suspension before the end of the season because he decided to act the wee pipe.
  3. He told me Pat Heard. Typical blade; thick as mince.
  4. Sadly not, although like you, he was my first favourite player. Having said that, I don't think I ever saw him play for Wednesday (was too young; honest) although I remember seeing him on telly playing for Brighton (I think?).
  5. There was a thread on here a few days ago with a picture of the 82/83 squad. One of the topics of conversation was the identity of one of the goalkeepers; Dave Redfearn. I work with Dave, so I told him he'd been relatively famous recently and asked him about his time playing for the Owls. Dave never actually made it to the first team, playing mainly for the reserves and in County Cup (remember that?) games (although he did later play at Old Trafford after his move to Rochdale). He said Big Jack was a true legend and an inspiration. Wasn't too keen on Wilkinson, especially the runs he made the whole squad (including goalkeepers) go on. A 10 mile run even on match days! Almost made the first team for the FA Cup Quarter Final with Burnley as Bob Bolder was ill, but he insisted on playing so Dave missed out. Also mentioned the semi-final against Brighton when the team coach set off from the hotel without Pat Heard and had to turn around to go back for him (from my memories of Pat Heard I think I'd have kept on going without him). It could only happen to Wednesday! Anyway, a nice bloke, but ..............................................................................he's a blade! Reckons he only chose Wednesday because the training ground was closer to his home. Oh, and he's got rid of the tache.
  6. Eric Potts

    On way back/player ratings

    Very lethargic and off the pace for most of the first half I thought. I think this was reflected in our wastefulness in front of goal. I'm afraid, if we're serious about automatic promotion we can't afford to only play half a game.
  7. I'm sure I saw Lowe running with the ball and crossing the half-way line. Can anyone else confirm this?
  8. Eric Potts

    the true story

    13. Wednesday get promoted and we all live happily ever after.
  9. I had my tongue firmly in my cheek there. My honest opinion is that this has been a very rude awakening for us Owls fans. This is purely business, not football.
  10. If Megson was sacked because of his performance over the last 10 games, chances are we could be on to our third manager by the end of the season. Perhaps MM has interviewed Dave Jones' replacement already.
  11. Eric Potts


    The free kicks tonight were embarrassing. Every man in the box and a hopeful punt on to the 25 ft centre half's forehead. If the 16,000 punters can see it's not working (and we pay to get in) how come the professionals can't. Lord knows what free kick routines they work on in training.
  12. Eric Potts

    Dear Gary Megson..

    You'd have thought following Wednesday all these years, people would have developed a sense of humour. Seeing some of the posts on here; obviously not. From a personal point of view, my second choice would be for Megson to watch from the sidelines dressed as Stuart Hall in his It's a Knockout days. If they could pipe a Stuart Hall laughter track each time (insert player's name) hits the kop with a pass, misses a simple pass etc that would be even better.
  13. Eric Potts

    Dear Gary Megson..

    He should dress like the Predator. None of the players know where he is. Play a wrong pass, miss a sitter and they get disembowelled and strung up from the cross bar in front of the Kop.
  14. Saw a thread a while ago about suggestions for a song for Milan. Anyway I've given it some thought (cos I've nowt better to do) and wondered whether we could do a version of Barry Mannilow's Mandy (waves goodbye to last shred of street cred). Here's my suggestion (be kind): Oh Mandi First you came and you paid off the taxman Then you sent him away Oh Mandi Then you bought us and saved us from admin Cos you love the Wednesday Oh Mandi Repeat (probably until Milan is penniless and heart broken) Simple and catchy enough even for our Ultras I reckon!
  15. Eric Potts

    Sun Ratings!!!!

    I think we should cut out the match report and put it in our trophy cabinet.