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  1. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    I agree, but that does not change my opinion on the fact he can't pass a ball - I've always had that opinion, even though his overall performances have been good. A solid defending Tom Lees with bad passing - can be successful. An all-over the place Tom Lees with bad passing - cannot be successful. The unfortunate thing is that we are now seeing the Tom Lees that Leeds got rid of rather than the one from his first 3 season here.
  2. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    Aye, and he's looked like a fish out of water doing it for the last 3 years.
  3. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    Also, why can't we have Centre halves who can do both, at least good enough to compete in the Champ. Like someone mentioned above, Sheff Utd have got them, so they do exist.
  4. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    The evidence shows otherwise. Look at the second goal yesterday, ball at his feet, panicked (despite Palmer being wide open to his right) f'd up the back pass. Rinse repeat.
  5. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    Being brutally honest, if we are wanting to play out from the back we shouldn't really be playing Lees at all.
  6. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    If I was Hutch's manager, I would definitely give him a game in U23's, then hold him back and see how he copes in training, with hopefully no flair ups. Then put him back in, and monitor etc. Once he reaches a certain level of training / playing he can be considered for the first team again. No more letting him declare himself fit, throwing him back in and him getting injured again. Lets face it, his Knees are as fragile as biscuits and it maybe that he just cannot play at the Pro level anymore.
  7. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    Surely to "get rid" someone has to want to buy them? Westwood aside, there is no-one going to be wanting to take on their current contracts out of that lot...
  8. Last_Great_Hope

    Sam Hutchinson

    I'm not sure thats by our design. Oppo managers just need to scout 15 mins of any one of our game to see that Tom Lees is not comfortable on the ball and cannot pass. Just leave him free and force the other defenders / goalie to pass to him be closing him down and we become a much less effective team.
  9. Last_Great_Hope


    Ffs. If we are paying 10 quid for a stream, least we should expect is the commentary being in sync with the game.
  10. Last_Great_Hope

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Nuhiu was knackered. Yes not fit enough to play 90 mins like he needs to. Onomah got a whack above the eye and came off presumably under the concussion protocol.
  11. I think his ire was directed at Reach, Mattias and Joao rather then Pelupessy. Especially Reach, he may as well not have been on the pitch first half.
  12. Cost to SWFC not an issue. We only pay for Police that are on land we own or control on matchdays - outside that, we don't pay.
  13. Where are the "multitude" of secure car parks located?
  14. We only pay for Police stationed on land we own or control on Matchdays - not for all the Police on the streets around. Although Sheffield residents do pay for them via Council Tax!
  15. Last_Great_Hope

    Brentford £10 on ifollow

    Working on Firefox for me.