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  1. I enjoyed Cardiff. Wembley yesterday was amazing, think it's the occasion though that makes it good as I think we could have a good day out anywhere. Cardiff pre-match was good in 2005 but Covent Garden yesterday in the sun, then tube to Wembley and a few cans outside Wembley made it for me. T-Rex looked like he enjoyed himself, even if he did leave a little deflated.
  2. What channel's it on over in us?
  3. Me+1 from Crewe (after an early morning drive) in morning.
  4. Will Wembley refund us all for our purchases? I've kept my poundland receipt.
  5. Theirs may be bigger, but we have a play park in ours-according to google maps.
  6. Euston Tap is alright when the weathers nice. It's tiny inside though.
  7. Wasn't just me then that thought there was a bit of a clash.
  8. Haha. Single bed for as many people as you can squeeze in. That's a party!!
  9. Ive already booked a travelodge, but worth checking out some serviced apartments, they are usually cheaper than hotels. Try somewhere like: http://www.gonative.com
  10. Not been on a match day, but porterhouse is a nice enough place with a decent sized outdoor area and they do craft beers.
  11. Just buy a pay as you go Oyster card. It'll come in handy for all those London away days in the prem next year so you can keep topping it up.
  12. I booked a travelodge at 1/2 time yesterday. Made sure it was free cancellation just in case. Not decided where to go pre-match though Wembleys miles out the way and London Town is massive, so need a bit of atmosphere. Ala Walkabout, Cardiff in 2005 with the DJ playing Wednesday tunes.
  13. Early train sat. Drop off stuff at hotel. Go into Covent Garden or somewhere else for pre game drinks/food. Go to match. Celebrate/sulk. Come home Sunday.
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