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  1. I'd downgrade every player except Luongo by at least 0.5 here. Windass and Berahino would be downgraded by 1.5 and 1 respectivley.
  2. I'd be very surprised if it was only two players. For sure, Bannan, Luongo, Windass and Iorfa will be on more than that. Would also assume we are paying that much of BPF's wages at least.
  3. Bannan is a fantastic player who needs great players around him. He needs players who are comfortble on the ball and move well to bring out the best in him. Today was a good example. We were good up to a point, but whenever a player received the ball we were static and not moving. Make a run into space and Bannan will fine you. Problem is that not all players around him can or will do that.
  4. If they stay fit...and arent sold in Jan. Lets face it, Luongo, Bannan and Windass are far too good for this league. We are going to get a lot of interest if these three carry on their form for the next 6 weeks.
  5. Really? I thought Brennan was better, although he did grow into the game.
  6. Im not offering him a fight Neil. If he really does know of local Hillsborough Bars that make £10k PROFIT every weekend night then I really want to know of them so I can end my financial woes by investing in these Sure Thing, Cannot Lose Investent Opportunities.
  7. If you really have an insight into a Bar that makes £10k profit every weekend then I would genuinely want to be introduced. I will happily get the money together to invest in that small, random Hillsorough Bar as it seems that I can end all my financial troubles by doing so.
  8. But he really seems to be an Idiot. Am I not allowed to call them out as that now?
  9. Wow. Owlstalk really seems to have changed in the last two years I've not really been online.
  10. Its been a long time! Ive been active in the MLB threads in Other Sports but not much else.
  11. 10 people, 3 quid a pint, times 10 pints. 300 quid! Times 300! Less: Bar Staff Wages Pension Contributions VAT Payments Commercial Rent Business Rates Insurance Expenses Stock Purchases Etc Etc You really do seem to be an idiot.
  12. Not true. The manager of the local Sunday League side is the Cousin of the U19's Coach at Leeds who was a Team-mate of the U19;s Coach at Wednesday so he is definitely in the know. Or some other bullshit that you want to say is more relevant.
  13. Land Registry Price Paid Data is public information. Its not private in any situation.
  14. My Source is two guys who play for the local Dog and Drake Pub in the local Sunday League and they say you are talking poo.
  15. £10k per night profit every weekend? Please back this up with actual real life figures and I will go out and buy a bar in Hillsborough tomorrow to secure my financial future.
  16. Wages. I agree that we have paid very good money for average players, but you cant ignore the astronomical wages we have paid for th last 4 years. It was a bad idea, but we did it.
  17. You have not demonstrated anything so far. Just hot air and crap.
  18. Do you have any evidence that Hillsorough Club makes £10k per weekend night? If so, share it. I'd be happy to invest in that with such a guaranteed return.
  19. £10k per night profit? You are deluded. Even if I agree to that ridiculous figure, say that a Bar makes £10k per night every Fri and Sat, thats £140k per year. If we accept Bannan is paid at least £1.04m per year, then quite frankly, the bar doesn't even contribute a fraction of our yearly wage bill on the footballing side. You really are a idealisic ******** with no idea of what Football Finances really entails.
  20. I can get behind the fact our club can be better run, but using a 9th Tier Club as any kind of comparison just makes you look an idiot. A bar and gym making profit being any kind of answer to our finances? If we have a fantastic Bar and Gym that are really well run and make £100K per year profit. That is a good profit for those kind of businesses. Thats great right?! Well, not really. If, for the sake of arguement, Barry Bannan has a basic wage of £20k per week. The wage alone (not counting signing fee, appearance bonus, goal bonus etc) we would have a yearly expenditure of £1.04m per year. In effect, the really cool and profitable Bar and Gym has paid for about 10% of Barry Bannans yearly basic wage. I hope this kind of perspective gives you an insight into how much of an idealastic, head in the clouds, simpleton you actually are.
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