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  1. His video is so correct. Stop faffing about. Wednesday fans aren’t built for it. We haven’t got the patience for a waste of time project. Choose the best 11 and send them out to fight for the ball and press forward.
  2. Did we put Luongo back in too soon? What is Windass’ best position? Can you be the man to make us win a game from a losing position ? Kamberi has played games and scored this season, he’s not perfect but where’s he gone ? Remember when you put him out wide left ?
  3. I agree… I’m perhaps being sentimental to the ‘amount of time he’s been in the job’ and how people say he’s a nice man… I think in 3 games it gives him a chance of some players bailing him out to be honest… I can see him stumbling upon something by luck or Saido scoring an important goal that makes him look good again.
  4. I’ve thought it but you said it… along with the relegation and sticking with him… and the good start then going wrongwrong. Irvine is a coach, a ‘good man’ around the game, poor when it comes to the testing times of league games… sounds a bit familiar.
  5. ( the above does not mean I dislike the thread x)
  6. I don’t care about this game whatsoever. Winning league games is all that matters. This will be another experiment and squad rotation game that won’t teach us much - just muddy the waters more. I’m annoyed this game is next… Moore should get a league game next for the extra pressure and decisiveness we need from him.
  7. What formation are we playing ? Is Hutchinson a CB or a CDM ? What are you doing with Jaden Brown ? We have better results with him in the team. Do you see Johnson as a full back or winger ? Do you see Dennis as a midfielder, wide right or the ‘runner’ from midfield ? Who is our best forward ? Do you see Berahino as a striker or wide player ? Do you see Wing as a CM, CDM or 10 ? What is our best back 4 ? Why did we have Paterson and Gregory on the pitch then flip about with the ball and lose it before attempting to get it to them ? Did you crowbar Bannan back into the team yesterday ? Will Wildsmith get a game if BPF keeps making mistakes ? Why are we tapping it about at the back with players that don’t want to ? What’s the point in all the wide players we have and not using them ?
  8. Yep. How it’s come to this since the first 3 games is down to inconsistent players, but mainly Moore IMO. He’s thinking it’s all an experiment…
  9. I think Moore gets on well with Chansiri, and has been back by him (as much as I could have hoped) As fans we’ll probably have to put up with more daft tactics, selections and tinkering…. But will Chansiri pull the trigger ? Only if Chansiri is annoyed that he’s failing with the tools Moore’s been given. Side point - maybe also we went for quantity over quality
  10. Recently I’ve said that goals will get us out of this league. I think if we actually attack the game first half, go a goal or two up then our CB pairing is probably more than good enough to keep the door shut… I can’t see them conceding two from a winning position - but the tactics and messing about puts us in a hole, making us sloppy and more likely to concede first.
  11. For my own personal achievement I’m trying not to say ‘Moore out’ but wtf is he actually attempting to do ? I’ll give him 3 games - where he’ll either ******** it up further or show some slim signs of improvement. Unfortunately, I can see him not improving and we’ll just live mid table in this league I guess ? Whoop di flipping doo.
  12. poo passing left them exposed yesterday, I felt for them… but they didn’t help themselves either… if in doubt, get it hit down the pitch quick… (Moore’s fault too)
  13. Our set up is wrong for them, and neither are playing as good as they should be.
  14. Even this didn’t last long. Didn’t rally the players either. Mid way through the song Oxford were charging at us smelling blood. Something sucks the life out of our home fans. Probably years of poo like asteener says.
  15. After about 4 minutes yesterday we hadn’t scored then went into our shell. Most of these players aren’t big enough characters to play at Hillsborough either…. Only Hutch and Paterson come out like it’s a boxing match, a fight, a competition. The managers style isn’t helping, but no one has liked any football at Hillsborough since Carlos’ first season. The way the crowd turns is incredible. Set in our ways. Annoyed and anxious. Everything starts going against us. The ground holds no sound in other than grumbling that swirls round like the wind. You pay your money and end up more negative than when you walked in… Have we ever won a game at Hillsborough when it’s rained ? Seriously.
  16. Yesterday we looked like the away team. The fans begin to (rightly) moan. The anxiousness builds round the ground. The refs do their best not to give us any decisions, despite our desperate shouts… and seem to take pride in doing so. The away team cheats and wastes time, goes unpunished. The ref allows it. It’s a big, spacious ball of negative energy. It’s hardly a fun place to be.
  17. These people are so important that are committed to Wednesday. RIP
  18. The rest of the players look petrified of the opponent’s (and Hillsborough yesterday) where as Paterson doesn’t. If we’re going to keep messing about with the ball though and not get it forward quick he will be even more frustrated.
  19. Former Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has been criticised for saying female referees in football may have to choose between between their careers or having children. The 46-year-old was speaking during a discussion about female officials on Talksport. Sara Cox became the first woman to referee a Premiership rugby match last weekend, and Clattenburg was asked if the Premier League could soon follow. "It's a big point," he said. "We always had a [female] assistant referee in the Premier League, Sian Massey[-Ellis], and we now have a woman refereeing in the Football League, Rebecca Welch, so women are starting to develop in the men's game. "If you look at Uefa, for example, the French woman refereed the Super Cup final, so Uefa are getting more and more women. "The problem with women is, and certainly in refereeing in football, they have a difficult pathway if they get pregnant during their refereeing career - it can stop them a long way. So they have to make this choice: do they want to be pregnant or do they want to be referees?" Clattenburg, who officiated the 2016 Champions League and European Championship finals, went on to claim some women struggle with the men's fitness test to become a referee, adding: "Certainly when you've had a baby, you're out nine to 10 months, then you'll take another six months to recover from your body, so therefore it's nearly two years. "To pass that men's fitness test is very, very demanding." England rugby international Joe Marler, who was part of the discussion on Talksport, said in a Tweet that Clattenburg's comments were "disrespectful and archaic", while Women in Football chief executive Jane Purdon said in a statement that his judgement was "way off". "Women in all professions face challenges in balancing work and family. So do many men - but for men this is never seen as a problem, and men are never expected to choose between the two," Purdon added. "In fact, many women in elite sport are in a position to resume their sporting careers quickly after giving birth. Others take more time out - by choice or by necessity. Neither of these scenarios is a "problem". The real problem is assumptions about female biology and gender roles in childcare, which are lazy, outdated or plain false."
  20. I get you…. As a fanbase I think we’ve found it difficult to know which manager to have faith in… as the club has been in decline and finishing lower and lower each season since Carlos.
  21. I was using it in the defence of Moore… (I’m not really pro or anti Moore currently personally) but Doncaster are now getting humiliated without Moore.
  22. They weren’t in great form when he left but now they are beyond bad
  23. He’s the type to put his head in where it hurts and can strike a ball pretty well instinctively… a bit of a Reda Johnson but as forward. One thing that stuck me during the Shrewsbury game was the forward they had fighting for the second ball and roughing us up a bit…. We could copy that and hope our midfield and defence is superior to other teams to make a winning formula
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