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  1. True. Each to their own. I'm not normally this judgemental in real life but had a glass of wine and despite me being on a promise our lass has fallen asleep. Last shirt I bought was a Toffs, Bukta retro job, looked ace first time I wore it but then shrunk so makes me look like I'm 6 months up the duff.
  2. You can buy Barca, Real, Juve etc kids kits on eBay, shipped from China for about £12. Some better than others but the good ones are indistinguishable from the official ones. There's even UK based websites flogging these. Makes a mockery of the prices paid for official kits in UK. Manufacturing costs <£2.
  3. It's cringe moments like this when you realise a grown man would want to get a player's name and number on a replica shirt.
  4. Neil Harris commented on Quest about us having Bannan on the bench and how that set the standard for us as an opponent. Imagine when team sheets get exchanged they see Nando there as well (rather than Fox). Surely that would have them thinking, "shìte, if Forestieri can't get a game they must have some reyt bàstards in first 11". Personally I think Bullen has made a bad error here, unless there's something gone on behind the scenes which he has played down.
  5. Don't think you can put Bullen in the category of player that made a lot of money as a player. Wasn't he selling houses before he got a coaching role with us?
  6. Not many clubs in Argentina will pay him £30k a week.
  7. I've met Nigel a couple of times - once on a professional basis. I found him good company, quite forthright when it came to football but always polite and respectful. He's also quite a funny guy.
  8. I'm guessing money has been transferred and Ashley's given it a "That's your lot - fùck off". DC seemingly wants more or players included?!* 100% guesswork
  9. Judging by his comments and demeanour in the interview yesterday, I think in his own mind he expects to be at Newcastle very soon. Whether that comes about by a package being agreed with them, or he 'forces' it through with a resignation remains to be seen.
  10. By the time Lambert's odds were this short he was already in talks.
  11. Unfortunately not up to the required standard. I know some at Forest were very surprised when we took him in the the first place.
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