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  1. The opposition is immaterial It was an excellent close range header with power and the save was reflex and brilliant
  2. If Randolph keeps saving attempts like the header then Westwood won't get another cap It was a phenomenal save
  3. Alternatively just ignore me and resist the temptation to do exactly what you accuse me of
  4. Where do you sit in Hillsborough ? I'd love to meet you then maybe instead of lying about what i say and besmirching my name and support you might actually see i'm just a decent gadgy who is none of the things you in particular accuse me of regularly
  5. I used the term Boo Boy as shorthand believing that people understand what that term means rather than say slagging someone off after a great win For the record i never heard anyone booing at the game
  6. And as an aside i couldn't care less about "getting you" i just don't like being slagged for something i didn't say
  7. I didn't ring up to praise Pelupessy yet again you prove you don't listen 3 Wednesdayites on the fone and texts after an excellent win in terrible conditions use the forum to slag a player who was ok and deputised ably IMO which is what i said he was If you think ok is praise then your definition is different to mine The point was, a point thats been made on here times many by others, that i cannot and never will understand why Wednesday, and it seems to me to be our fanbase in particular much more so than the other local sides, can't just celebrate a win there always needs to be a boo boy and as i said the usual goto Atty scored the next goto wasn't playing so thank the lord Joey was on the pitch we'll slag him off
  8. Well say that then instead of making stuff up that i didn't say I disagree as i said in my call he made one full blooded tackle at least that Hutch would have been proud of
  9. Fancy naming Hutch in the same sentence as the player who came on to replace him What a w anker am i
  10. ON SATURDAY 1 game He did ok which is exactly what i said Long term he isn't fit to lace Hutchs boots
  11. ? I never mentioned booing My point was after a great run of games and results we had 3 Owls in a row who just criticised a player rather than enjoy a fully deserved win I've seen Paul The Miller slagged on here for doing the self same thing
  12. Mick didn't say he was as good as Hutchinson so thats lie 1 I said he was an able deputy on saturday and ONLY Saturday But don't let facts get in the way of your prejudice Next time you pull off to listen try using your ears not your mouth
  13. We have been blessed with decent keepers but not one on your list will ever eclipse Martin Hodge for me Easily the best keeper in my time watching Wednesday Westwood is up there with the rest though
  14. I went for Iorfa as MotM because i pick Bazza most games and its becoming embarrassing
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