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  1. 1400 players are out of contract this season im sure we could get 5 or 6 good hungry players
  2. at Rotherham on Saturday should be fun
  3. the answer for me is both season ticket holder at Hillsborough and all England games
  4. went to celtic park and was 100% better than any game at Hillsborough this season
  5. will do mate, was looking for him on friday but he was at the consultants try and have a jug with him once a week, he aint a bad bloke giving hes a blade haha
  6. meet him often for a beer he does a little dance because of the illness, iv got an idea for you we go to the grand national every year do a painting of red rum jumping the last fence at aintree
  7. yep he did, if we dont go up two and half years wages for flip all, easy money
  8. far from it, played poo from charlton at home until last week against pigs, not as good as we make out
  9. watch the video, he jumps on evans not megson, yeah the players didnt like him end of
  10. born in barcelona? haha you would have picked espanyol to support
  11. the defence strike again, all players pulled back for a corner and a free header back across goal, where is the marking?
  12. we need something, we have let in 39 goals charlton 29, pigs 28, huddersfield 29, mk 32,
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