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  1. I can't be the only one who thinks Monk isnt bad appointment. He was certainly in my 'Id be happy with' category and a lot better than most. Absolute dream land if you think we'd pay compo for a guy in work when we're skint and under investigation. Monk is a safe, good yet slightly boring option
  2. Garry Monk the next to be put odds on by Sky. I'd take him personally
  3. If they do come they need to be given 3 years and they wont get the time needed. If i was them I wouldnt leave, id wait for a more stable job and they shouldve took west brom if theyre considering us
  4. Sky have genuinly seen how much money stupid wednesday fans have spent on the betting market (including me with 10 on megson at 30s) and chucked a name in the hat so we chuck more money at it. Seems to be no other reference other than daily mail and sky which could have got it from daily mail
  5. I think its bullpoo personally. Despite us being a much bigger club and doing better in the league I can't see why they'd turn Hudds town for us. They are much better prepared and equipped to take on the champ, sort out the free fall and they'd have cash to throw at it
  6. Every manager will split the fan base IMO. There is no candidate that everyone would be happy with other than the Cowleys but i'm not convinced as a fan base we'd give them enough time to build what they want to. I'd be happy with Cowleys, Rowett (theyre poor form this season shows what a shitshow club they are), Alex Niel. The rest are all very meh
  7. Id much rather them than a lot of the sky bet list. However they wouldnt be given the time here needed to build their philosphy
  8. 2-4 wrexham about 2007 maybe. Brunt and Whelan playing and it was awful
  9. The way he reacts after that goal is absolutely shocking
  10. Why on earth is FF still not involved. Something must be happening here, I can understand the wingers are working (kind of) in league games and hes never gonna get infront of Harris but surely this game is perfect for him
  11. The problem now is we don't own the ground. So he could hold us to ransom over that
  12. Does his job very well defensively. He's limited offensively and gets stick when he tries something attacking and it doesnt pay off but thats not why hes in the team. The job he is in the team for he does well. After getting booed I'd full understand if he forces the move and I'd wish him all the best
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