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  1. Sunderland fans on the Championship said his legs have gone. Everyone who sits around me has had their fill of me complaining every time David Jones gets on the field. I'll subject them all to a season of cattermole complaints if we bring him in
  2. We've won 8 games all season what makes you you think we could win the next 3 or even 2 of the next 3?
  3. I've just boarded flight to South Africa hoping for good news when I land in the morning
  4. I went in on Saturday and they are now selling 2015 Sondico training kit for full price as well as last seasons training kit.
  5. December 79 lost 1 nil to Exeter City. Spent most of the game looking at the kop wondering how big I'd need to be get in there. Desperately wanted to go to the next home game. Everyone was talking about it but I wasn't allowed and everyone is still talking about it now!! My son was the 4th May 08 Dion Dublins last game. He was 3 and now goes home and away with me.
  6. Carabao have sponsored Chelsea £10m for their training kit!!
  7. 442 have published an article of the best 10 manager in the EFL What number is 2 times play off reaching Carlos Carvahal I here you ask? He isn't in it. https://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/ranked-10-best-managers-football-league Here's the countdown 10 - Jaap Stam 9 - Uwe Rosler 8 - Keith Hill 7 - Darren Clarke (Bristol Rovers) 6 - Chris Wilder 5 - Steve Bruce 4 - Harry Redknapp 3 - Gary Rowett 2 - Garry Monk 1 - Slavisa Jokanovic
  8. Totally agree with you apart from the we. I refuse to be tarred with the moaning brush
  9. Do you really believe that? I don't think there has been a more ineffective player for Wednesday this season. He just doesn't have the legs to get around the pitch anymore. He has constantly got caught out of position all season and hasn't the pace to recover. He does exactly the same turn every time he gets the ball. When we signed him I thought we'd got a player. After one game I knew we hadn't. Plainly I don't have a clue what I'm talking about!!
  10. Definitely true. They felt it would be the only way of attracting top foreign players to Sunderland. I know there are a number of clubs in Russia who train in Moscow despite their home games being hours away. But apparently it makes little difference because they have to travel so far for away games a number of which are in and around Moscow anyway.
  11. Have to agree with you. I'm not sure it's the formation though. Wallace is the biggest issue. He is never wide always coming way to narrow and today made it hard for Palmer when he needed an out and several times Bannan and Abdi looked for him and he wasn't there.
  12. Cheers, yes I know they get reset. I was just surprised that my son has been to 6 more games than my daughter yet he has no more priority than her?
  13. Not sure they are working these priorities out correctly. My son and I: 2 season tickets the Arsenal game and 6 other away games 530 points My daughter: 2 season tickets and the arsenal game 470 points Yet we can all only buy tickets for the Burton game at the same time? on Wednesday?
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