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  1. Monk has almost always played with a big lad up front. Look at all his previous clubs. Gomis at swansea, wood at leeds, ashley fletcher at boro, jutkewicz at brum
  2. Jordan Hugill would be a perfect replacement for fletch when he finishes
  3. Something he needs to do ALOT more
  4. Westwood Fox Iorfa Borner Palmer FF Hutch Luongo Bannan Harris Fletcher PLEASEEEEE no FF two up top with fletch, forrestieri is sooo much better out wide whether its a 5 or 3 than through the middle or in the hole
  5. FF wouldve been a much better sub
  6. Never seen so many wasted throw ins than today. Literally no movement at all. Not saying spend ages on them on the training ground but its such a waste of possession giving it them back everytime we get a throw in
  7. We somehow have managed to get an on loan £10m winger who can't pass, dribble, take a player on or cross? Ive also never seen a player make so many 'i'm pretending I want the ball but actually I dont want the ball' runs as him. Give me Rolando and his dodgy knee anyday
  8. I always leave early, cant remember the last time I saw the final whistle (incidently one of the only times I have was the comeback against Rotherham!). My dad isn't the most mobile so helps to leave early and in about 15 years I've only missed a handful of goals scored, definetly missed more goals against us! Bit of a blessing really
  9. Westwood 5 - at fault for their goal. Didnt do much else really Obubajo 6 - its a good job hes fast. Once lees is back get big Dom there Iorfa 7 - not as rash as previous performances and his pace is a real asset Borner 8 - so calm and collected all game. Both CBs did a job on mitro Palmer 6 - not as attacking as usual but when up against someone like Knockheart understandable to stat defensive Hutchinson 7 - best CM today. Protected and worked hard Bannan 6 - did alright. Can see why he picks the ball up so deep, a number of times he pushed on and they didnt have a clue what to do Lee 6 - quiet, a few good runs Harris 7 - works so hard and absolutely lightning. Great asset Reach 6 - not involved a great deal Fletcher 7 - was getting sick of lack of support. Hard work throughout Subs Murphy 5 - not sure on him. Never seems to actually want the ball just quietly asks for it hoping they dont give it him. Couldve worked alot harder considering he only played a part. One moment where fletch won the ball and he just jogged up to support. Winnall 6 - put himself about well Nuhiu 8 - does a job so so well Overall we had the better chances (especially in 1st half) and they showed very little quality. They had loads of the ball but didnt do much. Be interested to see us start with 2 up top in a game. Imagine a Nuhiu/Fletch battering ram front two haha
  10. I can't be the only one who thinks Monk isnt bad appointment. He was certainly in my 'Id be happy with' category and a lot better than most. Absolute dream land if you think we'd pay compo for a guy in work when we're skint and under investigation. Monk is a safe, good yet slightly boring option
  11. Garry Monk the next to be put odds on by Sky. I'd take him personally
  12. If they do come they need to be given 3 years and they wont get the time needed. If i was them I wouldnt leave, id wait for a more stable job and they shouldve took west brom if theyre considering us
  13. Sky have genuinly seen how much money stupid wednesday fans have spent on the betting market (including me with 10 on megson at 30s) and chucked a name in the hat so we chuck more money at it. Seems to be no other reference other than daily mail and sky which could have got it from daily mail
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