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Community Answers

  1. I'm drafting 8th. Not happy, wanted 3rd or 4th.
  2. Hi everyone! Looking forward to baseball now the lockout seems to have been sorted. Just got to enjoy what we can until WW3 starts.
  3. If it does go all the way to the start of the season its doubly tough for those minor leaguers. They would have missed a lot of development time due to the covid stoppage, and then a lockout as well.
  4. Think those on the 40 mail roster but still minor leaguers would not be able to play if the lockout was still in place.
  5. Don't think the lockout will affect the regular season. I think it will be done in time for ST. Another shortened season would be a disaster after the covid season.
  6. A whole $15? That's one trip to Wendy's paid for!
  7. Also, Cleveland Guardians opening day payroll as of now: $43.2m Max Scherzers 2022 pay: $43.3m
  8. So, looks like a Lock Out. How long we think it will last?
  9. I'd downgrade every player except Luongo by at least 0.5 here. Windass and Berahino would be downgraded by 1.5 and 1 respectivley.
  10. I'd be very surprised if it was only two players. For sure, Bannan, Luongo, Windass and Iorfa will be on more than that. Would also assume we are paying that much of BPF's wages at least.
  11. Bannan is a fantastic player who needs great players around him. He needs players who are comfortble on the ball and move well to bring out the best in him. Today was a good example. We were good up to a point, but whenever a player received the ball we were static and not moving. Make a run into space and Bannan will fine you. Problem is that not all players around him can or will do that.
  12. If they stay fit...and arent sold in Jan. Lets face it, Luongo, Bannan and Windass are far too good for this league. We are going to get a lot of interest if these three carry on their form for the next 6 weeks.
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