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  1. Than someone working 40s a week whilst nuhiu gets paid 15k a week. What's the world coming to?
  2. Looks alright just questions about pudil but let's see what happens
  3. We will hammer United

    We even beat them
  4. We will hammer United

    They've yet to play a decent team and beat them, but they're playing well at the moment to say they've just come up. I'm expecting a win not because they've just come up but why can't we, we are better than them in pretty much every position and have much better quality. if we're not up for it who will be to blame?
  5. probably given him urby's and mcgugans wages to do their job...
  6. Back 4

    competition against the £20,000,000 defence?
  7. Stick Or Twist

    dont change a thing
  8. Hopefully then psg can sign him for 200m next season
  9. Brentford tonight

    Hopefully the same team that played against forest, played well and no need to change a winning side.
  10. Adam Reach

    certainly a left back, hopefully that means we will be able to sign another left winger soon enough.
  11. fredrico

    Loovens is a ticking time bomb, sure he will need covering soon enough. But can't see them playing much between them
  12. Jones the quiet man

    Always liked him, a tidy footballer that can stop and make a pass.
  13. Team 4 Brentford

    same team as yesterday. we need stop changing our team every game and build some momentum