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  1. Saltergate is bad but we all know that beforehand. However, when I went to Oldham this season not aware of its current state, I couldn't believe how bad it is.
  2. Good player for this league really. I'm liking Wilson admitting they were "anxious on the ball today" etc. :)
  3. Nice finish for the goal! Always thought he was better with his feet that his head. Show Gaz the love, he'll get goals. I didn't go but apparently he ran himself into the ground, usually the case that he scores when he works harder.
  4. Can he refuse to accept it? Definate curse for anyone.
  5. Sounds like he did very well. Good response to the poor previous game he had. Shows we shouldnt write off our players for one performance.
  6. Just goes to show that professionals are effected by defeats...... no matter what Wilson people says. Some people have slagged off Megson (who wasn't all perfect I agree), but he helped us close the gap with the derby win, and brought in Antonio who greatly added to the team on that day and since.
  7. Someone saying we played well...... nice to hear.
  8. Agreed. They'll be tough to break down. Tuesday nights always seem tougher usually, so hopefully it'll be more like our last tuesday night home game Hoping for an early goal for us to get us on our way............
  9. Your mate appears to be pushing his nose up like a pig........ Now that the results are in, wish him a great weekend from Owlstalk (Then point an laugh at him) . :otsy:
  10. Hope he's ok. I was nearly in tears repeatedly refeshing the news on my phone...... + the support across England and from everywhere else is immense. C'mon Fab!
  11. The way he half got up, then jumped back down............. *shakes head*
  12. Blades....not being miserable?.......... Clinton must be one funny dude..... :otsy:
  13. No. Better than Liverpool's kop.... and anyone else's. I mean it. It's just awesome.
  14. Definately respect him as a person, and thought he was better than the usual rubbish we get. However, some decisions didn't make sense. This thread seems split as to whether he was good or bad.
  15. Any photo's of that bloke at the final whistle doing a jig on the pitch? (..........then carted off by stewards)
  16. "Seen the score board? it's over my shoulder look...."
  17. RIP lads. There's a part of you in all of us. UTO.
  18. Snow on the camera lens = both our goals will be missed
  19. Consistant for a full game today I thought, and a goal too. Would love to see this standard from him every game.
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