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  1. SWFCLee

    Watch rangers game in spain

    It's on Rangers TV so find a Scottish bar and you should be sorted. We are watching in a Rangers bar in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.
  2. SWFCLee

    Next season kit

    Might be too obvious but here is the theory. Lacatoni are the new supplier of the kit and are based in Portugal. The Owls are off to Portugal on a pre season tour. So, is it too obvious to say the new arrangement will be launched whilst the Owls are in Portugal? P.S. Some continental look to the gear. Not sure how they will work with my rotund shape.
  3. SWFCLee

    Leeds vs. Norwich next Saturday

    Can Leeds win their last two games? - of course they can Can Leeds lose their last two games? - of course they can Can Fulham win their last two games? - of course they can Can Fulham lose their last two games? - of course they can Can the Owls win their last two games? - of course they can Can the Owls lose their last two games? - of course they can What I am trying to say is it isn't over yet which is pretty obvious. Let's go all out on Saturday for the win and put the issue to bed and make the last game a chance to pick where we want to finish.
  4. SWFCLee

    Sam Winnall ?

    Working hard isn't enough. We would all work hard if given the chance but it wouldn't mask our inability to fit in.
  5. SWFCLee

    Sam Winnall ?

    In a perfect world the lad should never be anywhere near a starting slot for us. In the pecking order of options he probably sits next to big Dave. Was clearly a panic buy given striker issues at the time and also probably shows the Rhodes deal didn't look likely until near the deadline.
  6. SWFCLee


    With all this talk of FFP i am interested to see how all the current spend by Mr Chansiri has been accounted for. Will he go the Milan route and record as debt against the business or simply losses which he writes down? Thought accounts were usually released in January.
  7. SWFCLee

    Play offs tickets

    All clubs involved will want all four games packed to the rafters and won't want to be seen as cashing in on what is arguably for some a failure (not gaining automatic). Clearly that does not apply to us. Our payday is clearly tomorrow and would expect we would be close to record gate receipts for an Owls league game.
  8. SWFCLee

    Play offs tickets

    I am led to believe that tickets will be £20 Adults and £10 Concessions. You heard it here first 😜
  9. SWFCLee

    One win in 7

    Qualifying for the lottery that is the play offs would this season be an over achievement for us. People need to stop expecting too much of this season. Enjoy the unpredictability of it all and the comfort that whilst still in development, there are not too many teams in this division that are actually better than us. To be honest, I am not sure that anyone is with lots of teams capable of top 6. A couple stand out from points gained but to be honest no real stand out teams when comparing to ourselves. Draws kill league positions so possibly need to be even a bit more Keeganes at times 😜⚽️
  10. SWFCLee

    Kop Owl Gone

    Breaking news. Club take down small club crest and replace with a much bigger one surrounded in advertising.
  11. SWFCLee

    Kop Owl Gone

    Driving down Herries Road tonight the sign with the badge on looked very impressive to me.
  12. Wow, Owlstalk does have its fair share of uninformed poo poo posted and this thread doesn't fail to deliver. Let's clear things up. The 'a' team are in their 2nd year at u18. The 'b' team are last years u16. They will be next years a team. Simple, no first choice team etc. Handsworth develope players from the age of 7 and do not have a win at all costs attitude. Clearly the adult section of the club is keen to progress up the football pyramid and the u18 teams are the first step. Many players from the u18 have represented the first team in the NCEL. The fact the club is run so well results in them retaining or attracting players at a time when other clubs struggle to keep players interested. It is for this reason that they dominate the young Adult football scene in and around Sheffield. Only 2 weeks ago the u19 beat a Mansfield youth team full of lads with scholarships or pro contracts. Probably showing that there is a fine line between some academy and Junior football. So, just felt I needed to clear up some ill informed views of a simple request from someone to support Junior football. P.S. Go watch a game of Girls football. The standard of some is on par with boys at the same age. Don't dismiss it if you haven't witnessed it.
  13. Palmer at RB risks being the new Tommy Spurr. Fans love him because he gives his all but other clubs target him due to defensive frailties.
  14. Players having to play out of their comfort zone position wise might be the norm next season. Don't think for one minute the wages saved from those leaving will be reinvested because they won't. Smaller budget next year.