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  1. Never a pen but still crap. Can’t defend and doesn’t get forward to make the most of his pace to put a cross in.
  2. A right back and and striker with pace
  3. Harris has played better than Murphy in general, not both on the same page at the moment.
  4. fessi needs to go in my eye regardless of the offer about 2m but even that’s wishful thinking. His better footballing days are behind him now. hopefully someone will bid for reach. We need a huge refresh at our club and get some young talent through the door.
  5. more interesting than the football haha..
  6. Why not blame the chairman and previous managers, monk has spent sweet fizz all and brought no players in.
  7. Hopefully he will grow in confidence and be our future left back
  8. How can it be? It’s either racist or not there’s no oh it’s medium racist. its a joke
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