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  1. Glenn Loovens

    Respect the guy, but got to be his last season here now.
  2. Danny Batth

    Young English championship defender oh and comes from another club so he’s worth £10,000,000 already
  3. Almain Abdi

    Just push him out of the club like we did with Mcgugan
  4. You’d like to think so, but in order to sell players teams need to want them. Wouldn’t surprise me if rhodes leaves on loan, even just getting a couple off the wage bill will help tremendously.
  5. next seasons captain

    We need to sign one
  6. Just our luck ff gets injured then we’re fooked. dont believe how bad our injury situation has been
  7. New Role for Hutchinson ?

    Get him off the pay role and bring in someone else new
  8. Venâncio

    Another Alex Lopez, deserves to be signed and won’t be.
  9. Left Back

    Spurr was okay, but still not the best.
  10. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Wait so bannan was injured then not then injured again, what a joke
  11. Manager

    He’s the only one I want and wouldn’t cost anything to bring in on board
  12. Dom Howson is saying "grass is green"