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  1. How did he do? An earlier sub next sat, maybe half time and see how he gets on
  2. If we can loan him - great If we can sell him - even bettwr If we have to keep him - I trust bruce to be able to get the best out of him. If he cant then we really have been sold a dud
  3. And hes also one of the only players in years who we made profit on as far as I believe?!
  4. After being out for so long and this being the biggest club he could play at in his current situation I'd suspect he'd accept anything. The best possible option for both parties is a cheap 1 year deal so he can prove his fitness with a clause that increases wage and length if he completes a certain number of appearances
  5. I love him. Says the right things, has completely transformed our playing style and fan morale and for the first time since Stuart Gray we have a manager I actually trust in the transfer market!
  6. Keep him as far away from Ben Pearson as possible. I don't see any harm in giving him the 2 final games, a proper pre season and playing the pre season games then the contract offer can be discussed if he gets through it
  7. Hopefully Bullen brings an autobiography out and tells us everything, I'd love to know his real views on the Jos era
  8. I wonder how many times Robertson is gonna get mentioned between now and the start of the next season. SWFC linked with (insert player name) Owlstalk: trust bruce he signed Robertson *repeat for every rumour*
  9. Hopefully Bruce can get a similar deal to big Dom. I'd be worried if we're paying a fee and hes on 10k like some suggest. I like him as a player but I don't particularly rate his end product, he had a number of opportunities to cross on Saturday but messed up pretty much all of them
  10. If you watch him he doesn't look a great player and can be so frustrating and very soft. But his stats over the last 2 seasons are very good and he practically saved us last season when the whole squad was injured. As good a player as he is, in our financial situation and with him being somewhat replaceable and our most valuable asset he simply must be sold. He isn't worth the 12 mil brandished around, and if someone is willing to pay that then we need to drive him there
  11. Distinctly average, would rather save the wages. Came on a big fee so can't imagine his wages are cheap
  12. Let all the released go apart from Westwood, Palmer and hooper Try and move on 1 of winnall, nuhiu, rhodes Sell 1 of reach/joao to pay off FFP (or both to give brucey a proper kitty) Any extra money give to Bruce to buy 2 x LBs, Hector, an attacking centre mid (freeman from QPR?), a defensive/unit of a cm, a lot of wingers and someone fast up top Simples
  13. There isn't a player in the squad who I'd be absolutely gutted to lose if i'm honest, other than maybe Westwood. Everyone is replaceable and as long as got the right money for them I completely trust Bruce to spend it wisely (for the first time in years at swfc). If we get an 8m+ bid for reach absolutely snatch their hand off. We could sort our money woes and give bruce 3 mil in that sell alone
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