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  1. Let's just take the punishment we deserve and move on, if the pigs were saying this we would be slagging them, let's all just man up and get on with it
  2. Mr chansiris first mistake, good job he didn't make anymore
  3. We won't find out until the season is finished, which is when the play off final has been played
  4. Well after all that and we are now CRAP, Hull are lower than us in the league and they were light years in front of us on that day, it's a funny old game.
  5. Is that the ticket I lost. I got up on the morning of the match and couldn't find my ticket, 41 years on I still have nightmares about missing that match
  6. Good luck to him even the mild to medium virus is tough, I'm getting over it after 2 weeks and 1 stone lighter
  7. Christ we are not a non league team we are a team at home playing a team a league above and not to have a go at them for a full 90 mins was so embarrassing. 20% possession, no shots on goal, a total digrace
  8. Why is that one off game us, loads of part timers and glory hunters is not the real us
  9. This is surely a joke. If 2 went its looking at nearly 3000 for a game of footy, the world's gone mad
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