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  1. Why Wasn't Nuhiu Brought On?.

    Because he's not very good
  2. Carlos on Radio Sheffield

    Carlos will never ever walk

    I most certainly am

    Jack hunt and Adam reach have played well today

    I don't know how anyone can argue in the case to keep Carlos. his tactics are clueless, there is zero link between the midfield and the forwards. His signings couldn't of gone any worse and he's wasted tens and tens of millions. We've been crying out for 2 decent full backs for years and he hasn't done anything about it. Got to get rid, end of
  6. wages

    Those five combined no
  7. Reach has been terrible, sasso was shocking first half as was Fox. Rhodes very disappointing but you have to look at the manager who over and over gets his team selection and tactics wrong
  8. What Ann awful awful penalty!!! Why can't we score from the spot
  9. It's been pretty poor. If acceptable is 0 shots on target and no chances created then you're right
  10. I'd be tempted to take Sasso off and put Sam at centre half and have Bannan in the middle. Reach needs to seriously up his game
  11. As he should of bought a new centre half as we have been short all year
  12. Sasso isn't good enough he's a walking time bomb. morgan Fox is all over the place. You've gotta look at Carlos. Everybody knew we needed another centre half and cover at full backs and all he's bought in is Fox and the cracks are getting wider and wider at the back. The quicker Lees is back the better
  13. Jordan Rhodes First Scorer

    I owe you a beer