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  1. We have 2 real wingers now great to see
  2. If ive made a mistake in my life ive always apologised or tried my best to make amends for it neither of these 2 have
  3. He was done for me when he refused to get on the coach for Norwich and in the time since hes confirmed to me that hes never going to be a part of us moving forward the same as Rhodes when he refused to take pen against Huddersfield i dont want them near our club , its just the way I feel and will never change
  4. Best striker weve had for years
  5. He takes it all in his stride brilliant midfielder hes been well missed welcome back
  6. Yes the comment about jos was quite maddening ,frustrating and disgraceful from jos
  7. I agree and so won't slate you
  8. I dont like Carlos , but to say he out foxed him is a bit pathetic, we played them 4 times and lost once with help from an own goal and penaltys ,so don't talk CRAP .I definatly dont rate him
  9. After watching a brilliant day of sport yesterday, now back to the greedy ,avarices , lieing world of football
  10. Do u mean Gary Nevilles sheffield Wednesday e're NO
  11. Is managing wednesday that bad a job that he'd go and work for that idiot and for fans that dont want him for a club up for sale and on its way down and a job no one wants , it can't be just because he supported them as a kid ,it makes me wonder if alls ok behind the seems at Hillsborough
  12. 100% right where did it all go wrong with the game is it money or the modern era of no one gives a F##k about loyalty or respect
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