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  1. pressy

    Next season

    Scummy leeds have had a big cash bonus from new american investers so they will be spending big
  2. pressy

    Big Atdhe haters

    Spot on
  3. pressy

    Clare rejected us??

    Dont think Villa will want him if they go up
  4. pressy

    25 years ago tonight !

    Same here I will never watch I remember get home at 4 am and getting up for work at 545 am and getting to work to see a load of pig fans stood next to the clocking in machine waiting for me to be fair they were pritty kind to me after the first 20 mins I will never forget that moment woods let through is fingers that header I was convinced we were going to main on pens. It will haunt me forever
  5. pressy


    Pity Carlos got the sack he may have taken some of them off our hands
  6. Not bothered either way
  7. pressy

    Jos: DC got it right.

    100% Agree with both comments
  8. Yaya toure would do me fine
  9. pressy

    Ash Baker

    A few nervy moments but did well but i thought Joa could have helped him a bit more especialy in the first half
  10. Yes hes had a good run But when all fit will he start I just cant see him leading us to the prem But im.happy to be proved wrong
  11. pressy

    Thanks for your support

    Yes when watching video shows us what we will miss they will both take some replacing the note thief will always be remembered
  12. He was a class player
  13. Anyone who can get Nuihu scoring is a miracle worker
  14. Great player for us we played to his strengths and he did the rest .Pity we havent played to Rhodes streghths more often and get the results we got saturday