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  1. Tonight’s performance

    A better performance than the Barnsley game, worked hard, won second balls, worked well in pairs e.g. left back left wing etc. Butterfield looked a steadying figure in midfield, lees looked more comfortable with Loovens at the side of him Hooper the cleverist player at the club and Reach MOM for me Good win to build on now, onwards and upwards, UTO
  2. David Garrido

    Ding dong
  3. Puerto Rico bar for Sat

    Mary D's bar at the Europa centre always have live football on. It's got about 10 screens and drinks are cheap. Was in there last December and they had 2 different games on plus they put soccer Saturday on for me to watch the results
  4. Min £10 million, haven't they sold Clucas for about 15 million
  5. Next season kit

    Shame it's not these that's just been put on social media
  6. Any idea what this is

    Somebody on twitter
  7. Any idea what this is

    Just wondering if it's another way of putting money into the club (sponsor) without having his name plastered all over the place
  8. Kyle Bartley

    That's Kyle Naughton
  9. First Game Sweepstake

    Preston away
  10. First Game of Season...

    Preston away forest away Boxing Day burton home New Year's Day norwich home last day
  11. Next season kit

    Looks like rounduns though , sure that's an Umbro motif
  12. Tom Ince

    Been put up for transfer by Derby, worth a look at surely. Pacey, scores goals but might have a temperament problem
  13. Semi final tickets

    Cheers pal