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  1. Yes you would have we were on and still am on row B
  2. My dad used to take a bag of 10p mixes and hand them out to the kids around us in the family stand, 3 of them was Harry maguire and his brothers who used to sit on our Row
  3. We are down to new low levels now, he hired a very experienced football man to basically take control of the mess we are in, but didn't like what he said and got rid, like he as done in the past with anyone who as their say, the future under him looks dire
  4. If a manager plays to a system and is successful the fans will be happy. I've no problem with it after watching big jack and wilkos teams. If we get to a playoff final with Pulis let's see how many tickets we sell
  5. Can't remember much football being played when he played for us, it was a similar style to what he's moaning about
  6. Just don't understand this signing. Why Derby have let him go out on loan and why we've signed a player who can be recalled in Jan
  7. Let's just take the punishment we deserve and move on, if the pigs were saying this we would be slagging them, let's all just man up and get on with it
  8. Mr chansiris first mistake, good job he didn't make anymore
  9. We won't find out until the season is finished, which is when the play off final has been played
  10. Well after all that and we are now CRAP, Hull are lower than us in the league and they were light years in front of us on that day, it's a funny old game.
  11. Is that the ticket I lost. I got up on the morning of the match and couldn't find my ticket, 41 years on I still have nightmares about missing that match
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