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  1. Yes. Hes a business man and he knows that he'd make huge profits if he sold us as a prem team so would do all he could to get us there IMO. The issues with Ashley come when we'd get up to the prem but I'd happily take there, newcastle fans didn't realise how lucky they had it
  2. 442 for me Dawson/stocks Hunt Iorfa Ihek Palmer (New LB ideally) Wilks Bannan Vaulks Windass Gregory Smith Need a LB, cover at CB and another winger/forward for cover
  3. Great signing. Whether he comes in as number 1 or in as Dawsons back up which is possible given his age but happy either way. A solid, experienced professional
  4. Agreed to stay now and not being a silly testicles on social media anymore so we need to get behind him now. Hes up there with the best forwards in league one and could easily score us 20+ next season
  5. If we've turned the offer down then two things need to happen. 1) fans have to get behind Windass now and support him to get us up next season and 2) Josh needs to stop winding the fans up on twitter with crpyic tweets and button pushing
  6. Never unfortunately. The gap between the champ and the premiership (including the parachute payment clubs) is way to big. The only teams that go up now are parachute payments or have to get extremely lucky with either an insanely good manager (Cooper/Wilder) or fall lucky with loans/academy players. All i want is one season up there for me and my old man to watch at hillsborough
  7. Clearly wants to go. I'd much rather he stay as think hes one of the most dangerous attackers in league one but if he wants to go can't argue with the money offered
  8. The annoying thing about the short memories tweet is he'll know full well the impact that tweet is going to have on the fan base and its just going to cause more talk and more unrest
  9. I'll be watching, i love the drama of the play offs. In two minds with who I'd rather go up. Sunderland pose the biggest threat next season and it would be far easier without them. Whereas I'd like Wycombe to do it just to stick it up sunderland!
  10. Windass for berahino at half time. Get in behind them and run some channels. Not the game to have a luxury striker up top like saido, can only get away with that when we dominate possesion
  11. Its certainly not Moore's fault that Bannans injury happened. Neither is it Bannans, you can get injured at any point of your life. Did bannan increase the risk of injury? Yes Should moore have subbed him at 3-1 to reduce risk for our most infulential player? Yes Simple really, fingers crossed its cramp. Hopefully as physios were stretching it on the pitch it isnt a hammy pull cause surely they wouldnt do it??
  12. Hopefully nothing too seriously. Physio was stretching his hamstring on the pitch, surely if he'd pulled it last thing they'd want to do is stretch it more?
  13. Always surprises we never had a popular song to here we go, here we go, here we gooo but with berahino in. Similar to the saka and emile smith rowe one at arsenal. Ive heard us sing it before but never got off
  14. I'd want to avoid wycombe. The type of team we lose to in this division. Plymouth look most likely to drop out now
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