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  1. Has anyone else noticed how they can't seem to call us Wednesday anymore? Noticed it with Wilder first but seems to becoming more prevalent amongst them. Has it always been like that and I've just noticed or is it new?
  2. I wouldn't say pleased with what I saw tonight more relieved at the result.
  3. Not read all the post, but for me its the lack of reaction from both players. Both just run off as if nothing happened. Then both looked confused as they were unsure of who was being called back. Strange, I would like a view from the north stand so I could see what the linesman saw though.
  4. Would be a massive loss, one of the most underrated players in the league. Hope it's not true.
  5. I agree with you to be honest. It was more in terms of what kind of welcome here receives, there is no doubt he had made a mess of this season. But if he'd have left at the end of last season (which he should have done) then opinions may have been different about him.
  6. For a balanced view he also got us to Wembley playing great football and gave us our best league finish in a generation. Just wish he'd left it there in hindsight.
  7. Could his loss of pace (and there also timing) be due to the lack of fitness in the squad from the previous regime? I think he's done enough previously to be given time to prove himself (again) with improved fitness. Edit. He needs to earn his place back first
  8. Good value, I don't go as often anymore ad I feel it is too expensive. So this gives me a chance to go where I feel like I am getting a good deal.
  9. I'm not for or against, but who people want to have as a replacement?
  10. Mentioned it before, but if they don't make the play offs then they have said they will refund half the season ticket money. That'd be a shame.
  11. Thought that was harsh, didn't go beyond the advertising boards. Fans just rushed to him. Not sure what he should have done to avoid it. See players celebrating much more enthusiastically than that every week, just with out the fans joining in on the pitch.
  12. I sold these on the north, don't remember them looking like that though. The ones I sold were square plain blue and flat. Weighed quite a bit used to knacker me out collecting them at the end. Never had to go on the pitch to collect them though.
  13. I think this is probably the best summary of Nuihu I've seen. Lacking on the skill sets that are the most obvious (goals and pace) but good at the more unnoticed stuff. Also having someone who scores for fun next to him and all of a sudden his lack of goals and pace is not as critical.
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