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  1. pressy


    Ive just not seen anything from pelapussy tto merit a shirt
  2. pressy


  3. pressy


    Whos changed it from cat to cat
  4. pressy


  5. pressy


    I dont get this hatred with Jones hes a far better and more experienced player than cat id start him everytime instead of cat
  6. pressy

    Is it official

    Thanks for the info im alot clearer now
  7. Are we under an embargo officially im hearing conflicting reports
  8. pressy

    Get ready!

    If the players are as fit as what they say we can defiantly compete in this league its just about not getting has many injuries i think we can be the dark horse of the league another cardiff im up for it bring it on
  9. I was there was it a late kickoff i remember my mates car brakes went in huddersfield and we had to change the pads funny thing was huddersfield were at home that day and there fans were walking past us and thought we were huddersfield fans because my mate had a blue and white scarf on im sure it kicked off at 315 because we only just made the start what a strange day it was good bad old days
  10. Theres never smoke without fire and so i fear the worse looks like the wheels have fallen off our season without a ball being kicked going to be a long season.
  11. pressy


    A load on here said Maguire was crap so some opinions on here are bull.We need to be a bit patient with him would have loved a huth type of player signed this summer
  12. Jones was woeful yesterday and im still struggling to see what cat does to earn a shirt
  13. pressy


    Does jos know hes our player yesterday e just said hooper and lee was our only players not available
  14. pressy

    I like Nuhiu...

    You shud always choose the best players available sympathy means we stay where we are
  15. pressy

    I like Nuhiu...

    Fletcher is one of few class players we have and must start