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  1. 11 minutes ago, Animis said:


    The DRC method would look to replace Hillsborough's output - i.e. capacity of say 40k at another site, then depreciate.The must be a significant reduction % applied in the value to account for lack of investment at Hillsborough over the last 25 years or so. Save for the new pitch and scoreboard, and possibly the odd refurb behind the South Stand, there's been little or no investment.


    As you say, to go from £22.25m in 2015 to £60 in 2019 takes some doing. The replacement site land values, and construction costs haven't gone up more that inflation so why the change?

    Because £60m was the figure needed to show a profit in regards to ffp?

  2. There's something comforting from having been there and done that, and started to turn the corner isn't there? You know what the Blades are in for.

    We need to stay in this division before we start feeling smug though

    And "turn the corner" means having an appalling season with a chance of relegation?

  3. Secondly, I thought the idea of season ticket cards/scanners, was to do away with turnstyle operators. Why not have a number of turnstyles that enable the technically minded amongst us to fathom out how to hold it up against a scanner, then proceed after a beep. For the fools that can't manage this, let them queue. The Russians put dogs into space 53 years ago, so i'm fairly sure we could make this work.


  4. Once got stuck with him behind us at Bournmouth away when we lost 1 nil in the last minute.....Or at least i think it was him, Surely we can't have 2 people that act the same way.......Can we??

    I used to teach a guy called John B.......... (he had learning difficulties) who behaved exactly the same. Never shut up about football, and would come out with ridiculously long rants "if we played Sflaphorpe reserves they'd get 12"..then he would describe each imaginary goal. Flippin nightmare.

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