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  1. Would be a cracking signing if we get rid of Fletcher and Rhodes, but feel better sides than us will get him
  2. Anywhere in S61, lends a tenner
  3. Deadline Extended

    All those people who might have skint themselves this month in order to buy one only to find they had another payday to sort it.
  4. This season has been the freakiest , wierd its season I've known in 40 yrs. Injuries, general mess ups i.e. Kits, 150 yrs birthday etc , kits like these would shift a lot of this apathy surrounding the at the moment plus at least a freeze on s/t prices. Roll on next season, new start, proper kit, new squad and conservative expectations of what we can achieve. DC has not helped himself with proclamations of near instant PL return which foolishly we all bought into, too many teams bigger or as big want the same thing
  5. Paul Lambert

    Some attention seeking people on here at the moment, I know this, I've been told, blah blah blah.
  6. Mclaren holds talks

    No season ticket renewal for me if that clown is appointed
  7. Tonight’s performance

    A better performance than the Barnsley game, worked hard, won second balls, worked well in pairs e.g. left back left wing etc. Butterfield looked a steadying figure in midfield, lees looked more comfortable with Loovens at the side of him Hooper the cleverist player at the club and Reach MOM for me Good win to build on now, onwards and upwards, UTO
  8. David Garrido

    Ding dong
  9. Puerto Rico bar for Sat

    Mary D's bar at the Europa centre always have live football on. It's got about 10 screens and drinks are cheap. Was in there last December and they had 2 different games on plus they put soccer Saturday on for me to watch the results
  10. Min £10 million, haven't they sold Clucas for about 15 million
  11. Next season kit

    Shame it's not these that's just been put on social media
  12. Any idea what this is

    Somebody on twitter