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  1. S26 Owl

    Forestieri Red Card

    We dont need strikers for the blades game anyway. Stick 10 men behind the ball and hope its no more than 2-0
  2. Away from home I am not surprised in the slightest hes gone Boyd over Aarons. We need work horses and legs today and thats more Boyd
  3. S26 Owl


    I think Bannan does more harm than good for the team atm. If he plays in a 2 with hutch it leaves us with almost no attacking threat from midfield as he is as much a CENTRE midfielder as he could be. He works best in a 3 with someone like Hutch and Lee () pushing forward. He doesn't effect games enough imo.
  4. S26 Owl

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Id love bruce to stick two fingers up at some of the players and start Winnall and the two newcastle lads up top on Saturday
  5. Id start two upfront (fletcher + joao/winnall) Reach one side, FF left side and we win more games than we lose
  6. S26 Owl


    Not difficult today. They were dreadful and wouldnt have scored if we'd played for a week
  7. S26 Owl


    Needs a partner next to him like winnall. He constantly drops deep into a centre forward position,plays a great ball to the wide man but then that leaves us noone in the box
  8. S26 Owl

    Play-off push

    Id be more than happy with a solid end to the season, give bruce a good look at the squad and a positive 10th ish place finish. Playoffs would take a miracle,however those 4 points dropped over christmas wouldve put us well within a shout
  9. S26 Owl

    Starting 11 v Reading

    I'd like 442 personally but I know bruce wants FF in the no 10. Westy Fox Hector Lees Palmer FF Bannan Hutch Reach Joao Fletcher Fletcher needs a partner because he drops so deep and then plays it out wide and leaves us with noone in the box
  10. S26 Owl


    9m + and id drive him there personally. Take his wonder goals out and hes average
  11. S26 Owl


    Its a joke mate dont worry
  12. The base of a very good squad if added to properly. Get reach off the books, use the money to sort FFP out. Any extra give to bruce to work some magic, some quality loans with the wages we're saving and a few frees and we can rebuild. Aim for a top 10 season next year and build again
  13. S26 Owl

    Well done Nuhiu

    4) that leeds goal
  14. S26 Owl

    Well done Nuhiu

    I can never hate Nuhiu no matter how bad he plays for 3 reasons 1) that norwich goal 2) that man city away goal 3) the fact that without him last season we'd have probably gone down
  15. S26 Owl

    Chelsea Away

    I think itll sell out. What stage of tickets do you think itll get too? Ive got a few non season ticket mates who fancy it