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  1. I don't think signing an older player would signal an intent of going down that path, it may just be that terms are agreed with that player before the signing of a younger player. Hopefully we get a good blend of youthful players mixed in with a few decent older heads. That is the balance that is needed if we can achieve that with the signings.
  2. Feeling unusually optimistic about the game! Either way, glad football is back and interested to see the side selected for today! Hopefully see Hunt get some time as looked pretty decent against Man City in the cup.
  3. Like has been mentioned, the kits will probably be manufactured in the same factories and designs/templates used across the brands with little tweaks. Look at this one, few changes but this is our current home kit!
  4. Yeah they are, that is Agnew in the background of the screenshot but the video you see both of them getting on the team coach!
  5. I’m colour blind and it doesn’t look any better with my eyes although, it could pass for silver grey with me looking at it and that means promotion right
  6. They do some great designs to be fair, i agree, they do look quite smart but I’d like something different to those designs
  7. Here’s a screenshot from the webpage of home away and 3rd kits
  8. That’s a design from a website called concept kits so don’t think it’s official
  9. Gone for Forestieri on this because he's a flair player and the things he's capable of. But like others have said, it's a tough one because they are very different players and on their day, you'd want both of them in your side!!
  10. Yep, I’m from Stoke, started following Wednesday in the early 90’s. Saw them on the tv playing some great attacking football and they just became my team! Don’t have any links to Sheffield either, closest I can say is my nan was from Yorkshire (Todmorden)
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