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  1. johnnyowl

    Bannan is the problem

    Lee is better going forward than Bannan
  2. johnnyowl

    The Fans are to blame.

    Maybe we have lost our football club
  3. That's what I thought. What a sick illiterate illegitimate individual
  4. johnnyowl

    Hooper - Waste of a Shirt...

    Have we given him a box?
  5. johnnyowl

    The Wilder Factor

    Feck Wilder the filthy goat felching piggy poopydoo
  6. johnnyowl

    Josh Sims....

    But no one has dissed him have they? Typical nonsense post
  7. johnnyowl


    You picked a fine time to leave me
  8. johnnyowl

    LED Boards

    We don't play with whingers they always cut inside
  9. johnnyowl

    Any idea what this is

    The river isn't navigable