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  1. They were made available at about 9.20 this morning.
  2. Same here. Ordered 2 and had to pay 2x p&p. Asked and they said it was per programme so I'm expecting 2 seperate deliveries. But 1 would be better than none!
  3. Or simply Install real player then it gives you the optin to download(save for later) videos from YouTube and you can convert them to any format you want.
  4. My confetti cannons werent the easiest to twist and set off so they eventually went off after the players had strolled out. - looked good though, just a bit delayed.
  5. I tried one of my beach balls and it took ages to blow up but even longer to deflate again.
  6. That would explain it. I thought it was a Sunday last year but it wasn't.
  7. We usually end the season with ko at 1pm on the Sunday, so is it sat 5th may at 3pm this year for any reason?
  8. I think u must be the only one that saw anything on the pitch after the second goal. There were people flying everywhere, could only see 21,000 people going mental!
  9. Does anyone have a hi res photo of semedo celebrating the goal against pigs (when he is kneeling with arms on air)? If so can you let me have a copy for a 'project' Thanks in advance Will
  10. Radio sheff: "I bet you've never experienced an end of season like this with 2 rivals so close!!" Dave Jones: "yes, Swansea and Cardiff" Radio sheff: "really? Not like this though is it!?" Dave jones: "yes, that's what I'm used to" Radio sheff: "oh"
  11. Go on the stag do, make the groom do something he'll regret, tell his missus, hey presto the wedding is off!
  12. They do expire but I buy a gift voucher with mine as gift vouchers never expire.
  13. I quite liked the chupa chups challenge at half time. Best: sanderson Worst: napoleons
  14. I agree I've been to alot of games this season and have also missed out on a few a way games but I like the current priority and fcfs system.
  15. Right, I'm on 1/2 day today as I'll be travelling from Chester to go to the forum tonight and I've got a few things to do today. Anyone got any last minute questions they want answering?
  16. Good. I won't be the only person turned away if they are wrong then!
  17. of the people that have said their tickets have arrived, do you say adult or concession/u16 on the stub?
  18. Got my tickets today. Does anyone else's ticket stub/tear off part only say concession/u16 and not adult? Bit concerned as I did buy 2x adult tickets . Also bad news is its allocated seating!
  19. Good to see madine and Lowe start. Been saying for weeks it should be madine and Lowe not madine or Lowe which is how it's been do far this season.
  20. anyone received their tickets yet? i bought mine last week and still not had them. usually next day or so.
  21. +1 for waterfront, especially if it's warmish/dry weather!
  22. I have noted it down. I will only ask if MM is present in person!
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