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  1. sorry mate the number 8 thing was mine and Swinton Owl's, you think being hit by it was bad, you should have tried blowing it up!!
  2. you didn't hear much cos we were stood in a ground, of likes I have played in better, there wasn't any way of making a noise, as when we did, and this was for the most part of a very poor game. it just went straight up in the air (just like most of the passes) try an away game and then you may see what it's like
  3. can't we fire them all, based on gross misconduct?? if I was As bad at my job as AI is then I would have been fired...... (typing this whislt at work ) why can't we fire him??
  4. I was glad to see how well you played, but with Dink as your manager I'm not surprised, you also must understand that your fans wanted this more than we did, having said that we as fans want to see our team win (anyway, against anyone) stop it with the childish banter, take a bow and feck off.
  5. I was going with the no pace, poor shots and can't cross the ball, and to be fair their right back was shaky to say the least , can't argue about him having a few words with Sedgewick though cos he was bad apart from that shot in the first half I can't remember him touching the ball, was was hoping the when tudders came on it would have been for him.
  6. did you watch the same game as me? cos he was poor, the only thing he did well was cover for an impressive Jones when he was flying down the wing.
  7. nice to see you back mr strafford
  8. happy birthday little scram and happy birthday SWFC xx
  9. Waddle in meadowhall my mrs was asking him if he liked the underwear she was about to purchase ( she had no idea who he was, i'd walked off and she turned and said it thinking i was still there) see came over to me kick off that she just said what she said to some random, i turn to see who could believe it, he just winked and not bad them (i had to explain for the best part of an hour who he was) Hirst, shezza, palmer, pressman, and a few youth team at a night club in rotherham years ago, sat night after a away game
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ And hope you all get what should come to you, hopefully when the good times come back to OUR Fantastic Football Club you bunch of Tw@ts are still Band
  11. he was used as a target man and @5'7" he was never going to win anything, he runs for 90 mins every game, has he been worse than anyother player this season? if you play him out wide or to him in the air what is he supposed to do? with a decent midfield then we would have more chance for him to score. slate me all you want, but it's my op and i'm sticking to it!
  12. i would have as well, some mindless kn0b was having a go at me when all I was doing was letting my wife/ girlfriend (who was probably in the stand that he ws facing) how happy I was at not playing in the 3rd div these bunch of W@nkers should't be able to call themselves Wednesday Fan nor should they ever be aloud in the ground again
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