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  1. Smells of Hull play off final. Been beaten by a bigger, more organised, more effective side.
  2. Hopefully just lacking match fitness!
  3. So now we know where the rumours about pay have come from🤣 its clearly just a problem with Hutchinsons and hes gone public with it to cause negativity
  4. I think he wants to stay and should be commended for commiting during these games rather than wait his contract out. We're clearly not paying him what he thinks he's worth. My big worry is it has taken him so long to change the fans views on him since being booed and has done well this season to change some fans minds, rejecting the contract has ruined all of that and fans are now back on his back.
  5. Wildsmith - 9, a number of top quality saves. Couldn't do much about the goal, few dodgy catches but very solid and pleased for the lad Palmer - 7, solid enough and did his job. Feel if he'd have tried to win that header after Wildsmith saved he might have done enough to stop the goal Borner - 8, solid. Iorfa - 8, solid. Few runs out of defence then flapped with the ball but did well. Harris - 7, ran jack hunt ragid in the first half and looked dangerous Luongo - 8, does the little things that allows Bannan to do his thing Lee - 7, same as luongo does his part. Would still like to see the old Lee late runs into the box Bannan - 8, absolutely ran the show for 60 minutes. So comfortable in possesion. Murphy - 8, looks alot more dangerous than Harris. Wouldve liked him to stay on instead of subbed. Seems to be getting more confident/comfortable in the side Wickham - 8, lead the line well. Doesnt get in the box enough for my liking! Always seems to sit on the edge and hold up play was a little weak at times but fantastic header. Rhodes - 7. Unlucky not to get a goal, hopefully it will come with a long run in the team. Fox - 7, did what he needed to do. I suspect his agent is telling him to wait as long as possible but clearly wants to sign IMO. De Cruz - 6, did very little really but fresh legs and happy to run with the ball to releave pressure. Nuhiu - 7, did his job well and kept the ball. Joey - 6, didnt seem to do much but worked hard. Wouldve preferred alex hunt/reach on but didnt do much wrong
  6. I think the Fox inclusion says a lot really. He clearly wants to stay and is happy to risk playing before his contract runs out unlike others which should mean a lot in the fans and monks eyes. The new contract is clearly a lot lower than he expected and is trying to hold firm
  7. Had my first and only ever migraine, don't remember getting home
  8. Dissapointed about Fletcher but at 33 and probably still expecting a fair bit of the 40k a week he's been paid I think it's a sensible decision. Fox is dependable but replaceable and I'm not sure why people expected him to do us a favour when our own fans booed him at one point🤣 FF can go for me, quality on his day but tantrums and injuries have meant few and far between, in our current predicament not worth the risk. Rest not arsed to even write about
  9. Has it actually started??? Surprised weve heard nothing
  10. Ive got £30 on at 40s with bet365. Have absolutely no problem betting against my own team, the sensible thing to do to soften the blow
  11. I didnt realise fletcher was 33, surely a 2 year deal would be a bad idea. A 1 year with an extension if he plays a set number of games.. and nowhere near the 40k salary he is currently on
  12. If all of this frozen out had never happened to Westwood and we'd got to the end of the season and he would've missed more games through ANOTHER injury.. i wonder how many would be calling for a fresh change in Dawson
  13. Our remaining fixtures are against ... 5th, 7th, 2nd, 11th, 6th, 13th, 18th, 3rd, 19th. It's safe to say if we do get a points deduction before end of the season we are absolutely stuffed. Time to see how much these players want it, no wins in that first 5 games could be bad enough alone if that negativity moves to the final 4 fixtures
  14. Anyone who would seriously turn down Mike Ashley needs to give their head a wobble. I'd give anything to be moaning about 12th in the prem, newcastle fans dont even know theyre born. Hate when they (and teams like arsenal) make out theyre so badly treated, compared to some clubs (blackpools, burys, wimbledon, macclesfield etc) theyre basically real madrid
  15. I wouldn't trust him with the total rebuild job that we have to do at the end of this season
  16. That midfield foundation is very good. They all add something, some astute signings (something wednesday don't do) and we look good there. Fox and fletcher (wage dependent) must be signed.
  17. Couldn't find a more appropriate section for this but I'm looking for a signed wednesday shirt ideally 11/12 or 15/16 squad but would have a look at any recent ones. If anyone has any for sale or knows of any let me know.
  18. Not being funny but if Ashley takes us over and gets us to the point hes got newcastle I'd be buzzing. Newcastle fans typical prem clubs who don't realise how good theyve got it and complain at a 14th place prem finish and a 40 mil striker. If there is one thing Ashley is its a businessman and he would do everything he could to get us to the prem and make us more attractive for a potential buyer
  19. Specific to the group of wednesday players, I don't trust them to keep their level of fitness up over quarantine. I reckon they'll all turn up fat as fizz, and cant see them being motivated to finish the season. We'd also probably be the only team in the country who would benefit from not having toxic home fans there
  20. Ive got 35 quid on at 40s. It is literally a bet on whether we get a points deduction or not, if we get it we're down. If we don't we'll be safe, just
  21. I heard a rumour hutchinson grabbed Monk by the throat Also that Westwood isn't well liked by the squad, he went on his stag do to albufeira recently and only took pellupessy of all people
  22. If any of our players are signed on new contracts on more than 15k we seriously need to give our head a wobble. Our wage bill is astronomical and it needs sorting ASAP. Wage structure needs sorting out
  23. With the opportunity to have a full clear out in the summer i just hope whoever it is is short term and then get a quality manager when one inevitably becomes available near the summer
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