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  1. I'm sure that about 3/4 years ago when Wildsmith signed his 5 year contract Kivo (or some other Wednesday Youth Guru) stated that most of the Wednesday Youth Coaching rated Dawson above Wildsmith. At the time I was "yeah, whatever". Wildsmith had stepped into the No1 shoes easily. But turns out, he was right. Dawson has more than filled those shoes. He is a deserving Championship No1. Well done Cammy!
  2. Was his role to give the rest of the players more experience of playing with only 10 men on the pitch?
  3. Nah JJ was completley unpredictable. No one, JJ included, knew what was going to happen when he got the ball. Harris is dissapointingly predictable.
  4. Nuhiu for Rhodes at half time. Done nowt, may as well not be on the pitch.
  5. He is a failed winger playing at FB. He is very rarely in the right position!
  6. Did this wee pipe head BT Sports commentator actually read about the blackburn game, or did he just see the result?!
  7. Yeah, got some verbals when he sat down. Mowbray sent him to the Dressing Room to difuse the situation as the fans wouldn't stop!
  8. This would be my team. Not sure about Osaze as RB against Leeds away, but Iorfa and Borner is 100% our best CB pairing, and its not close. With those two in the squad Lees' days are numbered IMO.
  9. Quite impressed with both teams pens after our first one. All high quality that no goalie would have saved. Fine margins!
  10. Harsh? He has already given away 3 pens this year and been caught out with at least one huge mistake per game. He is basically an athlete who is a marginal football player. The right footed Jeremy Helan.
  11. I was enraged withh the ref! "No way he has he fouled him, he can't even tackle a hot dinner!" Then I saw the replay and saw he had gone all Vinny Jones on him. Has something or someone really pissed Adam off this week?
  12. I've long argued that every Prem contract should have at least 50% relegation wage cut and release clauses for low transfer fees. That would allow the paracghute payments to be either scrapped or massively reduced. But it wont happen as there are too many interests that would need to agree that won't.
  13. You sure about this? Commerical Leases are usually full repairing Leases (ie the Tenant is responsible for most of the repairs and maintenance, as well as insurance, public liability insurance etc). Have you seen a copy of the Lease to be able to say this?
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