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  1. Lets have it then. Dawson (id be tempted by Wildsmith tho, obvs Westwood but its not gonna happen) Penney Lees Thorniley Palmer Preston Bannan Pellupessy Reach Joao Fletcher Happy to switch to a 4231 with Joao through the centre though. I think packing the midfield against Villa is vital
  2. S26 Owl

    A dose of reality

    I think people need to be far more realistic anyway. We won the 3 on the bounce but we did play 3 of the 4/5 worst teams in the division. We're a very mid table team that will get a few wins but mostly lose/draw games and finish around 16th this season, anyone thinking anything else (especially top half) is fairly delusional. This is a transition year where we finally get rid of the dead wood and regroup, whether Jos is the man to do that I'm not sure but hes not doing a bad job with the squad we have. The only worrying thing is the last two games are our 'easy ones' in our next 6/7 fixtures and we only got one point. Will be very different mid October when we've not won another point
  3. S26 Owl

    Matt Penney

    Happy enough with his defending to say hes new to it all. However to say he used to be a left winger and has a brill delivery/set pieces, he doesnt really show it! I wanna see more taking players on and putting a ball in the box. Too many times did he cut back in and give the ball to Bannan. That run in the 2nd half was rolling back to the glory days of JJ and good ol' ettiene esajas! Id also like to see him on a few free kicks (although bannan scoring that beauty yesterday might squash them ideas!!)
  4. S26 Owl

    Having Slept on it...

    He is a completely different player when we don't have the ball. I'm not the biggest pellupessy fan but he works hard when we do or dont have the ball. Reach stands around and watches the other players pressure and run around, then runs constantly when we have the ball without doing a great deal. Plus he bottles every tackle hes ever done, there was one in particular in the 1st half that was embarassing. Hopefully this Onomah can come into CM and replace reach and allow us to use him further up field on the side of a 3 and rotate him with Matias/joao. I REALLY wasnt a fan of him when he first came here, thought we'd managed to buy a winger who can't cross/take a player on but last year completely changed my opinion so hopefully he gets back to where he was
  5. S26 Owl

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    Dawson 6 - few good saves but there were times where he took too long distributing. Needs to command his box better. Palmer 6 - nothing spectacular Lees 5 - got better as the game went on. Poor for both their goals, got dragged towards the ball which left space for their attackers Thorniley 7 - solid. Caught out with Lees for the goals but think it was Lees fault Penney 7 - before the last 10 mins he was a 6. To say he used to be a winger and has a great delivery id like to see him take a man on and cross more. That run and shot was fantastic Reach 4 - worst player on the pitch today. Works hard when we have the ball but barely moves when we dont, which is surprising as he was everywhere last year. Joey 5 - nothing spectacular but works hard and had alot of the ball today and seemed comfy with it Bannan 9 - fantastic. Still needs to stop picking the ball up at CB so much, but suppose it did get us the 1st goal Matias 6/7 - normally a big critic but worked hard today. Still dont think he creates anything and is abit soft. Fletecher 6 - nothing happened for him really. Desperately needs a goal, great play for our 1st Joao 6 - some lovely close control and touches but did nothing and still plays in custard at times
  6. S26 Owl

    Team for Stoke

    Dawson Palmer Lees Thorniley Penney Pelupessy Bannan João Onomah Reach Fletcher
  7. 8 points is our maximum I reckon
  8. S26 Owl

    Shape of the midfield

    I much prefer us with 5 in the middle. 451 or a 4321 formation. 433 is great when attacking but leaves us too open in midfield
  9. S26 Owl

    Team for Reading

    Few changes but this is what I’d go with
  10. S26 Owl

    Feel good factor returning!!!

    3 points tomorrow are an absolute must. We play pretty much all of the strongest teams in the division in our next 8 games so the feel good factor could be smashed to bits by November unfortunately. However, at the minute. Yeah it’s good
  11. S26 Owl

    So Westwood didnt move ....

    Think Jos has made the correct decision with Westwood tbf. I don’t see the need to play him all season when he’ll definitely be moving on in the summer. Would much rather blood Dawson and wild smith who are both good enough. I agree overall Westwood is the better keeper but both young lads haven’t done anything wrong to warrant dropping and they are the future like Jos said. I don’t believe any of the rumours about Westwood being a bit of a big time Charlie and I’ve also heard he bullies wildsmith and Dawson but highly doubt that as well, it’s a big shame as he’s been a absolutely fantastic for us barring a few wee wee tail ups lAst year where he dropped us a few points but he’s also won us countless. As as much as I agree with Jos he should have done everything in his power to get rid during this window. As now he’s just hanging around on a lot of money and fans will always question whether he should be in the team, especially if one of the young lads makes a mistake, and that attitude isn’t what we need.
  12. Defo 0 in. Hector wasn't in the stands for the wolves games,he was at home watching West Ham with his son as he put on instagram. I fully back Jos and his idea to let dawson/wildsmith play instead of Westwood. However his biggest issue is hes still here, if he'd got rid of him it wouldnt have been an issue as hes hanging around like a bad smell. Id like a few kids out on loan
  13. S26 Owl

    The Club's Strategy

    Im sure I read somewhere we have to make profit to avoid ffp. Our wage bill is already unsustainable, losing these players will only bring us further out the minus' than make us money. Hopefully its sorts us out but I can't see us holding onto FF as I feel DC will give it a final crack this season then sell him for the financial benefit.
  14. S26 Owl

    The Club's Strategy

    We certainly will not be spending money next year. We are probably even more up creek without a paddle as we wont have the smaller loss from 3 years to somewhat balance the books. The previous 2 seasons have both given us losses of something like 35m combined. We need to either go up this season or we'll be selling FF, Rhodes, Bannan,Joao and whoever else is still under contract to balance the books next summer before FFP kill us off.
  15. See what Hooper and Lee are like when they come back. Give them a year extension if they can compete. We're freeing some serious deadwood at the end of this year, anyone got a list of name who are out? I know its been mentioned on here before