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  1. Pending Stadium Alteration?

    This makes sense. No status as Building Regs is not technically needing to be fully reported like Planning permission. Although, you dont generally apply for B Regs unless you are very near to building starting.
  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed, but found the below Building Regulations Application for Hillsborough. Anyone know anything more about it? Has it been mentioned at any of the steering meetings? Its the "new seating area" that intrigues me.
  3. Kieran Lee.

    still Injured / Match fit not the same thing. There are some saying he is won't be match fit / up to speed for a few more games, so drop him. Can't get "up to speed" without playing competitive games.
  4. Kieran Lee.

    A point that quite a few in this thread do not seem to grasp...
  5. Penny, Venancio, Stobbs, Hirst, Nuhiu

    Even Westwood?
  6. Season Ticket Renewal

    For me personally I shelled out when we were playing dross under Turner / Yorath etc etc and in League 1. Will probably still keep shelling out in the future.
  7. 68% possession

    Really depends how the stat " 68% possession" is defined tbh.
  8. 68% possession

    Technically the ball is only actually "in play" for about 65 mins each game so we had 44 ish mins of possession.
  9. Van Aken wont get used to the pace / physicality if the Championship if he is sat on the bench...
  10. Half hour from Bolton

    Which of these are you going to? http://www.visitbolton.com/whatson?jumpMenu=&displayfrom=07-10-2017&displayto=07-10-2017&from=10-07-2017&to=10-07-2017
  11. Priority Points. Becoming a closed shop.

    In all honesty, how many people are actually doing this? 10? 20? Out of allocations in the 1,000's it can't really be that much of an issue. In order to make it a "closed shop" as you say - multiple hundreds of people would need to be doing it.
  12. Priority Points. Becoming a closed shop.

    The club would need to put a system in place to do that. Not worth the time or outlay imo.
  13. Van aken

    Hopefully they will. Putting 2 players on a CB will give our FB or CM so much more space / time on the ball.
  14. That is the overall cost to the Police in dealing with Football Policing. No where in the article does it state that is the amount of over time that is paid to the individual policemen and women.
  15. They don't get paid overtime - they get time in lieu.