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  1. Many moons ago Kanchelskis tore us a new un. Remember a young Gareth Bale running a game from left back for Southampton. Could see right away he was special. Shezza bossing the game at Hillsborough for Oldham. Don’t think he left the centre circle.
  2. Buy Sheffield arena, it’s losing all the big gigs to Leeds anyhow. Build a 45,000 arena stadium (Veltins/smaller millennium) on the land. Could even take over all the gigs for extra income. Job done.
  3. Maybe if Chansiri had bought us earlier it would've happened? I was was kinda joking about the Arena site, but there is plenty of land and the Arena has had its day. Plenty of pubs surrounding the area plus centertainment across the road. Doesn't seem too daft an idea.
  4. Why don't we just buy the Arena and surrounding land then build a Veltins Arena style stadium with retractable pitch then still have all the gigs they have there. Ching Ching.
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