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  1. Without team injuries, I'd see Shaw screening the defence when we don't have the ball and given licence to play when we do have it, though recognise injuries mean we need hin in defence now. He may end up a defender, but for now he has a mistake or two in him. He could get away with more in midfield.
  2. Big well done on debut. Great positioning, decision making and execution.
  3. Agree. We need two forwards. If we could sign someone like this guy (better than we have) early in the window with A. N. Other to follow, then do it. We need to improve now, not at the end of January.
  4. Harris is a decent squad player, a great sub if you are a goal or 2 up and want to keep the opposite's defensive line honest. He is no good if you are looking to score a goal, end product is poor, wouldn't be a started for me (unless the squad is ravaged by injuries).
  5. Yep, Shaw looks like he belongs.
  6. More 'owlstalk' originated threads, to go with the other 60% to drive the debate. Probably empirically proven to drive more traffic and everything associated with it. Makes the browsing experience much better?
  7. Did Pulis play two up top yesterday? Paid the cash to charity?
  8. A factor is Pulis' tactics, I don't understand a number of things about them ( I didn't under Monk). A factor is players, we have lost a load of points through just stupid defending/play/sending offs under Pulis which he clearly isn't coaching. It's all a sh!tshow, but a few guilty parties.
  9. That's a leap of faith. That makes Mourinho a 'scout'. Poor recruitment has led to this, the job is poisoned chalice and would be for any manager.
  10. Pulis plays a part in that, undeniably. Monk wasn't getting a tune out of them either, really. There is a deep-seated fragility and lack of leadership on the pitch. Maybe Pulis has never handled such a set of losers and doesn't know what to do, other than buy some winners.
  11. I thought you had made up you mind, given the number of related threads with stats. I think the players are devoid of confidence, Pulis plays a part in that but so does professional pride and guts. Hopefully he will get 4 first teamers in covering LB, CM, ST and RW and the picture will look better.
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