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  1. jimbob 13

    Get Up For It

    No pal, trust him though, gets inside info all the time about all clubs
  2. jimbob 13

    Get Up For It

  3. jimbob 13

    Get Up For It

    Jos will be gone win, lose or draw after game if what I’ve been told is true. Source , London based journo who is Owl
  4. jimbob 13

    Get Up For It

    No fear
  5. jimbob 13

    Team for Boro

    That’s the one
  6. Think it will be very emotional tonight, hope it’s a massive success
  7. jimbob 13


    Yep, played 37 times
  8. jimbob 13

    Sam Winnall...

    I was gutted when he went to Derby, always gave 100% and had a nasty streak , sooner he’s playing the better
  9. Think Leicester get about 2 mill a season and they won premier league
  10. jimbob 13

    Phone call from ticket office

    Lad had phone call today, giving him lower tier tickets and a refund
  11. jimbob 13

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Good decision, well done for listening to the fans and acting immediately
  12. jimbob 13

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Counted you you in pal, thought you were going
  13. jimbob 13

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    26,649 or 26,648 , don’t know if my mates going yet
  14. Got 2 tkts I applied for straight away
  15. Apologising for the balti pies being a dry as a nuns growler