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  1. After 40 minutes I’ve been promoted to caller number 12 !
  2. Spot on . Oxford had a clear formation and stuck to it . I really couldn’t work out our formation .
  3. And amazingly the lack of fitness; we looked knackered half way through the second half .
  4. Just thinking. I’m pretty old now ! I can’t remember an England side before now that doesn’t have a weak link . Or that has so many players on the bench that you think ought to be starting
  5. But I wouldn’t be surprised Chansiri was stubbornly asking too much money The real issue is that either the club should be for sale quickly or Chansiri should be starting the rebuild quickly. Falling between the two stools isn’t good
  6. Well I’d be mildly surprised that the Sun had reported something correctly !!
  7. Sorry to hear you’ve had bad news . Football should be pretty irrelevant really but .......... Still feeling down but trying hard to convince myself that Chansiri HAS to have learnt his lesson now . So much of the s**t from fans that Chansiri has brought upon himself has been his appalling communications ; a total lack of communication for weeks or months and then unmeasured knee-jerk responses to questions and criticisms .. Among all the other necessary changes a new mouthpiece has to be appointed. If only to heal some wounds . Moore isn’t a great mouthpiece to be honest but he shouldn’t be the only club voice you ever hear .
  8. ?? I think a lot of football supporters want that once their club goes into the ownership of individuals either out to make a quick buck or with huge egos and insufficient business acumen
  9. And that’s what’s making us all so angry isn’t it ? There’s nothing we can do . We are completely beholden to the clueless to**er that owns the club . And there’s nothing we can do about it . But the least we can do is not to read his statement and see anything even slightly positive in it
  10. Unfortunately he can’t resign as owner quite so easily. It doesn’t look as though he wants to sell for whatever someone would pay him
  11. Absolutely spot on ! But of course he’s sorry and will try again . It’s the most PATRONISING statement you could ever imagine. Are season tickets for sale soon ?
  12. Absolutely no sincerity in that statement. A real leader would not have hidden away until now and then issued a meaningless statement . Looks like we’re stuck with him it’s the sheer helplessness that winds me up so much
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