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  1. Cant blame moore for our players bottling it and missing sitters. 7th in the league deserves more time IMO
  2. I'm going negative as every thing from then on is a positive (and I also don't want to look a complete idiot at the end of the season when I say we'll go unbeaten and end up finishing 14th... So I think we'll lose 44 games this season.
  3. Bannan defo gone. Probably why we're signing him for free as they will just take it off the price they pay for Bannan
  4. You'd be happy to let one of our only strikers go??? Say what you want about Paterson but he'll get you 10 goals next season and im sure every single one of them will deflect of 4 players and go in off his left nut. Right place right time type striker
  5. In our current predicament we can't turn our nose up at Connor Wickham. We could do far far worse on a short term deal to test his fitness
  6. In league one you have every chance of finishing top 6 area with a 20 goal a season striker. Theres been some serious crap in and around there in previous seasons all because they've got a player who can score
  7. Is he off? Surely not another wage problem??? He's without a doubt the best striker at the club and hes our only chance of getting near top 6 but we've got no chance of keeping hold with this shitshow
  8. Wish we could go back and not do it. Chansiri could very easily hokd it against us now like cov
  9. I refuse to believe that shaw number is correct. We will have offered more than that
  10. But did absolutely nothing to contribute to that
  11. Most creative player in league one yet got 0 assists and 0 big chances created in 20 appearances???
  12. Joey, uroghide, hunt, hutchinson (for CB) would be who I'd keep. I'd have kept Lees before this recent injury but can't afford passengers next year
  13. I can take a draw/loss to derby as it will just highlight the fact we simply aren't good enough. However a wednesday win and we end up down cause Rotherham win would be a massive kick in the nads so i've backed the wednesday/rotherham double at 9/1
  14. That play off semis against brighton weren't bad. Arsenal at home
  15. Would be an excellent player for us in league one. But he will certainly move on, half the teams in the champ would fancy him
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