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  1. Barring Hutchinson, I'd let any or all of our midfielders go if a decent bid came in (this is under the asumption we wont be under an embargo preventing us signing players). I don't think we are good enough without the ball. Watching Boyd mark space, Reach rarel;y imposing himself on the player in possession and Bannan being ineffectual when the team is under the cosh tells me we aren't going anywhere fast with them. I'm not questioning their work rate or commitment to the cause, just ability when out of possession, I see a lot more wily, cynical b@stards in teams that do well. I'm all for Bruce overhauling the midfield and forwards, strengthening the back line with a left back for Penney to challenge and a centre half a la Hector
  2. Did ok. Left his mark on a few players. If we are talking about being a good holding player, look at Norwood. Joey doesn't have anything like that passing in his locker. We have too many one dimensional midfielders, top teams have good all-rounders.
  3. Dawson Palmer Lees Hector (pushing to anchor man when we aren't under the cosh) Pudil Penney Onomah Bamnan Reach Joao (floating deep) Fletcher
  4. What proportion of a player's maximum take home is down to appearances? I expect it would be more in the case of Sam Hutchinson, given his injury record, than some other senior players.
  5. It doesn't hurt. Detracts from the quality of the site though, in my opinion. A bit too much like newsnow, especially as it throws up, generally, ropey articles.
  6. Maybe they've packed in posting due to the continual click-bait topics.
  7. I think he has talent and needs a run of games combined with coaching to prove it. More pace and height than the others.
  8. keeper hutch lees JVA Palmer p'pessy Boyd reach bannan floating fessi joao
  9. I was about to post the same thing. Maybe EFL have told several clubs to get their house in order and imposed a de facto embargo until they review things on Wednesday.
  10. I'm not sure we really need another left-sided centre back.
  11. Totally agree, Lee is is the key to Carlos getting the team playing as he'd like. We have no one that comes close to filling his role in CC's system. Unfortunately CC hasn't addressed this with signings or a change of system.
  12. I'd like to see Sasso given a bit of coaching and u23 game experience at right back. Good attributes - pace, good distribution and could get away with a few mistakes (probably less than Hunt makes).
  13. I like Lee and Bannan, but I think we do need more strength in midfield. And up front. We are clearly more effective with Forestieri coming in off the left, but in the bigger games I think Carlos played a 'proper' midfielder on the left, introducing Lopez/Hutchinson and shipping Bannan out wide to ensure we compete in midfield and pushing Fessi up front in a generally less effective attacking combination with Hooper than, say, Nuhiu and Hooper. He also stuck to 4-4-2 in general. If we had a beast in midfield to play instead of one of Lee/Bannan than we could afford to keep Fessi on the left against the better teams. Hutchinson could be that beast but will inevitable be injured/suspended for a large part of the season. If we had a proper lone front man that can score regularly (could be Joao if he progresses), then we have the option of playing 4-5-1 against the proper top teams with Fessi on the left with Bannan/Lee/new beast in the middle. This would mean dropping Hooper, but he really isn't effective on his own up top. Only Forestieri, Lees and Westwood are undroppable in my eyes.
  14. http://www.twtd.co.uk/forum/319607/video-the-goals-sheff-weds-1-1-ipswich-town/#0
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