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  1. Looking for help from Owls fans for the girls section. If in Twitter give my Skipper a vote please. It isn’t a bad goal to be fair. https://twitter.com/keystofootball/status/1224725574826020865?s=21
  2. Like another poster. Wasnt aware anything had even come of this. Would normally have made press when charged.
  3. Using browser in tv for now so will see how that works. Otherwise it’s chromecast but quality ain’t great.
  4. Given the connection issues I wouldn’t go through a VPN unless you really had to. Maximise your connection rate where possible. Using a VPN technically means you are using internet connection in another country.
  5. This was my reply from them today. Thank you for contacting Ifollow Support. We apologize for these issues. We are aware of the issues that occurred with this match and we are working with the technical team to ensure these issues are resolved however we cannot offer you a refund on this occasion. Thanks Jhanai,Ifollow Support So they acknowledge the problem but simply dismiss my request. I am taking a stand .......until Sunday when I buy the Brentford game.
  6. Thanks. I managed to purchase match passes at home last season by using a VPN without any problem but just don’t seem to get the option whilst actually oversees
  7. Has anyone managed to purchase a match pass for Wigan yet? I am in Spain but don’t seem to get an option to purchase. Thanks in advance all.
  8. It's on Rangers TV so find a Scottish bar and you should be sorted. We are watching in a Rangers bar in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.
  9. Might be too obvious but here is the theory. Lacatoni are the new supplier of the kit and are based in Portugal. The Owls are off to Portugal on a pre season tour. So, is it too obvious to say the new arrangement will be launched whilst the Owls are in Portugal? P.S. Some continental look to the gear. Not sure how they will work with my rotund shape.
  10. Can Leeds win their last two games? - of course they can Can Leeds lose their last two games? - of course they can Can Fulham win their last two games? - of course they can Can Fulham lose their last two games? - of course they can Can the Owls win their last two games? - of course they can Can the Owls lose their last two games? - of course they can What I am trying to say is it isn't over yet which is pretty obvious. Let's go all out on Saturday for the win and put the issue to bed and make the last game a chance to pick where we want to finish.
  11. Working hard isn't enough. We would all work hard if given the chance but it wouldn't mask our inability to fit in.
  12. In a perfect world the lad should never be anywhere near a starting slot for us. In the pecking order of options he probably sits next to big Dave. Was clearly a panic buy given striker issues at the time and also probably shows the Rhodes deal didn't look likely until near the deadline.
  13. With all this talk of FFP i am interested to see how all the current spend by Mr Chansiri has been accounted for. Will he go the Milan route and record as debt against the business or simply losses which he writes down? Thought accounts were usually released in January.
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