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  1. It was like a surreal Derek & Clive sketch, but without the eff ing and C ing.
  2. Because £60m was the figure needed to show a profit in regards to ffp?
  3. https://www.vipbox.fi/watch-sheffield-wednesday-vs-millwall-stream-1#
  4. porky lips now: "I love the smell of bacon in the morning"
  5. OK, if we can consider vdgg....... lets have the greatest band ever....
  6. obviously played if only one team runs out - probably start of 2nd half
  7. 10 of the remaining fixtures should be very winnable, so 2nd place is still achievable. However a nightmare scenario would be playing a Warnock lead Huddersfield in the play-offs - its such a lottery, the very thought of that swine dancing about with joy at our despair.......................:(
  8. Blades got stuffed 4.0 at home, no momentum theory there.
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