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  1. Thats not me I am squonk when using my laptop and Lawrie Madden when on the ipad
  2. I loev Tom Lees as a centre half but he's a terrible captain when he needs to be in the centre of things he too often leaves it to the likes of Bannan and Hutch Im fed up of seeing players come to Hillsborough and basically referee the game while Lees says nothing
  3. Don't agree Sometimes you can only play as well as the opposition allow that was the case today they totally overwhelmed us
  4. Bannan who was MotM both games v Villa this season ridiculous
  5. I wanna know how its going to be Foxs fault that they scored
  6. No i wont because that would be stupid But blaming Fox when he did his job is equally as stupid
  7. They will get increasingly desperate as the game goes on ........................... he says grasping at straws
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