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  1. Player wages

    It’s a year contract for example so it’ll be a year 52 weeks
  2. another year for loovens, stopped reading after that.
  3. nobody give hutch a ball to sign.....
  4. talk about chucking jos under the bus like its his fault, but carlos was never questioned in this way at all. I always thought we were soft when it came to cc's press conferences
  5. One thing in common...

    Both got a 100% England scoring record
  6. Lucas Joao

    but why though, similar to cc. Just go for the rascal from the start. We have learnt the hard way trying to keep a 1-0 win the in bag.
  7. Stobbs

    to be fair to the lad hes been chucked on, we all know we wanted reach to start.
  8. LIVE STREAM : https://www.facebook.com/kierl/videos/10215601601090912/
  9. live stream https://www.facebook.com/kierl/videos/10215601601090912/
  10. Craziest line up ever

    Weird but if it works then who cares
  11. Swansea replay ticket allocation

    No sure tbh, who ever it was it stunk