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  1. Last_Great_Hope

    Kieran Lee - knee surgery

    @scram is probably the best placed to answer this.
  2. Last_Great_Hope

    Pudil receives national call

    He went off towards the end of the Norwich game due to injury. May not have been fully fit?
  3. Last_Great_Hope


    It's all about context. This Season United are in the ascendancy while we are waiting out FFP. In that context, we should be happy with the defensive performance a least, when we are away from home.
  4. fizz you Owlstalk. Great clean sheet.
  5. Last_Great_Hope

    Coaching staff....do we have any?

    Genuine question - do other Champ clubs have those specialist coaches you mention?
  6. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    If it was a private conversation take it to the PM's. Otherwise, its a public forum.
  7. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Maybe you should take your own advice?
  8. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Yep, remember that. He limped off (again) shortly after.
  9. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Say what?
  10. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    Erm... I think the embarog we received says otherwise? Short memory?
  11. Last_Great_Hope

    Luhukay's "Frozen Out" Group

    He really isn't. Neither are good enough.
  12. Last_Great_Hope

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    Whilst I broadly agree, with Lee done, Hutch never going to be picked and Jones not able to move more than 15 in any direction, who do we have that can come in to the team?
  13. Last_Great_Hope

    Tom Lees

    If we want to play a back 3 (which imo would also get the best out of Penney as WB not a FB) then our best option is Pudil Hector Hutch But we won't see that.
  14. Last_Great_Hope

    Villa want Bannan

    Based on what? After the parachute payments run out they are just as fizzed as we are.