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  1. Unfortunately not up to the required standard. I know some at Forest were very surprised when we took him in the the first place.
  2. A mate of mine knows a couple of players. He says off the pitch Hooper is quiet and reserved, almost quite a boring bloke, so probably just not in his character to interact with fans like some of the other players do. Apparently an offer from MLS was on the table but GH didn't fancy it. There was a mutual interest with Celtic but GH doubted it was the right time. This was about 6 weeks ago.
  3. We weren't though. Oct 7th we beat Bristol City and we're in 6th place. 1 win in 10 ending with defeat at Swansea on 15h Dec saw the end of Jos and the start of the revival. So, it was arguably a 10 match run that derailed our season.
  4. Am I missing something with all this optimism for next season? I thought we were almost certain to be under an embargo?
  5. We already have an expert on P&S at the club. DC told us at the forum he knew more about it than anybody. Sure Willow will back me up on this.
  6. It is bizarre. The press release states "core feature is inclusion in and receipt of" this book. The price in which depends where you choose to sit in the ground. I'm sure as pointed out earlier it's sold in this way to be in line with P&S regulations, buts it still odd. To follow this train of thought, he should consider charging more for food and drink on North / South than kop because tickets cost more, ergo customers are likely to be richer and have more disposable income!?
  7. Does Willow Owl work for in the club's PR department? Some of our recent press releases are in a similar vein to his posts - rambling, confusing etc etc
  8. Always been the case. Last time I was in a box (admittedly a couple of years ago) guy from the club came around and asked the box owner how many tickets he wanted for an upcoming away game. Gave him about 20.
  9. Said it before. P&S is there to protect us from owners like DC.
  10. It's an extremities thing. Notice how your toes feel nesh on a cold day or how little Greengrass sneaks back inside? That's it.
  11. I'm guessing he'd be informed that he'd been reported and then summonsed. So potentially 2 letters. Assuming court dates in Mansfield are similar to here the summons letter would have probably been sent months ago. Given the ramifications I'd also be surprised if he intentionally missed the date. Possibly forgot or didn't read it in the first place. I would hope the club and his advisors would be more switched on than this. I expect to see a grovelling Forestieri at Mansfield Mags in the near future.
  12. Clearly if any alleged racist language was used it's unacceptable, so if proven any punishment has to be taken on the chin. The last two high profile cases of this nature that I can recall are Suarez and Terry. I believe the CPS didn't issue a case against Suarez as it was literally his word against Evra's as nobody else heard anything. Terry was acquitted on the grounds that Ferdinand didn't hear him and even with expert lip readers reviewing it could only confirm words used and not context. However both were banned and fined by the FA, whose burden of proof is much lower. My guess would be this is going get worse for FF.
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