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  1. Would have loved him to have gone to united to fizz them up.
  2. Who knows he's barely played. Also a reason he hasn't featured much under 3 different manages whilst playing for us.
  3. I also wanted him, glad we got Bruce though
  4. 2 years at least, other clubs coming in will offer at least that.
  5. nice base of a squad if we keep westwood and hector, still need to add additional pace and some young and hungry players with bags of energy and we maybe able to improve. too early to call anything, plus other teams will strengthen too dont forget in the process. I'd give bruce 2 years at least especially if we cant spend money this season.
  6. completely agree, second behind zidane. Remember zidane was asked who was the best player he ever played against and im sure he said scholes
  7. zidane was the best midfielder ever. such a cracking player and glad I got to watch both him and beckham, would never put them two in the same category though.
  8. id take half of that, we wont get 14m for him. Hes done nothing last couple of season so hope bruce can resurrect him.
  9. Richie humpheries still playing football
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