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  1. I would be satisfied with finishing higher or with more points than last season. If that happens, regardless of whether we make the top six or not, it would set us up nicely for a big charge next season.
  2. Perhaps he's related in some way to Fishcake. I seem to remember seeing a Youtube clip of that Antonio last minute goal against Carlisle. Fishcake is on the clip and doesn't even bat an eyelid. While the whole ground is going mental, he just leans forward staring at his mobile phone.
  3. Glenn Roeder had a dream Too much LSD, or so it would seem. He went to Holland and came back with Lachman Now we have Turner, Loovens and Lees And several Portuguese Where the hell is Lachman? He must have gone home.
  4. Maurice (Red) Setters Johnny Barkes Paul Bratwurst (sorry, wrong kind of dog).
  5. I am sure that there are some posters (not pointing at you directly here) that think TUF can pump money into SWFC almost at a whim whether through direct investment, sponsorship or advertising. It is a PLC and, as such, the PLC Executive Board when spending sizeable sums of money must be able to demonstrate to the company shareholders how the money adds an equivalent value to the company and what the potential return on investment is. Any commercial deal between TUF and the club must have a demonstrable value to the company and shareholders.
  6. TUF will never invest money directly in the club or the infrastructure. They may get involved in commercial deals such as sponsorship with the club, thus providing funds that may be used for ground redevelopment. However, the PLC Executive Board do not have the mandate to use company funds to enter into projects that have no relationship to the core business (Food Manufacturing and Processing). That is why TUF put out the statement that distanced the company from the purchase of SWFC in the first place.
  7. The problem was that every time he broke into a walk, his hamstring went.
  8. Hutchinson is used to walking - usually just after the ref has put his hand in his pocket.
  9. This guy doesn't seem reyt happy about the Newcastle result: (Sorry if somebody else has already posted it. I have just across it on Youtube).
  10. The obvious one is the Linighan goal in the cup final. Another occasion that doesn't seem to have gotten any mentions was back in Jack Charlton's days. Luton Town at Hillsborough 3-1 up at the 90 minute stage. The referee added no end of imaginary injury time and we conceded two goals. Ended up 3-3 and I was totally gutted. I think we ended the season just one point from promotion as well.
  11. I've been a critic of Carvalhal so far but I will certainly give him credit when it's due. He recognized very early doors that there was a significant weakness in the team that needed fixing. He identified that he needed an advanced midfield player just behind the striker. He then went out and brought Forestieri into the squad to fulfill that role and what a difference it made to the team dynamics. The only problem is there only seems to be Forestieri that can play that specific role effectively. It would make perfect sense to bring in cover. If Lingard can play that sort of role, there is a need especially if it is practical to sign him on a full time contract when the opportunity arises.
  12. So many to choose from down the years. Last season away at Rotherham so was funny because of Evan's little jig on the pitch when they were 2-1 up.
  13. Aye, when I mentioned Belfast and Rangers, that's not the version I was really thinking of. I was alluding to the version with connections to the potato famine, the lyrics of which are not so socially acceptable.
  14. California, Caledonia, all the same thing really.
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