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  1. Mardy Bum

    Matt Penney

    thats where hes been then, Iv brought him up a few tmes when the under 23s have played.
  2. Mardy Bum

    German defender linked

    I urge Stoke to. Buy Abdi....
  3. Mardy Bum


    They don't refuse its just a rule
  4. wow that is terrible
  5. Mardy Bum

    February Fixtures

    I'm Expecting wins from the next four league games.
  6. Mardy Bum

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    Won't his brother play, the other hazard?
  7. Or to send out on loan to someone else who knows
  8. Mardy Bum

    Bruce Reacts To Chansiri's Statement...

    Just finally got around to looking at a cabbage on Google images
  9. So then it makes you wonder is he actually injured
  10. Release the lot and re build
  11. Mardy Bum

    Loans out ?

    Think penny and Baker need to but penny can't even make the under 23 squad. Maybe our players arent seen good enough by other managers to Warrent a loan deal
  12. Mardy Bum

    Chairman’s statement

    It's like he's asking for forgiveness for selling a player, we all know as fans that football is a business as well, sell and rebuild.
  13. Mardy Bum

    FF and Joao - positive news

    Missed them both massively. We're crying out for energy and pace
  14. Mardy Bum

    Which Kit?

    They play in their away shirt and we use our home one Infact how does our yellow one clash with their home shirt?
  15. Mardy Bum

    Substitutes (or lack of)

    Thought exactly the same and thought it in the last few games, maybe needs a reason to change things but when some players do look tired it is mind boggling