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  1. Up don’t blame them wanting to do better. We’re not massive any more and we haven’t don’t anything like prove we’re going back up.
  2. Bad Language in family stand

    Of course it does. Not saying it’s a good thing but bloody hell
  3. Probably get more compensation tbh. Would love him to play for us but won’t happen.
  4. Stewarding

    Should have got him to get his supervisor then he may have laughed and got on with his day as normal
  5. At first a first glimpse I thought it was Patrick Collins
  6. Brunt or whelan for me
  7. If Hooper gets injured

    Winnall and Rhodes
  8. Sam Hutchinson

    Matias come in to my shop last Saturday and there seem to be nothing wrong with him. I find it strange how players still don’t travel to watch us compete and see what they’re up against if they’re not selected.
  9. Quick start

    Glad he’s finally seen the light but why has it taken so long ?
  10. It wasn’t just the points though, it was the style of performances, but we seem to have turned corner now.
  11. Rhodes haters

    He’s playing better as well because we’re playing 4-4-2 with two wingers rather than pass it through the middle playing still 4-4-2 but with 3 centre mids, I hope to god Carlos doesn’t go back to a flat 4-4-2.
  12. right time right place, was poo for us and wolves ect... took him long enough to find his feet though