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  1. Mid-table mediocrity

    Boring boring wednesday. Thanks Carlos bye
  2. Yes hes a buisness man when getting more money for tickets but not when not sacking a failling manager
  3. United being top and Cardiff up there just shows what a good manager can do in this league with limited resources
  4. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    He's a right side midfielder not a winger we don't play with wingers how long is it before people realise that Carlos doesn't like wingers. We have non at the club
  5. Carlos "Kieran Lee is 100%"

    I'd like to see 2 partnerships forming in Lee and hunt and fox and reach .l think this could work out well
  6. Chansiri

    Got my own company so doubt very much. If commenting on an image is sackable offence wow. Wish i could get one in club shop id buy it you for your bedroom wall
  7. Chansiri

    Do you never question your bosses at work or have you already bought them out.
  8. Chansiri

    Just my opinion. Its a football ground not an art gallery.
  9. Chansiri

    If we were top of the league ten points clear after beating the pigs 6 0 and in the cup quaughter finals i still would nt want images of any chairman around the ground . Its all a bit weird and cringeworthy
  10. Chansiri

    Well if he thinks running a football club is putting up images of himself we are already foooooked
  11. Chansiri

    No not ugly it just reminds me of a dictater image which are everywhere in certain countrys
  12. Its one thing seeing his family name everywhere but i cant cope with the image of is face around the ground like the one in the west corner of the lepp. I dont like whats happening one bit
  13. That made me laugh pity I didn't read after the Utd debacle it may have cheered me up for a second