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  1. It can depend on the person and which type they have. Some people are worse than others so it can be difficult. Like has been mentioned, red/green is the most common and I do struggle with that, but do get a variety of other colours mixed up or can't distinguish between them so sometimes, an away kit may still prove problematic in some instances but not all.
  2. This sounds great, being colour blind pretty badly, sometimes makes watching a match almost impossible, not being able to distinguish between either side. Like Bridport says, trying to use the numbers to also see who it is, is also problematic. Although I am daft enough to still mess around with the electrics
  3. Seen a few comments saying we should be signing a younger keeper - all well and good but they won't get the time to develop their game and make mistakes to learn from - this happened with Dawson and Wildsmith and currently any young keeper making mistakes whilst "learning their trade" would soon get hammered by the fans. I see this as a good piece of business if it goes through, good experienced head, knows the league but has played higher. Got a good record from last season and can share his knowledge of the game with the younger keepers that we may actually be able to develop and could have really high potential.
  4. He's been offered a new deal by Wycombe, so they do want him, but he's out of contract end of month and can't stop him leaving if he doesn't sign with them again.
  5. Yep, this was my first thought, somehow recreating this would be awesome!
  6. Decent looking kit that, be happy if we had something similar for ours
  7. Shirt - Controversially, I like to see some change on the shirts as long as the colours remain blue and white. Didn't mind the variations we had recently where it wasn't stripes. Shorts - black with blue or white/blue and white trim Socks - blue with white turnover
  8. As long as some younger defenders were brought in alongside him then yeah. He’s an older head and can share his knowledge with them. We benefit short term with his coolness and knowledge of the game. Long term we develop some defenders who could be amazing for us in the future or we have saleable assets.
  9. Actually make players take throw ins from where the ball goes out. Does my nut in when a player picks the ball up and walks down the line to a more advanced position to take the throw all whilst the ref is watching them do it. VAR - shouldn't be used in cup competitions if every team don't have it, not fair if some fixtures use it and some don't either it is in for everyone or it isn't. Bring back the six second rule for goalkeepers (did this rule ever officially end?) Ridiculous how long some keepers hold on to the ball.
  10. These things are probably being done, but we just aren't hearing about it. players out of contract may have been offered a new deal and have a few days to think it over - people do, new job offers etc. you have to weigh up the options first and not make a snap decision. Players fitness - season has just finished, they will have a plan in place to follow but they have a few days off before pre-season kicks in, everyone deserves a holiday. Some clubs have done their retained lists, plenty of others, like us haven't. We'll get the update in good time of who is going, who is staying or who has been offered a new deal. A new shirt - yeah, I'd like to hear about what's happening, but it seems like a lot of clubs haven't announced their new kits as yet although some are now starting to. Can't see much being spent on the ground currently being in the league we are, probably just get the painters in to tidy Hillsborough up. Transfers - window isn't open yet so nothing official can be done, we have had a couple of names linked so suggests things are happening here.
  11. Never followed my local sides (Stoke and Port Vale) - my old man wasn't in to football, eldest brother a Liverpool fan and middle brother not interested either. So initially I "supported" Liverpool because my big brother did, but I never really felt a connection. Early 90's was when I started to get in to watching football and seeing the likes of Hirst, Waddle etc. grabbed me. Been a downward curve ever since
  12. Don't think it is as black and white as the options, but as those are the options, stick with what we've done this season. As fudge has said, you keep changing, you have no identity or direction. Now we have something that can be built on, success isn't instant but as fans, we have to have a degree of patience - which I know is a big ask as well.
  13. Felt low last night, genuinely felt we could do it, and the feeling when we scored and the whole crowd erupted - goosebumps!!! The feeling of disappointment is going now, looking forward to see what names we get linked with over the summer and who we actually do sign.
  14. He was initially caretaker boss when at West Brom, but they went down. He had them in 4th but they sacked him. At Donny, they were sitting 6th when he joined us, going down wasn't great but there were a lot of different circumstances he was having to contend with.
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