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  1. supersiggi

    Forcing high earners out?

    I read that on wiki today too.
  2. supersiggi

    Still dicraceful

    So the vast majority of posts on here and other social media platforms once the team had been announced were saying we were going to get battered. We put in a decent away performance....and he still gets slagged.
  3. supersiggi

    Pigs ticket

    I'll take it as a 'no'
  4. supersiggi

    Pigs ticket

    I have mate. Any idea how many points he's on?
  5. Free entry to a pub. Jesus, they'll be Ferrero Rocher on the bar next. "Mr Chansiri, you're really spoiling us". One for the teenagers.
  6. supersiggi

    Pigs ticket

  7. That is quite depressing. Late 60s in top division. 70s and early 80s in 2nd and 3rd. 85-2000 (bar one season) in top flight. Not been back since. The point I'm labouring over is that if you've been a Wednesday fan for 20 years the position we are currently in, is probably pretty average. Couple of exciting seasons under CC, odd highlight here and there but also a few terrible ones in league 2 so middle-ish in the Championship is pretty average. It's quite depressing that you'd have to be born early 90s or before to remember us in the top flight.
  8. Probably not. Other option is to bang out a statement at 2.13am?!
  9. supersiggi

    Megson v mick

    I don't think so either. It won't happen anyway. About as much chance as big sam or the Fulham guy. Zero.
  10. Football fans in general are needy nowadays. They need to know every single bit of minutiae whether it be team selection, finances, where the pies come from etc etc. The only way JL will get the fans back on his side (and DC to a certain extent) is to offer more transparency. I don't necessarily think this is right but it's the only way I can see him saving his job. Would this mean throwing players under the bus? Possibly, but a response polished up a bit by somebody with a element of PR expertise would go a long way.
  11. supersiggi

    Fulham manager

    It's fine margins. It's a cliche but it's true. If we'd have beaten Hull, CC & DC would have gone down in our clubs history as legends. We might be having the same difficulties as Hull are now but we'd have had a year in the Prem. As it is, we didn't and they won't. DC has a massive job on now stabilising this club in the first instance and making us a viable option for a decent manager. (I believe its when and not if with Jos). The new guy then has to have us challenging at the right end of the table again. I think it's a 3-5 year project at least. Question is does DC have the patience or does Chansiri senior have deep enough pockets to keep funding him? Reports are he's spent 10% of the family fortune on SW - to move us on nowhere in real terms in 3 years.
  12. supersiggi

    Megson v mick

    Might have a chance with DC then. Seriously though, those calling for Mego aren't basing it on his managerial cv or tactical acumen - it's about his desire, enthusiasm and drive (and history with Wednesday) to drag the best out of a bunch of players collectively. Mick obviously has more relevant , recent experience.
  13. supersiggi

    Pigs ticket

    Probably weeing in the wind but has anybody got a spare for Friday please?
  14. supersiggi

    Foundation Tickets

    Not had anything through
  15. supersiggi

    Why Are Fans Paying Top Dollar

    How many are POTG? Didn't look like 23k there today (I know ST's get counted there or not)