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  1. Animal

    New Spirit

    we've got penguin for that.
  2. been correct zero amount of times thus far, may as well have another attempt.
  3. Wolves under us, yeh right
  4. Animal

    Westwood Going

    may as well stay here.
  5. Animal

    Big sam

    A merry go round manager, no tah.
  6. Jack Rodwell is good example, when his club didn’t even know where he was
  7. Interested in seeing hooper and joao pair up top, but yeh nobody deserves to be dropped at the moment, even fessi was looking his best again.
  8. Animal

    New Kit

    if we're lucky, more like september
  9. Animal

    Our Goal of the Season Is...

    Jones scored a goal
  10. Animal


    Agree, will be interesting to see if jos can reignite him and get him injurey free.
  11. Animal

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    That’s what rhodes said
  12. Animal

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Didn’t play like that from start to finish, reach was the most consistent
  13. Animal

    Ross wallace

    . best moment by far