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  1. Last_Great_Hope


    1. Embargoes are not secret. They get announced by the EFL. 2. The reporting period is Dec to Dec. We passed the last reporting period and the next one is Dec 18. We do not have an embargo. It is likely we will get one Dec 18 if we don't get our house in order this transfer window.
  2. 100% going to put a decent bet on us to win Euro 2020. This team have a lot of room to grow.
  3. He's just jogging around now.
  4. Too much space on our left there. Alli off now.
  5. Alli starting to tire. Loftus-cheek on please.
  6. Conceding too much initiative to Croatia here.
  7. If either Kane or Lingard takes their chance, that would have been the perfect first half.
  8. Young looks reeeaaaalllly off the pace.
  9. If I'm Danny Rose watching Young underperform each game ahead of me I'd be very annoyed.
  10. Been said before, Kane one of the best at drawing fouls.