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  1. The problem is not the cash / card issue - in reality it is the staff. The turn-over is huge. I use the same kiosk on the South, and the staff change week to week. There is no way we can change the staff on a fornightly basis and have properly trained staff that bascially rock up for the first time at 12.30, get minimal training and then have to cope with the Pre game and half time rush.
  2. Coaching the U18's? Can't seriously think he still has a playing career ahead of him?
  3. We only have Hutchinson, Bannan and Pelupessy Hutch is class but can't relied upon, Bannan seems to have become Danny Sonner-like in his quest for suspensions and Pelupessy is Crap. We 100% need more centre midfielders in - just not Lee Cattermole.
  4. A kid at the front of the South (late teens / early 20's) spat in the direction of a United player when he came to the front of the stand to get the ball for a throw-in. Scrubber.
  5. Can't believe this has not been posted yet:
  6. Which bookies? Defintely going to get on that.
  7. He always competes in the air and wins his "share" of headers - but last night he absolutely dominated their CB's. His % of aerial battles won must have been over 80%.
  8. Reach has been playing exclusively on the right.
  9. Main problem is no pace on the wings. With threat to go behind defenders, the oppo can push higher and defend higher up the field with no issues. Midfield then more congested with more players in less pitch space.
  10. Wasn't aware you are privy to conversations Rhodes has had or not had with the Norwich Manager.
  11. Still no idea what you mean, but if you think that we will have money to spend (without selling what major assests we have) then I would refer you to our recent transfer spending: £500k Loan Loan Undisclosed Loan Loan
  12. Not a clue what that means in this context.
  13. Erm, he has actually said in one of his interviews this week that he knew coming in there was no real money to spend, and that he was fine with that.
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