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  1. So we were garbage against charlton, garbage for most of Huddersfield and are now losing to a Blackburn team who have had a poor start. Doing reyt well I'd say
  2. Anyone who thinks we're good is utterly deluded, losing to absolute garbage again
  3. Yep, post your opinion and get nothi but abuse from your own fans. Ridiculous
  4. Yes, because I'm used, and sick, of being let down. Yes it's only the first defeat in 12, but I'm too used to Wednesday flipping it up
  5. Call me a pig all you want, have we started calling ourselves pigs now? 8 games this season must not be enough to be called an owl
  6. There's optimism and then there's what deluded idiots have been spouting on here, Twitter, Facebook, radio ect... It always goes boobies up and here's where it's started
  7. Yeah, because it always ends the same, disappointment. People on here getting carried away, a few wins and draws and suddenly we've instanstly won the league
  8. Funny how any negative comments on here make you a pig. I hate losing, so don't take it well
  9. yep, because a non regular poster posts something it makes him/her a pig Biggest clique on the internet this site
  10. So many deluded people giving it the big uns that we'll blitz the league, we've not lost in 11 before today and are still 4 points behind playoffs We are garbage and will always be let down
  11. Conceded 3 against the 2nd worst team we've played in them 12 games. Can't see people being as sympathetic as years gone by when we end up not winning for a while
  12. So because I don't like Wednesday losing, that makes me a pig? Ok
  13. I can take a loss, but to be shat on by teams like charlton is pathetic
  14. Yes, laugh yourselves silly now, but when we're stuck in the middle of January having only won 1 of our last 10 i'll be the one laughing, or crying I don't know yet
  15. Oh there that goes, thanks for the 2 nice months Wednesday, was fun while it lasted. Same old Wednesday. Mr Chansiri, we need to be sweeping garbage like Charlton aside to be anywhere near promotion. Carlos out
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