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  1. Currently losing 2-0 at home to Atalanta VIVA RONALDO
  2. Wonder who they’ve got lined up… Which manager fits the profile of fighting relegation before a massive SPENDAGEDDON
  3. Great assist and a great finish ! Look what Dele can do…. That’s a genuine positive
  4. You make some good points, but ultimately I think more wins and less crappy results is the best way to keep fans on side.
  5. I think this was the case.. from what I could gather from the Dexterity Box live stream.
  6. I think that’s in more recent times… I think plenty more have justified his failings on the pitch since he’s been here due to him probably being a ‘big friendly bloke’.
  7. I can see why you thought this with the Moore bashing that’s going on - but my point is more the fans that say ‘he’s a nice guy but’ as a prerequisite to the point they are making about him and what’s happening on the pitch
  8. I think he probably is… but I’m not sure what difference it makes… or why it continues to get mentioned so much, prior to what we thought of the football on display etc.
  9. It’s not often that you read what fans are saying and think ‘that makes more tactical sense than what the manager is doing’.
  10. Will the fans ever get rewarded with some success ? The fans are always there for the team. Give us something back.
  11. I feel like there’s something I’m missing… Is Moore doing some sort of trail with all these games? Getting people minutes in different roles for some specific reason? Is it an actual strategy? It’s confusing… at least have some idea what to do.
  12. Do we pick the formation round the team or the team round the formation ?
  13. I’m getting fed up with Moore, yet keeping Chansiri away is more important to me.
  14. Count me in on the ‘bed wetting’. I’m getting impatient as flip with Moore. I want to see Wednesday kick on. Are we going for promotion or experimenting and accepting any old formation / squad / style / desire / result.
  15. Shouting for (and getting) 3 in midfield seemed to coincide, or at least run alongside with our decline… We want 3 in midfield because 2 isn’t enough We also want a back 4 We also want 2 wingers We also want 2 up front Basically we need to play 12 players to get where we want to be… we can’t do this… 2 or 3 in midfield and still getting out worked… it’s getting boring.
  16. We’re playing some average teams and are expected to believe that they’re Real Madrid. We’ll drop more points…. If we don’t go at teams at home Hillsborough won’t be any advantage - the crowd will be fed up
  17. And some people genuinely thought it’d be fun being in this league.
  18. Deserved to win = didn’t / couldn’t / failed
  19. Seen more young kids doing this these days… Making WWE style signs… Then I saw these guys
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