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  1. God what a journey home that was home at 4 am work at 6am woods mistake has haunted me ever since
  2. If the ground is sold i hope it is re named also
  3. Very underated player in my eyes far better than pellupessy
  4. Wow 40 years im getting old what a great signing
  5. He worked so hard yesterday having to cover pellupessy doesnt help pessy wil never get to speed at this level unfortunately
  6. This debate will go on and on but deep down we all know hes not good enough 1 good showing every 10 to 15 games isnt good enough
  7. And to say most of these are loan they fight 100%for every ball Team players
  8. Loosens not replaced fully Hunt Palmer Pudil fox Lee cat Hooper joa winnal Wallace matias Reach We had a lot of quality which have not been replaced with the same quality and thats the problem and with an embargo im struggling to see a way out
  9. We are lacking so much quality its a mager job for Bruce
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