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  1. If the ground is sold i hope it is re named also
  2. Very underated player in my eyes far better than pellupessy
  3. Wow 40 years im getting old what a great signing
  4. He worked so hard yesterday having to cover pellupessy doesnt help pessy wil never get to speed at this level unfortunately
  5. This debate will go on and on but deep down we all know hes not good enough 1 good showing every 10 to 15 games isnt good enough
  6. And to say most of these are loan they fight 100%for every ball Team players
  7. Loosens not replaced fully Hunt Palmer Pudil fox Lee cat Hooper joa winnal Wallace matias Reach We had a lot of quality which have not been replaced with the same quality and thats the problem and with an embargo im struggling to see a way out
  8. We are lacking so much quality its a mager job for Bruce
  9. 100% agree when you have foreign owners and managers i feel a part of the club is being taken away from us because i struggle to always know what jos Carlos and DC really mean when they waffle on but Bruce is a straight talking british manager and I feel weve got part of our club back
  10. 100% all we really want is this from the manager and the players to match is attitude and we will back them all the way
  11. Its because we always know about their signings because theyve usually played for us first
  12. Yes i have full confidence in Bruse but thats one step too far even for him
  13. And so it goes on , I've never seen so many injuries for such a prolonged period . We always seem to have at least 5to6 first teamers not available over the last 18 months
  14. Exactly theres too many foreign owners bringing in too many foreign managers
  15. Yes the only way for some to be pleased is promotion and then when we are struggling in the prem it will start again
  16. The game is overran with foreign owners, managers ,players ,agents and so yes it does make a difference on this occasion to me to get an english manager with a good record at this level
  17. Yes the Carlos who soon gets found out and is again unemployed
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