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  1. Yeah, its not a black and white issue tbf.
  2. Odubajo has looked great when recovering, he has the pace to do it. But that also means he was out of position / beaten in the first place.
  3. HA! Was literally about to post my Pen takers as well! For those people interested, it wouldd have been: Forestieri Bannan Thorniley Louongo Nuhiu
  4. Anyone else's iFollow have the commentary about 1-2 seconds ahead of the video. Quite annoying.
  5. Basic rule of retail - make it as simple as possible for people to spend their money. I get every one saying "buy in outside the ground" or whatever, but if there are people willing to pay money, least the club can do is make the process of fleecing the fans as quick as possible.
  6. Unlikely. Its all agency - changes week to week. No one is there more than two weeks. Would you want to go back to a job where you are getting min wage and have to serve angry football fans in a mass 20min rush? I sure as hell wouldn't
  7. Just how is that going to deal with the fact that the exit from the ground onto leppings land is so small that the away fans and homes "clash"?
  8. What would be worse: Not letting the start the season without the evidence they have the finances to complete the season Them starting and being liquidated during the Season and then have all the issues with how you work out the points removal from teams who have already played them etc.
  9. Well, yeah. If one gets injured we have another on the bench? Also Reach is playing mostly on the right so far this season.
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