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  1. People moaning about the boring football need to realise that Pulis is doing exactly what he needed to come in and do. A bore draw against a stoke team that has scored 11 goals in their last 4 games on paper is actually a very good result. A bore draw against a swansea side in the play offs who have lost 1 in their last 7 is on paper a very good result. And by all accounts wouldve been another draw against preston but for a mistake. It doesn't matter how good a team you are if you concede more goals than you score then you are in trouble and w
  2. Were you on holiday for the entire 2010/11 season??
  3. DC knows that we are absolutely done financially if we go down. Makes perfect sense to get an experienced head in
  4. Hate the wilder comparison. Sheff U were in a no lose situation when they picked Wilder. They were awful the year before and were always going to be good enough to stay up even with no manager! They were able to take a chance on Wilder and it worked. We aren't able to gamble here unfortunately. If we go down we more than likely go into admin and it makes complete sense to get an experienced head in to steady the ship, rubbish football or not
  5. Bannan is a completely different player now to when he was at Palace under Pulis. I really think he'll love playing that deep lying role pinging is hollywood passes all day. The massive, massive problem is we don't have a forward who we can lump it to
  6. Milwall have the most clean sheets in 2020 so hardly a bad point. Stats suggest against a less organised team we win today. Need to look at the bigger picture and see it as a good point
  7. Next two are absolute must wins. Can't believe we're saying that in October
  8. Always been a player but lacked the desire and fitness and his time was up here. When we needed money he was our most sellable asset and sounds like we got a great deal
  9. He's unfollowed him now, show over
  10. Going from zohore to patterson is a big dissapointment. Nuhiu was involved nearly double the goals Patterson was in a top 6 team
  11. Not ITK but from what I've been told Hutch grapped Monk by the throat in a bust up at Christmas over not playing. Says a lot about whether we should've kept him if his best option was Cyprus...
  12. Staggers me that the bookies think we are only 10/1 to finish top 6. Top 6 last season finished on 60 points, so we'd need 72 (WBA last season) to finish top 6 with the deduction. One of the worst prices ive ever seen
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