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  1. Brucey has a villa in Quinta do Lago on the Algarve so probably makes sense (used to see him there when we went regularly a few years ago).
  2. Palmer left back, Iorfa right back. Rest of team as was Last Tuesday
  3. Fox totally leaves his man to head back accross. He is absolutely shocking and should be nowhere near the team.
  4. I would be interested to see what his win rate is in the Bundesliga 2nd tier rather than the overall one. Only on the basis that it is difficult to judge or take into account the % in the top league as (like in England) there is great(er) disparity in budgets and skill level.
  5. And watch the moaners again when this happens. There will probably be ones disappointed if it doesn’t pan out this way!
  6. And just watch them all moan when this happens!! Some love to moan and whine they will almost be disappointed if it doesn’t work out as you suggested.
  7. I can only (and would only) speak as I find. The gist of the conversation was that she was in an impossible situation and didn’t enjoy the vitriol from the fans against her. As a person and in that environment she was very engaging and clearly very intelligent. I guess the Charlton fans had good reason for this their views and I couldn’t possibly comment as I don’t know enough about all the details (just as we all don’t really as we rarely see both sides of the coin). i believe at the very least she deserves a chance to do the job she has been employed to do without being judged (and ostracised) for a role she previously carried out in very different circumstances.
  8. Yes me too I think some people hate having zero voice within the club and genuinely want to go back to the bad old days. Having met Katrien twice and spent some time in the SWFC boardroom as a guest of Charlton I can confirm that she isn’t the devil incarnate that some are making out. She was unfortunately the mouthpiece for owners that make Dave Allen look amenable!
  9. 100% sack him. Does anyone else think we just aren’t fit enough. All very well only training with the ball but basic fitness in the modern game is a must. Watched pigs last night and to a man (even Leon) ran and ran, continually pressed & harried the opposition. We did this in Carlos’ 1st season but are now so stale and static. We also need to adapt our style/formation. Playing Bannan in a 442 doesn’t work (I am Bannan’s biggest fan btw) we need him part of a middle 3.
  10. Except Hutchinson not fit. Pudil instead at LB, Reach left side midfield. Credit Ronseal!
  11. Surely as they have drawn out a lot of the red 'home' balls there is less than 50/50 chance of playing at home if you get drawn out later
  12. http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2017/07/02/do-simon-grayson-could-be-crucial-in-sunderlands-move-for-sheffi/ It is HITC though so probably nothing in it.
  13. Sunderland apparently interested as well!!
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