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  1. squonk

    German defender linked

    Well if int Paul Breitner or Der Kaiser i'm out
  2. Fletcher Brill Foxy Brill comfortable 1 zip Lets go forrit But all couched in much more eloquent prose obviously
  3. Micks call was fabulous inciteful verging on Hansenesque
  4. squonk


    Carabao Cup is the Football League jurisdiction no the FA
  5. squonk

    From a Wigan fans forum

    There wasn't a lot of intricate football on show yesterday but what there was came from us The snappy passing that left Fletch free to bear down on goal and score was an absolute delight for example
  6. squonk

    February Fixtures

    Ipswich ..............ye we have such a great record v Ipswich especially away Reading.............Should be the easiest Millwall..............They have been really unlucky last couple tough game imo Rotherham........Are pretty good at home especially against us Swansea ...........Fancy a win Brentford...........Have hit a fine vein of form Anyone who thinks that run of games is easy is a mentalist
  7. squonk

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    The Reach one was a great tackle had a perfect view of it from the north If tackles like that one are going to be called and pens given then we may as well give up on Football
  8. A fit Hooper and a fit Fletcher were head and shoulders our best pairing and IMO still would be but how fit can Hooper be after over a year out
  9. I thought Lee the Miller was banned
  10. Fancy Nuihu making Tom Lees almost score an own goal Winnall wouldnt have done that
  11. That Justin bloke looked handy at Hillsborough
  12. Adam Oxley doing commentary with Brian Laws on RS Im streaming from Radio Player
  13. Its on Radio Sheff ont internet
  14. squonk

    Team news

    Jesus nowt like backing the team ( and this thread is as nowt like backing the team as its possible to be )
  15. The Duckenfield and Mackrell trials start today fully expecting wheezy on over the next few days he'll be jizzing himself in anticipation of the prosecutions case Wonder if RS will afford him the platform