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  1. 12 minutes ago, Sensible Soccer said:

    I agree to a point but it would need to go further… for me the wage bill must be less than the turnover of the club by some way. That way if the wealthy owner leaves the club can still support itself.


    we were crippled by more than just rediculous spending on transfer fees… the wages is what did for us in the end as it did when we fell out the Prem all those years ago.


    failure payments need to go though. 



    The owner wouldn't be able to leave without still been responsible for the debt, personal guarantees up front ect.


    In our case the debt shouldn't have crippled us, I believe I read the interest payments were approximately £500k per year.  One or 2 good players wages, our problem was we were so poorly managed.

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  2. 7 hours ago, quinnssweetshop said:

    Bumped into Colin and his minder once at services on the M1, in reality, thoroughly decent bloke with a great sense of humour.

    Please tell us that you called him Colin through out your conversation with him 😅

  3. 2 minutes ago, Sergeant Tibbs said:

    Totally get the balanced view, but I think he'd totally outstayed his welcome.

    Appreciate what he did in the first year, but a man who can't admit he was wrong, about anything, will end up upsetting a lot of people. I think he'll be booed, but not as much as his team were towards the end of his reign.

    Anyway, we can stick it right up him and that will better than s million boos.


    I agree with you to be honest. It was more in terms of what kind of welcome here receives,  there is no doubt he had made a mess of this season. 


    But if he'd have left at the end of last season (which he should have done) then opinions may have been different about him.  

  4. 2 minutes ago, Sergeant Tibbs said:

    Well, he left us precariously hovering above the relegation zone, with an unfit and demotivated squad. Didn't prepare us for the Derby. I could go on.

    Boos will be heard.

    For a balanced view he also got us to Wembley playing great football and gave us our best league finish in a generation.  Just wish he'd left it there in hindsight.

  5. Could his loss of pace (and there also timing)  be due to the lack of fitness in the squad from the previous regime? I think he's done enough previously to be given time to prove himself (again) with improved fitness. 


    Edit. He needs to earn his place back first

  6. Thought that was harsh,  didn't go beyond the advertising boards.  Fans just rushed to him. Not sure what he should have done to avoid it. See players celebrating much more enthusiastically than that every week, just with out the fans joining in on the pitch. 

  7. Have to agree with this

    His size means you expect a certain manner of play, and it isn't one he really offers. His first touch and footwork (ie skill) is legitimately some of the best I've seen from any Wednesday player- but he lacks any pace or agility to take a huge advantage of this... meanwhile he's not great at heading or winning 50-50 aerial battles consistently. Not a great finisher but very smart when it comes to laying the ball off to people. Not really a 'traditional' target man and painfully slow, but somehow he does a job and he seems to have got better in the last month. 


    Keep it up big guy


    I think this is probably the best summary of Nuihu I've seen.  Lacking on the skill sets that are the most obvious (goals and pace) but good at the more unnoticed stuff.  Also having someone who scores for fun next to him and all of a sudden his lack of goals and pace is not as critical.

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