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  1. Liam palmer isnt just a trier hes a very good, calm, controlled footballer, very underated
  2. Was there, it was well over exaggerated for those times, just probably slightly worse than normal away day.
  3. BPF. Palmer Iofa dunkley brown. Hunt bannon dennis johnson Gregory. Berahimo Thats if hutch and gibson are out, get two overlapping partnerships going on both wings
  4. We now have 2 very tough away games coming up, moore needs some points or the pressure will definitely be on
  5. I agree 100% it started against Huddersfield and carried on
  6. Yes hes the English version of lukaku and going to play for Jamaica instead
  7. This is how a football club should be run, probably means sow or corbean are ready to play
  8. Got mine it only took 18 months to come
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