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  1. I think (not certain) the players in contract players for next season are; GK Cameron Dawson - Unlikely to get offers until January for him (if he proves fitness). Probably be our No.1 next season. Joe Wildsmith - Unlikely to get offers. Gone downhill - L1 back-up Defence Julian Börner - May get offers for him - I recall reading that his plan was to do three years abroad then go back home, suspect he may stay. Solid in League 1 Liam Palmer - Likely get offers for him. Solid in League 1. LIKELY TO GO Dominic Iorfa - Unlikely to get offers until
  2. Agree with this. I think he'd be a decent left side midfielder in L1, 30 plus games in left midifield in a L1 season would improve him as a player and would probably result in solid output game by game. That said, there are few SWFC players I'd be upset at leaving. There should be plenty of good alternatives that can play well at L1. I shouldn't assume good recruitment though, should I.....
  3. He played well last night, I thought. I think the set-up helped a bit, seemed to be a compact diamond up top, so he had players close to him.
  4. I'd try and sign Bony, give him 30k a goal too. If these deals are until the end of the season only, I don't care.
  5. What would stop Darren Moore building HIS own team here? One to ponder.
  6. All recent managers haven't recruited or had the opportunity to recruit better than Rhodes or replaced Fletcher (even with a tin pot version). This is the issue.
  7. Would you give Wilfried Bony (or the like) a deal to the end of the season to play 30 to 45 mins a game for us? We are in such a pickle I'd be taking this sort of risk to help us stay up. The business we didn't do at the end of last season and in January is criminal and put us in this bizarre position of looking at unfit out of contract player. But at least it would be a throw of the dice.
  8. Like most of our squad, too few dimensions. No guile, just pace and a lash. Not a footballer.
  9. I think if we score four goals, we might beat Norwich.
  10. They must think their current forward line is too effective.
  11. I think people have an idea of what Harris is (flying winger) and let that blind the reality, his end product and ball retention is really poor. I don't doubt his effort or energy but he rarely delivers. The last time he did it was against a really poor LB/entire Wycombe defence. I don't even think he is that quick, just that he has good acceleration to the top (decent) pace. Slim pickings in our squad, but I don't think he make the best starting 11.
  12. Westwood Lees Hutchinson Urighide Palmer Pelupessy Reach Paterson Bannan Kachunga Rhodes Slim pickings, Dunkley hasn't pulled any trees up so dropped, could use Paterson's drive and combative play in midfield, get Kachunga to run his arse off/run the channels then swap in Windass. Then pray.
  13. Lennon was always leaving at the end of this season anyway. Celtic and their recruitment team are quite proficient at picking up players cheap/for compo and selling them on a couple of years later. Shaw fits that model for them. Doubt Lennon had that much to do with it.
  14. Dunno, I wish the club had put it in. I hope they have for Urhoghide, but like I said, hope and SWFC are like oil and water plus@KivoOwl is reliable and has heard he is off so.... Another one bites the dust.
  15. SWFC have put options in players' contracts in the past to extend by 12 months (e.g. Penney's and I think others, but I can't recall). I hope we have done this for Urhoghide. On top of that, I hope we give him another 3 years in the summer. Hope and the way SWFC seems to be run are mutually exclusive at the moment.
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