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  1. Last_Great_Hope

    Team for Swansea

    Reach has been playing exclusively on the right.
  2. Main problem is no pace on the wings. With threat to go behind defenders, the oppo can push higher and defend higher up the field with no issues. Midfield then more congested with more players in less pitch space.
  3. Last_Great_Hope

    Rovrum v Owls IFollow?

    Fine via vpn for me.
  4. Last_Great_Hope


    Wasn't aware you are privy to conversations Rhodes has had or not had with the Norwich Manager.
  5. Last_Great_Hope

    Man of the match and scores

    Palmer just ahead of Hector for me.
  6. Last_Great_Hope


    Still no idea what you mean, but if you think that we will have money to spend (without selling what major assests we have) then I would refer you to our recent transfer spending: £500k Loan Loan Undisclosed Loan Loan
  7. Last_Great_Hope


    Not a clue what that means in this context.
  8. Last_Great_Hope


    Erm, he has actually said in one of his interviews this week that he knew coming in there was no real money to spend, and that he was fine with that.
  9. Last_Great_Hope

    Team for Saturday

    Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Nilsson Hirst Nilsson
  10. Last_Great_Hope

    Bruce's 11?

    Thats why Hutch is there.
  11. Last_Great_Hope

    Jordan Thornily

    MUCH better at passing the ball than Woody was tbf.
  12. Last_Great_Hope

    Jordan Thornily

    I can't remember him having a bad game so far. Not a bad start to his Career as this is all in the Championship.
  13. Last_Great_Hope

    BBC bias

  14. Last_Great_Hope

    BBC bias

    Until we are back in the Prem, we are irrelevant. Just need to accept it.
  15. Last_Great_Hope

    Our Penalty Decision

    Because we didn't contest it?