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  1. Yes http://www.letmegooglethat.com/?q=Is+nuhiu+in+the+kosovo+squad+
  2. Bruce did mention he could be out for the season
  3. Was talking to my manager at work about how they decide the outcome by a flip of coin, wtf.... Imagine buzzing to play and you've lost the match because a coin dictated it...
  4. It's a strange one Chelsea don't need realistically need him but they can't sign players for two season so they may need him for cover, but you'd like to think it's in our own hands to sign him.
  5. you not heard? hes supposedly the next Cristiano Ronaldo
  6. Because we're the underdogs it has a better feel this around, zero expectations
  7. Completely agree, didn't realise he was playing until he went off but 59 be honest as a whole were carrying too many passengers
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