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  1. Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Have we given him a box?
  2. The Wilder Factor

    Feck Wilder the filthy goat felching piggy poopydoo
  3. Josh Sims....

    But no one has dissed him have they? Typical nonsense post
  4. OMDT Fulham -V- Wednesday

  5. Pudil

    You picked a fine time to leave me
  6. LED Boards

    We don't play with whingers they always cut inside
  7. Any idea what this is

    The river isn't navigable
  8. Who is leaving

    You blasphemer taking Reda's name in vain
  9. Steve McClaren

    Yup seen him too,was asking about multi award winning pork pies
  10. Why will be promoted this time around?

    We're the best side in the play offs
  11. Talksport

    All agro
  12. Random question sorry

    Will he bring his Mother
  13. Promotion Party