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  1. pressy


    He is starting to worry me now hes not commanding his area and looks very suspect on crosses
  2. pressy

    Rowetts right.

    Hes now adding goals to his game which makes him a great player instead of a good player problem is if he keeps it up the vultures will be circling come January if we are not in a good position in the league
  3. Totally agree one thing jos has got wrong at the .moment But he may change in the near future with the loan signing
  4. pressy


    I agree goalkeeping is more than stopping shots You need to command your area and today he didnt
  5. Boxing day massacre got up to go to the match and couldnt find my ticket i was sick about missing the match against the pigs but when the result came through it became a much more important match to miss and even a song sang about it . That and the replay against Arsenal are 2 games i still have nightmares about and we won 1 of them
  6. Sick of all these changes i hate fri night games and especially the Middlesbrough game my daughter gets married on fri 19th oct i thought it was going to be a good weekend wedding fri match sat well and truly peed off style football = SAT 3PM end of
  7. pressy

    Gary Hooper Update

    I think Abdi is a total lost cause its about time we did an insurance claim on him
  8. 2 very poor teams for championship.level.
  9. pressy

    Joey P

    One swallow
  10. Surely this should be standard lets not all get carried away because we actually started quicker and on the front foot
  11. pressy


    Announcing joao signing may be a softner
  12. Hes not been out of work long enough for us to employ him
  13. We need a mccarthy pearson megson warnock type of manager but it will never happen DC Likes a yes man