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  1. Or doesn't feel like adding anything further to conversations, after all, the fact that people took time to post 10 pages on this thread, tells me all I need to know about "true Wednesdayites" and how we all stick together. Good to know that if someone doesn't swallow the LS bullshit, refuses to agree with the happy clappers about Sheard and C9S, that he is free to express those opinions on an open forum without fear of abuse and ridicule. And then after 10 pages of juvenile BS is then criticised for not joining in. For anyone who cares, John Plimpton, one of my best friends and another American Wednesday fan, died of a heart attack at age 44 (I am sure some sick illegitimate will check the Hunterdon County Democrat) and I was with his family who are all dear friends all week in Princeton NJ. I only knew this thread existed because my son let me know, thanks all. You sick, pathetic bunch of so-called grown-ups hiding behind your internet personas really do our club proud.
  2. An Owlstalk sentence......that should be interesting.......will I be teaken from this plaice and hinged until I am deed, deed, deed?
  3. I'd like to see this Tuggers/Morrison partnership that he (Mozza) was so excited by get the last 30-35 minutes. Also think it's important Weaver gets time to play with something resembling his first choice back four. Oh and if people are really going to start chanting the old Palmer/Marijuana songs, then the more chances he gets the better just for the sake of nostalgia.
  4. Captain_Purse, Tonto Salchida, McMigo, Belfast_Owl, Grandad (on occasion)
  5. Am I the only one who thinks this first XI needs to play together more and gain confidence in each other etc and so we shouldn't mess around too much with Saturday's line up?
  6. Just a Wednesday fan who didn't think GS had any money, didn't think LS was going to make it as Chairman and that C9S were just "Sheard with a website". Those clever people who were not "taken in" are presumably sitting around waiting for this next week, our promotion challenge to the Premiership, and the revised Club9 offer which has the backing of the bank.
  7. If the OP is worried about poor distribution from the back, bringing in Ostemobor is probably not the solution he's looking for to that problem - the man makes Spurr look like Sheridan - plus the lad is very much an attacking right back and probably better as a right mid - not really a replacement for Spurr
  8. We used to call them plumbers in my day.
  9. And to distract from the Jody (as yet) no show......................... To be clear, she's my MATE'S bit of stuff, not mine (though she is my wife's new BFF). My wife (as seen in other pic) is quite a bit older and less well endowed. But K does have a great pair of...............eyebrows
  10. That might be what they call a "HR issue". I'll allow "Blue Steel" or "Magnum" Please could the "source close to Club9" assure us that what happens on OT, stays on OT
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