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  1. With the opportunity to have a full clear out in the summer i just hope whoever it is is short term and then get a quality manager when one inevitably becomes available near the summer
  2. As much as I dont want it to happen and think we need a complete fresh start, the available managers list is grim (even worse than before Monk!!). Think it needs to be Bullen to the end of the season and go from there with all the contracts expired
  3. Not a lot he can do when our defence make 2 massive mistakes per game
  4. Not having anyone criticise monk tbf. Squad is awful and hes working wonders to make us even close to top 6.
  5. Not having anyone slag Monk off, hes working absolute wonders with an ageing, boring team. Anyone actually takes their blue sunglasses off will see we are punching well above our weight in the league. All this without any of his own players in and no pre season
  6. I'd still like to see a Winall/Rhodes fromt two
  7. Obviously gutting with what has happened to Fletch but I'm not having this 'shouldn't be playing him' nonsense. If Fletch had played against Stoke, Cardiff and Hull then I'd completely understand resting him, but hes not. He's played 45/270 minutes due to this illness, ovcourse he needed to start today to get back upto match fitness ready for Leeds. And people would've moaned if he'd not played and we'd lost. Just a case of typical Wednesday bad luck..
  8. I'd be looking at prem loans. Rather not push the boat out and spend when we're under big financial scrutiny. Pacey prem striker (brewster, nketiah etc) A winger (harvey elliot etc) A LB/RB Attacking mid
  9. Completely depends on whether we can bring players in. If we can then a fee for him would be wise despite his improved performance, if we can't then we absolutely can't sell our only left back
  10. Looking at the next 10 games it would be classic wednesday to win our next 5 against teams around us and lose the 5 after which we 'should' get a result
  11. So frustrating that we have all this going on with the EFL and are probably banned from January signings. A few additions would really push us on. In this order priority RB striker with pace LB winger CM
  12. Very underrated moyes. Unreal job at Everton to get them top 4 without spending much. Ironic really as Ferguson stitched him up as that 1st season after Fergie was a death trap and the squad was ageing rapidly, I think he actually did okay there, same at west ham. *tin hat on* i'd have been happy with him here after Bruce
  13. Only players I'd be dissapointed in losing would be bannan, iorfa and borner. Rest can go for the right fee
  14. Surely nuhiu isnt quick enough to be trying to break offside trap
  15. Monk has almost always played with a big lad up front. Look at all his previous clubs. Gomis at swansea, wood at leeds, ashley fletcher at boro, jutkewicz at brum
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