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  1. Most forest fans around here are predicting a draw so at least they are showing us a bit of respect after the start they've had !
  2. Top bloke wish him well after Saturday and he certainly doesn't deserve to be booed, he did his part in gaining automatic promotion and stuffin the Blades.
  3. Same here Orlando, nothing seems to happen to the clubs that take the pees, Although it's great for some chairmen to hide behind, Especially when under pressure to open the wallet !
  4. I've got that feel good feeling ! 3-1 to Wednesday May 2 Maguire Attendance 22,388 Blue And White Wizards ! 😎
  5. Think you are just guessing on this one, source please ?
  6. He was absolutely knackered, are you saying Gray lacks judgement ? Perhaps he'll have you in in the dugout for the Millwall game !
  7. I think we were all surprised when Milan made Gray Head Coach AS SUCH ! Instead of giving him the title of Manager.Looks like another master stroke by Milan Really looking forward to the match tomorrow now and of course the Yorkshire fishcakes and Curry at the chippy opposite the Wednesdayite car park. UP THE OWLS !
  8. There were still plenty of wingers sat round me giving it the big one every time a pass went astray, yes of course it's their prerogative but do they really think they achieve anything by it ? Agree with your sentiment though !
  9. I'd like to pour a cold drink over them !
  10. Derby fans were absolutely Fantastic as were ours !
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