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  1. Think it will be very emotional tonight, hope it’s a massive success
  2. jimbob 13


    Yep, played 37 times
  3. jimbob 13

    Sam Winnall...

    I was gutted when he went to Derby, always gave 100% and had a nasty streak , sooner he’s playing the better
  4. Think Leicester get about 2 mill a season and they won premier league
  5. jimbob 13

    Phone call from ticket office

    Lad had phone call today, giving him lower tier tickets and a refund
  6. jimbob 13

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Good decision, well done for listening to the fans and acting immediately
  7. jimbob 13

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Counted you you in pal, thought you were going
  8. jimbob 13

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    26,649 or 26,648 , don’t know if my mates going yet
  9. Got 2 tkts I applied for straight away
  10. Apologising for the balti pies being a dry as a nuns growler
  11. Where you lot going drinking before
  12. jimbob 13

    Westwood linked with stoke

    If money is right , sell him. Not a gamble as we have 2 cracking young keepers
  13. jimbob 13

    Wigan tickets?

    About a 1000 left