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  1. Sooner or later a club was going to challenge the EFL and the inept way they go about their buisness, just hope he has all bases covered
  2. Just got wet going to bin, mare
  3. Good player, matched Harris for pace but got done nearly every time when Harris had ball at his feet
  4. If we are still in the mix come end of December , what positions need strengthening and who’s name would you put to these positions.
  5. Just hoping we get a ref who actually knows what he’s doing
  6. Doubt it very much, not my birthday while May
  7. Shower Meadowhall tram stop hillsborough corner beer match beer tram chinese bed
  8. If that Paxio bloke is running the show then I think you might be right
  9. 34 still free, Hectors number from last year
  10. If he lets paxo fella choose next manager then we’re farrooked
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