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  1. 16 minutes ago, Groundhopping Owl said:

    Moore being a nice bloke matters insofar as it can potentially help keep players and fans offside. Much as I think the squad has a mentality/ego problem, we saw what happened when Jos came in and tried to crack the whip.


    Someone needs to strike the balance with the players in terms of demanding consistency of performance without putting too many people offside, Carlos and Bruce were the only ones who seemed to come close.

    You make some good points, but ultimately I think more wins and less crappy results is the best way to keep fans on side. 


  2. 30 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    Therefore it basically is just a few of our fans trying to find a personality trait or reputation or aspect to Darren Moore that they can use to bash and hate him with

    Like the 'erm' in his interviews

    I think that’s in more recent times… I think plenty more have justified his failings on the pitch since he’s been here due to him probably being a ‘big friendly bloke’. 

  3. I feel like there’s something I’m missing… 


    Is Moore doing some sort of trail with all these games?  Getting people minutes in different roles for some specific reason?  Is it an actual strategy? 

    It’s confusing… at least have some idea what to do. 

  4. Count me in on the ‘bed wetting’. 

    I’m getting impatient as flip with Moore. 

    I want to see Wednesday kick on.


    Are we going for promotion or experimenting and accepting any old formation / squad / style / desire / result. 

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  5. Shouting for (and getting) 3 in midfield seemed to coincide, or at least run alongside with our decline… 


    We want 3 in midfield because 2 isn’t enough 

    We also want a back 4

    We also want 2 wingers

    We also want 2 up front 


    Basically we need to play 12 players to get where we want to be… we can’t do this… 


    2 or 3 in midfield and still getting out worked… it’s getting boring. 

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