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  1. I'm sure he just meant 7 have left..............hard sometimes to translate from his own language.......nothing sinister
  2. 6th and 4th and 2 play-offs....pitiful. You must have been close to suicide with what went before he came.
  3. I was sat in the South stand,the night,it came over the tannoy for Terry Henfleet to report to the nearest steward. Half the stand erupted in laughter, while the ones who had no idea what it was, looked at us as though we were mad. Respect to whoever came up with it. Wasn't there also another one at the time called Thorpey, who went on to play for Real Madrid
  4. Gone back 10 years...'kin ell..do we have some reight fans or what. I'd pack in with football mate and concentrate on gravestone rubbing..that should be cheerful enough for you.
  5. Not too fussed tbh..not a big fan of his or that Harlee Dean. Prepared to trust CC and team with the 2 we have/are signing
  6. Get rid of him as well.......he's never in time with Hi Ho and it's bloody annoying......
  7. Absolutely love the bloke..but Kieran.....pull the trigger a bit more often...
  8. They had 74% possession on Satdi..and 34 shots at goal... doesn't look like they park the bus to me. Either way confident in our class to get the result we want.
  9. Is that referring to a cup win against us in the 1890s 'cos if it is there wasn't one as I can find. File alongside other things they started like the Boxing Day Massacre and Mind the Gap..........how did that turnout for them
  10. I don't want him out or CC...I hope they both stay for a long time. I will be happy when he has signed a new contract and it is all over but it is football, and this situation arises a lot. So he was knackered on SUNDAY (flip off waltham ) you would have thought the goal would have lifted him, but he looked like he had something on his mind. I hope it is not what a lot fear.
  11. He didn't look very happy Saturday...no trade mark Love Heart ..and no real excitement. He may be happy here, but it looked like someone had told him if they offer more you are gone. I hope we can keep him, DC and CC are making the right noises but don't they all do that.
  12. Loads of rumours surrounding FF...that's what you get with a footballer as good as him. Some say wages..some say Premier teams.........lets just put our faith in CC to steer us through . Mind I wish FF had done his usual heart with his hands after scoring Sunday.......my little'un was upset.. Wonder if there's owt in the fact he didn't do it
  13. Good day for Wednesday? Since then, apart from one season, it was a story of continuous decline. There seemed to be a lot of disruptive forces at work behind the scenes at S6, which Francis, IMO, was wrongly blamed for
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