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  1. And I didn't make that clear, but I've no problem whatsoever with JDS and his team.
  2. The deal was that AFC Owlstalk would provide 2 teams. Not AFC Owlstalk will provide 2 teams and Baz will unilaterally decide to change those two teams. But yet JDS wants to bring his own team as well and that's fine, no issue? Why are we different? And if it was a case of wanting to win then there's no way I'd be involved. I'm 40, fat, talentless and speccy. I'd be bringing all the ringers out.
  3. Precisely. But it's Baz who's claiming to be doing everything.
  4. I don't care at all how many players for all the other teams or who they are or how they are arranged. I do care about him gatecrashing two teams that Kivo has sorted out of a distinct pool of players. Apologies if I didn't express that opinion properly. As far as I'm concerned, that is no different than if there was a team of Blades or anyone else and he decided that random Wednesday fans had to be in their ranks.
  5. I don't want this being private, I'm happy to share my opinions, as you can see. First off, the thread title says 6 a-side. A squad of 7 for that is plenty, if it's now 7 a-side then 8 will do. The Classics and the Newbies are planning on that. If you want to make every other team have a squad of 18 then go for it, nobody gives a shit, but stay out of the numbers for us. We've been playing in our various incarnations for 15 years under this name. You're not dictating the Owlsonline details, the same goes here. And as for your running of things, give credit to Kivo. He's done more than you.
  6. It's Plop you illiterate fuckwit. And it may never have happened before. But then it's never been run properly before. If you cast your mind back and ask people who were there you'll realise that you're still pig-headedly using the wrong numbers for the team size anyway.
  7. Bez. The Classics and the Newbies ARE NOT accepting any of your players. End of. They are not needed. We've both got a big enough pool to fill all our positions, and the whole point of the teams would be compromised. If you have too many players, which seems unlikely when Owlsonline promise 2 teams but can't confirm 1, then the last ones to pay can either ref or withdraw.
  8. Keep checking the Owlstalk FC section, I'll keep putting threads in there and if you're available and fancy a run-out, stick yer name down and I'll try to get you in. After your first match, you can play every week if you want! You'll be most welcome. Most/all of us would prefer 7 a-side, but there's apparently no vacancy yet. We're top of the waiting list though.
  9. I had us down as winning 21-10. We was robbed. Also, I'll start posting our upcoming matches in the Owlstalk FC section again so keep checking there and posting your availability. There will also no doubt be the regular texts where possible. Here's one to start you all off...
  10. And the reason we did too. We bought a yellow strip for the 11 a-sides we used to play and kept it on for the 5 a-sides. Plus I think there was already a team or two registered that played in the home strip so we had to use something else.
  11. Man of the match. By a long way. Victim of the match. By a long way.
  12. It is, and we'd greatly appreciate it. Cheers in advance.
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