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  1. I must be the only person not bothered about parachute payments, I have an issue that they can spend this and then have greater allowed losses. Once down they must cut their cloth and at least break even on nett spend.
  2. The owner wouldn't be able to leave without still been responsible for the debt, personal guarantees up front ect. In our case the debt shouldn't have crippled us, I believe I read the interest payments were approximately £500k per year. One or 2 good players wages, our problem was we were so poorly managed.
  3. I agree with this, but at the same time no debt should be left with the club. Every team must break even at the end of the year, so if an owner wants to put £5, 10, 20 million in they can, but the debts with them not the club.
  4. Know someone who plays in that league and says there are teams in there with bugger 1st team budgets than some league 2 teams.
  5. I actually quite like the look of some of these teams.
  6. Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End | 2020/21 Extended highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Preston North End | 2020/21 Extended highlights
  7. Please tell us that you called him Colin through out your conversation with him
  8. Has anyone else noticed how they can't seem to call us Wednesday anymore? Noticed it with Wilder first but seems to becoming more prevalent amongst them. Has it always been like that and I've just noticed or is it new?
  9. I wouldn't say pleased with what I saw tonight more relieved at the result.
  10. Not read all the post, but for me its the lack of reaction from both players. Both just run off as if nothing happened. Then both looked confused as they were unsure of who was being called back. Strange, I would like a view from the north stand so I could see what the linesman saw though.
  11. Would be a massive loss, one of the most underrated players in the league. Hope it's not true.
  12. I agree with you to be honest. It was more in terms of what kind of welcome here receives, there is no doubt he had made a mess of this season. But if he'd have left at the end of last season (which he should have done) then opinions may have been different about him.
  13. For a balanced view he also got us to Wembley playing great football and gave us our best league finish in a generation. Just wish he'd left it there in hindsight.
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