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  1. S26 Owl

    Under 18’s

    Hammoud looks a good prospect. Hope he gets tested in the 23s soon but its a big step up
  2. S26 Owl

    Under 18’s

    The team/fans/management at the minute are far too toxic to be introducing under 18s All that matters is they keep developing and we get the good ones signed on deals
  3. How anyone can be positive is beyond me. If they get an early goal its game over and Clarke will have a blinder like he always does against ex teams.. 4-1 pigs
  4. S26 Owl

    Team For Friday

    Westwood Palmer - Baker - Thorniley - Hector- Hutchinson - Lees - Fox - Penney Bannan Fletcher Predicted score :3-0 united
  5. I'd rather get rid of Bullen personally. Give him an academy coaching role, we need a fresh start and Bullen isn't exactly helping much with the defensive side of things either
  6. S26 Owl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Hes just gone to ipswich pal
  7. S26 Owl

    Wednesday -V-Norwich OMDT

    Any score that involves a cleansheet for us. Id be chuffed with a 0-0
  8. S26 Owl


    -------------Dawson-------------- Palmer-Lees-Thorniley-Penney ---------------Hector------------ --Onomah-Bannan-Reach-- -------Joao-----Fletcher------- As much as I don't want to start Joao we have no other choice unless we risk someone like borukov etc Such a shame cause just imagine how many minutes George Hirst wouldve got this season. Hes dropped a real clanger there
  9. S26 Owl

    Penney Signs New Deal

    Ties him down until we know whats happening with finances. Means we either 1) get a fee for him or 2) can extend it when we know whats going on. We have a lot of players on contracts that are too long and risked on players who are either not good enough or injured. We don't actually know how Penney's career will end up considering 6 months ago he wasn't even in the picture. Wise decision by katrien and co and will keep him focused on the performances rather than sitting on his arse collecting his cash
  10. S26 Owl

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    23 teams, 46 games in a season. 46 x 3 = 138 So 3 seasons, Or it could be from whenever he signed his previous deal etc
  11. S26 Owl

    Has Jos lied to us about Westy

    Ive heard hes one appearance away from an extension apparently
  12. Hes just catastrophically failed at Ipswich. Far too bigger risk
  13. S26 Owl

    Jos you've failed.

    He was brought in to stop the sinking ship last season and hes done that. Too many fickle fans on here that need to open there eyes and see we arent very good and are about where we should be in the league. We're in a run of fixtures that pretty much see's us face either the top 6 or the in form teams in the division.
  14. S26 Owl

    We need to forget the Chairmans plan

    We won't need to sell all 4. FF, Reach or Rhodes would suffice as we are saving millions in wages at the end of the season
  15. S26 Owl

    Derby day coming

    We’re gonna get spanked and it has a big chance of being worse than last year unfortunately. The way they play screams field day against our leaky, unorganised defence and midfield who let so many midfield runners through