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  1. Difficult tonsee what he offers above Palmer as a back up CB.
  2. Midfield is weak. Trying to get Bannan to do what Luongo has done the last couple of matches is insane. Pelupessy would be better sat in front of the defence with Bannan pushed where Hunt is. Needs a rejig.
  3. Genuinely think Penney is better than Reach at LWB. I'm not deluded about Penney, he isn't amazing, but he is better off the ball than Reach and offers decent delivery and a decenr passing game. We've needed decent fullbacks/wingbacks in this team since Pudil and Hunt. Hoping we sign a LWB and and play Paterson RWB eventually. Don't think we should be in a position where Harris is a first team wingback, he offers decent cover but doesn't play football.
  4. Reach can only be effective if we play a back 4 and give him a wide midfield/winger position. Seems that isn't on Monk's agenda so we should sell. Mind you, if JVA and Borner don't sharpen up and Iorfa gets bought, we might end up having to play a back 4 with Lees and Dunkley as CBs.
  5. Good age, good engine, robust, versatile and played in the premiership. Sounds great. Even if he isn't technically brilliant he must be effective. I hope he has a streak of nasty c**t in him too, we need a bit of that..
  6. Same team as last week, for me, except I'd put Kachunga in for Rhodes. I think Penney should get a run of games unless he has a real stinker.
  7. Ain't nobody Like Chey Dunkley Makes me happy... Etc etc
  8. Agree on his general limitations (crossing/shooting). I'd be interested to see how he'd perform as a holding midfielder. He has a background in midfield and has shown he can cover full back positions (if fullbacks push on) and centre back (dropping in whenunder the cosh).
  9. Lazy to ask rather than digitout, but who do we have on our books that only have a year remaining on their contract. If they are of use to us or elsewhere we should be signing up or selling. Thinking Bannan and Reach, primarily.
  10. I'm not a binary 'Monk In' or 'Monk Out', but if we find out we are staying in the Championship and a manager of Pearson's calibre (or better) is available, we should ask. Pearson is just a better manager than Monk and a better bet for the squad rebuild task.
  11. Wildsmith Iorfa Lees Borner Murphy Lee Luongo Bannan Reach Nuhiu Wickham Teams have worked Harris out, warnock will nulify him. Quality crosses from Murphy and Reach (hoping he finds a bit of fight).
  12. Is anyone else grasping at straws, like me, trying to find comfort in the fact that the team aren't playing like they are desperate for points and weren't gutted with a draw last night?
  13. If the price is right, I'd take him. Pace, keeps the ball, works hard, takes a good corner. Looks a good squad player that can contribute now and could improve to be a regular starter (and gain some value). I must be watching different games to those that think he looks way out of his depth,
  14. Beyond the constructive things already stated on this thread... I thought I'd read that the company that owns Hillsborough is registered in Hong Kong. If so, I'd consider moving it.
  15. The club seems so relaxed about it and there seems to be so little talk of him moving on. Suggests to me that we have the option to extend the deal by a year. Only speculation, nowhere near ITK.
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