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  1. What a lovely way to describe a member of your club's staff. I'm sure your family are very proud of you.
  2. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted on here before. Whatever your view of the fly past, this is an amazing response to it. St Luke's will be delighted, great effort by the Wednesday fans.
  3. Dan Hayes has just tweeted 'NOT GUILTY'.
  4. I thought Morgan Fox was to blame for everything. Or, if not him, it's probably Nuhiu.
  5. The bad news is that the above option works, I have just committed hundreds of pounds and what feels like the rest of my life to SWFC. Bugger! (It's actually a very efficient and effective service, she had all my details in front of her, tried calling me several times as I was at work and couldn't answer. Phone call took less than 30 seconds and I got an emailed receipt instantly. Well done SWFC!)
  6. This... Yep, pretty sure we've extended the deadline every season for the last few years. As do many other companies when they've got a sale on but let's ignore this common sense and go back to conspiracy theories and looking for ways to throw mud at our club.
  7. I can't get through either so I have tried this option:- 'Supporters can request a call back from the Ticket Office by emailing [email protected] with their client ID, purchaser request and daytime contact numbers. A member of the team will then call back at the earliest convenience.' I am working on the assumption that as they have received an email from me before the deadline, they will honour the deal even if they don't get back to me until after the deadline. If they don't I will be very shouty/cross/sweary/angrymad.
  8. Happy International Women's Day everyone! Good to know that respect for women is flourishing here in the UK.
  9. So you can't afford to come to the matches but you can afford the £120 to park right outside the door? I also don't live in Sheffield, I also have an 'odyssey' of c30 years but have never paid for parking and have never not been able to park. Absolutely no logic to your reasoning.
  10. I would do the backs of those people that Miffed mentioned and show them looking up at the clock on the South Stand, that twiddley bit above it is quite iconic and has 1867 on it which is kind of the point.
  11. This is where the new loan rules disadvantage teams and individual players' progress as you can't do that anymore. Joao is an obvious one to loan out once he is fit, it could really build his confidence and toughen him up. Drop him down a league, let him see some proper, blood and guts football down there whilst (hopefully) getting hats full of goals. It could benefit SWFC, Joao himself and whoever takes him on loan. Would we risk loaning him out for half a season in January? Probably not.
  12. Subtle ITK? Laurent Blanc taking over from CC?
  13. Benito Carphone - A range of in-car accessories for your phone including chargers and hands-free kits. Paulo Di Caniopeners - Blue and white stripey can openers.
  14. Tried for two days to call them with no success. The answer is to go for the call back as above - email them with your phone number and Client ID and they will call you back. It took them 24 hours to call me back but when they did the process was very simple.
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