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  1. https://www.vipbox.fi/watch-sheffield-wednesday-vs-millwall-stream-1#
  2. porky lips now: "I love the smell of bacon in the morning"
  3. OK, if we can consider vdgg....... lets have the greatest band ever....
  4. obviously played if only one team runs out - probably start of 2nd half
  5. 10 of the remaining fixtures should be very winnable, so 2nd place is still achievable. However a nightmare scenario would be playing a Warnock lead Huddersfield in the play-offs - its such a lottery, the very thought of that swine dancing about with joy at our despair.......................:(
  6. Blades got stuffed 4.0 at home, no momentum theory there.
  7. Im sure you'd show more compassion if it were your wankin' arm that was left looking like an half chewed drumstick.
  8. And "turn the corner" means having an appalling season with a chance of relegation?
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