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  1. Me too actually… not sure if it’s because Newcastle are a northern club or what, but I get the feeling it’ll go more ‘Chansiri’ than it does Man City. The fans with the ‘towels’ on their heads felt like a strange ‘sideshow’ type stuff, like it’s not really serious, a bit (but not exactly the same as) us clapping a deceased Thai king. The Newcastle owners have unlimited wealth and will want to recreate Man City, but City had a lot in place behind the scenes before taking over…. A master plan really, resulting in Pep and the Man City ‘campus’ etc
  2. I think all the fanfare around the match vs Spurs is classic Sky super Sunday hype… when in reality it’s the Newcastle team weren’t going to get any better overnight.
  3. Sheff Cam talks a lot of sense. This video is a long one so I’m gonna sit down with a cup of tea later and take it all in.
  4. Helping all the other teams out as usual. Well done Wednesday
  5. Application for 90 mins in a Wednesday shirt…. When do you see that ? Last season it was 45 minutes at best being decent, then 45 minutes of doing things that resulted in failure… When things like concentrating, organisation, pressing, battling, formation goes to 70% from 100% you’re up poo creek…
  6. Without being derogatory to whomever, we’ve even had Monks and gold elephants to bless the club… and we still went into League One again.
  7. If someone could eventually step up that’d be great.
  8. I thought he’d come in and be playing up front in a two. Not out wide. I doubt this is the ‘dream’ Moore sold to him before he signed. I think he could put the ball in the net, if he was allowed near it.
  9. Not a curse, but it’s amazing that we can’t even fluke our way to a decent season in the Championship and get promoted via the Playoffs… especially when you list the clubs that did so, including the likes of Blackpool ffs.
  10. His demeanour does scream Blade (which I’m sure he is)… Wednesday fans can be real apologists at times… He never seems happy to say the least when we draw/lose
  11. Personally, it does feel like a strange balance between being a good fanbase and welcoming people to the club (The chairman initially, Moore, the new players, whoever turns up) …. When on the other hand I’m sometimes thinking WTF is the point, like it’s almost too comfy for everyone to come in and let the fans down. It’s part of my thinking with Moore - people saying how lovely he is in spite of the results… I’m not impressed anymore until something is achieved.
  12. Consistency… and failing to be consistent (in the good sense)
  13. We can’t win a game at 2-0 up In league one With a squad that talks about finishing #1
  14. I only defend Wildsmith due to him always (very often) coming in from the cold… it’s not easy to do… when he comes in, it’s average. BPF is an international that our fans have decided is the new Buffon, and has made big howlers despite playing regularly - and having us basically saying he’s #1 once he turned up.
  15. Jose to Newcastle would be interesting…. like Jose to Chelsea but probably much less successful. He may also try and buy Matic again
  16. Yeah that shirt… felt like two plastic bags over the top of one another.
  17. To quote the BBC The Metropolitan Police said "minor disorder" broke out as they arrested a fan for "a racially aggravated public order offence" in relation to comments directed towards a steward. …. I find it a bit strange calling it a minor disorder, almost like they are trying to pretend it was smaller scale stuff than it appears (on the video)
  18. I would think there will be a lot of questions asked about this by the police and those in charge at Wembley. There seems to be a few failings overall… not taking the blame away from the main problem though, and that’s the severity of the hooligans… they seem a different breed to English ones and more along the lines of an organised crime gang.
  19. They definitely come in the hope that it kicks off…. if there are a few genuine ‘fans’ it’s a shame for them that Hungary will probably get another ban etc. Hopefully they arrested several of them later on. Not great to see the police retreating and getting smacked… those sticks they had didn’t seem to deter them much.
  20. Hungary quite resolute. Qualifier. Couldn’t work out a way to beat them. Couple of players fluffing it when it came to decision making. All a bit ‘Meh’. Feel like we could’ve done with a Pogba type in midfield to get us over the line.
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