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  1. I am too hungover to read and understand all this.
  2. He did well. Came off the bench and got forward. 7/10
  3. The players we’ve got it feels like it could be true. It all feels like an experiment on the pitch though.
  4. I remember that we signed him somewhere along our decline. Saw him more today than I did for us. He just needs to keep getting those 1 season contracts and he’ll be alright.
  5. I did enjoy those 2 punches near the end. Think I remember him making a good save first half ? Based on the deflected shot stop against Mansfield I’d probably keep him in.
  6. He got too close to an opposition player so was taken off.
  7. In recent times Wednesday have been terrible at getting goals… however, we’ve got new forwards and new wide players, and when we have crossed the ball this season we’ve scored more often than not. People want to see a bit more attacking intent and some cohesion I think. As for people having made their mind up on Moore early, I’d say he’s been liked from day one by most - despite him achieving little people have been OK with him because he’s a nice guy - until recently.
  8. The two (forced?) changes didn’t help his chances…. and maybe Brown had a knock.. so Shodipo went left. However, we are crying out for someone like him on the right ! As an impact sub at least
  9. He was just wobbling about in their goal mouth for about a minute and a half…. The safest place for him…. wasn’t gonna get hit with the ball there.
  10. Once they started calling the ref a tugger, it made me think of my thread about refs from the other day… I say we sing about the ref being great !
  11. Sure does. Hunt put in a good ball… I’m hoping to god we might play a right winger on the right soon. @theowlsman indeed. Goal in front of the Kop. Happy days.
  12. Gotta love the win and the clean sheet. We somehow shut them out so it’s good. Still a lot of questions though.
  13. Lee was decent. Putting him back in our team would be no good if we’re still lacking in cohesion
  14. Swap the commentary team for Moore and his assistant.
  15. I’ve got big manlove for Lee… however I don’t want it to be the Lee show. Seeing him and Bannan on opposite teams will be weird. Wednesday need to win.
  16. Newcastle, with MA had a very slim chance of going out of business (in the next 20 years) but now they have pretty much a zero chance. Is that something to be ‘applauded’ at least ? I just heard how the City owners write off every debt at the end of each season without doubt. It’ll be the same here.
  17. I’m ok with it. Puts the cat amongst the pigeons for the top 6 clubs. The good thing for Newcastle fans is they’ll get some success… hopefully they can still afford to get tickets if prices increase. The bad thing is people will start to dislike them like PSG etc and all the other stuff that comes with being bankrolled to that extent.
  18. I was listening to some YouTube about Liverpool… apparently they are really big on stats and any form of sports science possible… to the point where Klopp’s decisions have changed based upon it (this sounds somewhat obvious) but you get things like the ‘resting’ of their best players… which a manager would never want to do. Wonder if we’ll see even more squad rotation from Moore with Lee coming in. Moore is often talking about ‘volume’ and people having certain minutes playing time etc.
  19. I don’t feel like it does much at all. I found myself booing the ref vs Oxford and would’ve been happy for all 4 wheels to fall off his car when he unlocked it. Did it make him change his approach? No really. It also adds to my thread about Hillsborough becoming an anxious, unenjoyable place. Everyone shouting and it’s not positive.
  20. I don’t think the fans would like it, the more teams in the league the less chance of finishing near the bottom… even in an 18 team league someone has to be last… even in a small ESL too (I know the owners wouldn’t care if it was a closed shop) but the fans would
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