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  1. I enjoyed Cardiff. Wembley yesterday was amazing, think it's the occasion though that makes it good as I think we could have a good day out anywhere.

    Cardiff pre-match was good in 2005 but Covent Garden yesterday in the sun, then tube to Wembley and a few cans outside Wembley made it for me. T-Rex looked like he enjoyed himself, even if he did leave a little deflated.

  2. Pretty much this. Just booked a hotel near Baker Street tube station for the Saturday night. Hoping not to spend too long there, though!

    I booked a travelodge at 1/2 time yesterday. Made sure it was free cancellation just in case. Not decided where to go pre-match though Wembleys miles out the way and London Town is massive, so need a bit of atmosphere. Ala Walkabout, Cardiff in 2005 with the DJ playing Wednesday tunes.

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