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  1. We’ve changed manager too many times this season, I was originally one for Monk to be sacked at that time but we’ve had Pulis, Thompson and now Moore in charge and the same thing keeps happening. We can’t keep changing managers because as has already been seen, nothing has really changed regards results and players battling. Think a few heads have long gone and no longer see themselves as SWFC players. Moore looks to be getting a style in place but he can only work with what he has inherited.
  2. Thought he was awesome when he was here!! Gutted when he got sold!
  3. Plenty of players agree pre-match contracts to move to another club, it's football, it happens! Players get sent off in games all the time, does that mean they want out??? Whilst he is still here, he can offer something to the team. Just because he is a fan of the club doesn't mean he should stay here regardless of the situation. If the club failed to offer him a deal and Celtic came in, of course he'd have a look at it and maybe he took time over this and thought it through and made an adult decision on his future. If you were in employment and had an opportunity that could potentially be bet
  4. Not planning on watching the game but I've thought this before and ended up tuning in to get that disappointment sorted!!!
  5. Maybe Prem clubs were interested but they can’t agree a pre-contract yet I believe, as Celtic are north of the border they can do it sooner rather than having to wait until the last month/end of the contract. Perhaps Shaw has thought he can go to Celtic to play at a large stadium and when allowed, in front of large crowds, play European football and develop his game further. This could lead to a move to the Premier League or overseas in the future. Alternatively it could go the other way and it’s the wrong decision, but surely it’s a risk worth taking???
  6. Nope, I really don't think he would. I think he'd be after more experience and more proven.
  7. I was neither delighted or horrified when he was appointed, but he was the man given the job so deserved a chance. When he didn't have his own backroom team in, that was concerning but we went with what we had. Moving in to this season, I was prepared to see how it went as he got his team in and I expected to see change/improvements with the new players and potential coaching methods. At first, we got a couple of decent results and there were glimmers of some decent stuff being played........but....... I'm now on the side of something needs to change, it has all gone back to how it was las
  8. We’re literally 3 games in to this season. You can’t carry last season in to this. Monk now has his own team in around him where he didn’t have this last season. We can now start to judge him based on this - so far performances haven’t been terrible although the 2nd half today was pretty poor. We need more bodies in but this is easier said than done.
  9. Postman has just delivered my home shirt! Nice quality, feels good on
  10. Last seasons away kit had it on
  11. May have missed it with the arrival of the new coaching team, hopefully the link works https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/august/chey-dunkley-completes-move-to-wednesday/
  12. Yep, agree totally it needs a good blend of youth and experience, I guess I’m just being optimistic-could be the rum and cokes talking for me
  13. Definitely fingers crossed, think some of these types of signings are worth a shot, especially in our current situation, hopefully it works out for both parties and it leads us to a better and brighter future!!! We can hope anyway!!!
  14. We released Vardy back in the day, they had their reasons but he turned out alright didn’t he?! Maybe if we signed this lad he may just turn out decent for us???
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