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  1. I refuse to believe that shaw number is correct. We will have offered more than that
  2. But did absolutely nothing to contribute to that
  3. Most creative player in league one yet got 0 assists and 0 big chances created in 20 appearances???
  4. Joey, uroghide, hunt, hutchinson (for CB) would be who I'd keep. I'd have kept Lees before this recent injury but can't afford passengers next year
  5. I can take a draw/loss to derby as it will just highlight the fact we simply aren't good enough. However a wednesday win and we end up down cause Rotherham win would be a massive kick in the nads so i've backed the wednesday/rotherham double at 9/1
  6. That play off semis against brighton weren't bad. Arsenal at home
  7. Would be an excellent player for us in league one. But he will certainly move on, half the teams in the champ would fancy him
  8. Boring fact of the day. Once saw Daniel Pudil in nursery tav on eccy road hammering the beer mid season (think he was injured)
  9. The reason I don't want Shaw in the team is because every time I see him play remotely well it just annoys me more
  10. The absolute best thing about a worldwide pandemic is that I don't have to go and watch this spineless lot
  11. Penney and Borner off. Uhorogide at LB, Hutch into CB, Bannan into deeper midfield, Brown behind strikers
  12. On paper, George Boyd was an improvement on RW when we signed him. He'd just played a full season of premier league football before we got him and then typical wednesday he was absolutely useless...
  13. Great news and a reasonable size contract to suit both parties. Glad its not a 4 year etc and weve learnt our lesson from previous players. However this is also completely dispells the rumours about Shaw and the fact we didn't give him a competive offer as if we've got enough to sign Bannan/Hutch, we've got enough to sign Shaw
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