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  1. Played 46 games, scored 8 and 6 assists not a bad effort
  2. He died 2 days before his 50th, on holiday in Barcelona with his wife
  3. On Saturday a few friends both owls and millers are trying to get a minutes applause on the 49 th minute for our dear friend and massive owl who suddenly passed away last week. We’ve all put it on all social media platforms and the Rotherham fans have been amazing with sharing this. Mark” Haggis Hague lived in kimberworth in Rotherham and had friends of both clubs. If you’re there Saturday plz join in with the tribute , it would mean a lot for many people, thx
  4. We will be there tomorrow shouting twice as loud for the lad
  5. My best mate Mark Hague passed away suddenly on Saturday outside the Nuo Camp in Barcelona , massive wednesdayite,season ticket holder on the kop, 49 yrs old. Fly high buddy
  6. Brucey boys first home match, decent run of form and only 9pts off the playoffs. 28000 would be a good effort
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