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  1. Exactly I wasn’t been sarcastic haha. I confused my self thought couldn’t remember if I was been sarcastic or not haha...
  2. Yup we’re all expecting to consolidate and anything better is a bonus. And if course we can improve we’re missing pretty much our whole first team squad, but it’s refreshing to see the players that never got a chance under cc
  3. Great read that, if only we had that for the play offs.
  4. Butterfield

    Yup clean the slate and see how her perform in his proper role. Been playing in a terrible formation and under awful circumstances like most players.
  5. Pelupessy, Matias, Joao

    I sense a last min goal AGAIN
  6. That’s what cc said look where that got him
  7. Joey Pelupessy

    Probably waiting to see if he’s gets injured in training before announcing anything