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  1. The reason I don't want Shaw in the team is because every time I see him play remotely well it just annoys me more
  2. The absolute best thing about a worldwide pandemic is that I don't have to go and watch this spineless lot
  3. Penney and Borner off. Uhorogide at LB, Hutch into CB, Bannan into deeper midfield, Brown behind strikers
  4. I would genuinly be terrified for the future of the club if we went down
  5. On paper, George Boyd was an improvement on RW when we signed him. He'd just played a full season of premier league football before we got him and then typical wednesday he was absolutely useless...
  6. Great news and a reasonable size contract to suit both parties. Glad its not a 4 year etc and weve learnt our lesson from previous players. However this is also completely dispells the rumours about Shaw and the fact we didn't give him a competive offer as if we've got enough to sign Bannan/Hutch, we've got enough to sign Shaw
  7. Keeping every finger crossed that birmingham don't sack their manager before Saturday
  8. Said it in the other thread. Absolutely not having it, hes no wednesday fan in my eyes. Celtics 'european games' are getting battered every game, won't be on much more than he would be here. Get him out the squad, not bothered
  9. I'm not having it at all I'm sorry. You cannot be a wednesday fan and choose to play for Celtic instead of Wednesday. If we were some tiny club and he was going to 3/4x his new deal with us then I'd understand. But they can't be offering much more than us and hes got a much better chance of playing in the prem still playing for us. And the 'european games' that Celtic play? Getting battered every season, sounds great...
  10. Anyone accessed it through sky go on a console? Struggling to find it
  11. In Shaw's case I really struggle to see how any wednesday fan can turn a contract down (which will still be very reasonable and still playing at a very competitive league -its not like we're none league). I'll be gutted if he goes but if he does he's clearly no wednesday fan IMO
  12. Maybe we forced a frozen pitch cause we didnt want the home form run to end playing swansea #conspiracy
  13. Saw this post the other day about a rumour that Erik had teamed up with Matt Southal (the bloke who ran charlton into the ground) to buy Derby, thought nothing of it till today. Maybe they've turned their attention to wednesday and if thats true the grass is definitely not greener.
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