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  1. Given the list of potential managers list is depressing, frightening and not great to look at. Is it not a viable option to give it Bullen for a short term appointment (Christmas?) Then reassess once we know how we're going on and what new managers become available? Other than Hughton, VBH, monk, karanka and paul cook I'd much rather give it Lee on a temp basis than any of the other names on the list. They all scream fan upset, poor results and sacked by christmas anyway
  2. Looking at the list there are only a few that are absolutely dreadful and bring nothing to the table. Unfortunately for us two of the short favourites since Bruce left are definitely in that category in Zola and Coleman are two of them. Either would be an awful, uninspiring, stupid appointment with a poor track record and coming off the back of a failure in their last managerial post
  3. GVB, Monk, Arteta, Karanka, Cook would be the only ones I'd be alright with. And even some of them are meh
  4. Gonna get slated for this but I'd take him back with his tail between his legs apologising than get some of the managers we're linked with. I don't blame him in the slightest for moving, I'd have done exactly the same for a pay rise, prem football and a boyhood club. He just went about it very badly but that can be forgiven
  5. Id prefer him over alot of the guys on the sky bet list
  6. Bar about 5 of them, the list is absolutely terrifying
  7. Please please please not Zola. Failed almost everywhere he's been other than 1 or 2 seasons
  8. They won't come. Loyal enough to have another promotion on their belt with the team that made them. They will have been offered WBA and turned it down. Simply has to be Hughton
  9. I think the biggest factor in us not signing hector is location. If a london/southern club come in he goes there. Biggest worry is fulham imo
  10. Not been to a preseason game for a while but like the look of Lincoln on the Saturday. For those that go pre season regularly is it likely to sell out? I'm a ST holder so hopefully it gets down to me
  11. Bruce had plenty of opportunities to look at him and decide if he wanted him at the end of the season. If he decided he wasnt what we needed then I trust him. However I'd have kept him for a year but I suspect he wanted a longer deal
  12. Its a ploy by Wilder to get a new contract and to sort the boardroom stuff out
  13. Seemed to be a little bit out of favour a few weeks before the play offs but has finished the season as a start definitely
  14. Westwood signs Hector, Odubajo, hourihane, Borner and Bidwell. A LB, LW and RW on loan and we'd be in a good position
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