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  1. Ross Wallace

    Top pro great wind up merchant and has class i wouldnt mind if he got another year contract
  2. Matias played 21 games in 2 and half seasons 3 goals and 2 sending offs
  3. Tactical Genius ...

    We have to rotate the sqad at this stage of the season but we have no strikers to rotate so it was a gamble which could have paid off if we could have kept a clean sheet .The strikers we have now are strikers who have only played an handful of games between them all season so you cant expect them to be able to be fully fit for a game every 3 days the goals were poor tonight so i put it down to poor defending
  4. Craziest line up ever

    Well thats a shock of a line up
  5. Good job we sacked all the physios last summer or it could be worse
  6. Its such a weird position jos is in because hes looking at a group of players that may drastically change over the next 6 weeks .Will he have time to form an opinion of them before the start of next season and if not it could delay any new signings until.hes seen them all play fully fit
  7. Swansea tickets..

    Sorry im not so with it so where is the place to be with you and your wannabes in Hillsborough
  8. Swansea tickets..

    Why are people so obsessed in shutting the Grandstand .Its the best stand in all of the stadium
  9. We are playing swansea in the 5th round of the FA CUP do we rely need to be talking about this total tossser
  10. Go West

    He had some good moments but that penalty wasnt. I think simonson must have tried to copy him
  11. Is that huchinson in the middle practicing is takling
  12. Snow

    Yes well spoilt back then
  13. Snow

    And then went black with one snowflake
  14. Mclaren

  15. Just heard hes after buying a championship club hes got a big backer .Hes recently spent a bit of time at Hillsborough you never know