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  1. One great thing about Derby is that they have exactly the right positioning of away fans in the ground, and the noisiest home fans next to them. No deliberate long slither like Wolves, no third tier like Newcastle or Sunderland; Just give the away fans an end or corner, next to core home fans, and the atmosphere will be better for everyone.
  2. Let's be real, we cannot go down. If we win, our very small dream of the playoffs changes. It is still a small dream, but the chase will be on. A point at Derby would of course normally be a very decent result. But it's worth little tomorrow; we're safe anyway, and if we get a point, we'll pretty much admit that our playoff dream is over. So.….. gamble. If it's level with 20 minutes to go, go for it. If it's level with 5 minutes to go, play as if we're losing and go all out for the goal. A good February means that we've earnt the right to be able to gamble, and to risk losing. A point is no good to us tomorrow.
  3. There's something that the Kop want you to know, About a big lad from Kosovo He's six foot six and strong as an ox He scores every time he's in the box For ever morrre, Give the ball to Atdte, he will score
  4. Given he was celebrating, presumably a Wednesday fan from the home end?
  5. Now that it's pretty certain that neither of them knew the details, I think Gullit has every right to feel very let down by the laziness of the BBC here. I mean, he would still have come across as an arrogant clown, but it's unfair for him to be known as an arrogant clown who criticised someone whilst knowing that their parents had died. He didn't know. Murphy not knowing the details as an English pundit with other punditry jobs is a bad black mark against him. But, Gullit? I'm not sure. He's there in the role of a big name, a Chelsea legend; is it that bad of him not to know the details of managerial appointments in the Championship? He will come away thinking "the BBC have made me look awful by not briefing me on the one important issue here," and -talking over a woman and everything else aside- I think he has every right to feel like that.
  6. Not to take too much criticism away from Gullit and Murphy, but I think the biggest dropping of the ball is from the BBC production team. It's the first rule of TV to know if any of the topics that are going to be brought up could have sensitive material, and to brief the panel on any important details around it. Yes, of course it is ridiculous, especially for Murphy, that the pundits didn't know the details themselves anyway, but the BBC has got to give them the safety net of a pre-match briefing. They would (presumably?!) not have said what they did had they known the full details, and I think they will have both felt a bit sick at whichever point they learnt after the show that they hadn't just been talking about a man who had decided to take any old holiday.
  7. Come on, let's get it right what happened with VAR and the penalty. It was not a penalty. Any "bias" from the referee was not in the big Southern club's favour. The "bias" was in fact in OUR favour, by trying to give us a penalty which wasn't a penalty. VAR simply changed the decision to the correct one. I think the underrated problem with VAR is that there will be a real damage to the joy of a goal being scored once fans get used to having to "wait and see" if a goal looks at all questionable. Very few people in football seem to be realising the damage that will do to the overall enjoyment in the game- and even more damage in the stadium than on the TV. I hate the prospect of VAR for that reason, despite the fact that it will make the game fairer. But VAR did not get anything wrong yesterday.
  8. Willian probably used to being able to celebrate in thatcl corner of the ground as it's normally home fans.
  9. Were actually in there, easy enough to get in. But no other Wednesday fans are
  10. Someone give us a name during the afternoon where people are, so that we get a big crowd in the same one. If not we're going to Earls court, which might be the place I've heard the most times so far, so come there people!
  11. If we'd always had VAR, we wouldn't have got the penalty in the final at Cardiff in 2005 or the equaliser at the Brighton second leg in 2016 It's easier to remember the ones that have gone against you
  12. If anyone can help, I really need two tickets for West Brom. Happy to pay for tickets plus postage
  13. Where's everyone going? Is the Wetherspoons in the centre of town any good? Probably will go to the Fernhurst unless I hear otherwise- although last time there, it didn't seem to be away pub, as the bouncers were very half-heartedly saying "home fans only," to which we all said we were home fans.
  14. Experienced the same. Was also there at almost exactly 720pm. Was with my pregnant wife (our close decision on whether she should go or not turned out to probably be wrong). So, we had not much choice but to stand back, be in last, and not enter the crush. I thought our fans were well behaved, given the obvious anger of the situation. Until they opened the rest of the turnstiles about 7 minutes into the game, it really looked like it might be 30 minutes or more til people got in. The classic football situation of no single steward or police having a clue of the overview of what was happening. Our verdict on the reason behind it all was slightly different- we really don't know, though. We thought that normally there would be 6 away turnstiles, but they had decided to only open 3, to help their operation to keep fans apart. Fine if it works, but a bit of simple maths should have let them know that you're just not going to get 2,000 fans through a smaller number of turnstiles on time. A complete farce, and I agree- for South Yorkshire Police to not take command of the situation in any way is all too familiar.
  15. Does anyone have any memory from previous years on whether it makes general sale? Is it only Leeds that get given the whole end?
  16. I've had an away s/t the last few years, and a baby due in April looks like I might have to reduce from next season! I wanted to know, what kind of number of away games do you need to have gone to make the various priority levels. I guess the easiest way to ask is - if you've had a season ticket for the last two years, how many away games did you need to have gone to, in order to get a Blades ticket? And what about the next level--forest, Villa etc?
  17. I think one underrated reason in why more teams are giivng the bare minimum away allocation is simply that the ever-inflating money in football means that selling some extra tickets isn't worth the bother. Birmingham will have known that we could have guaranteed selling, say, 1000 more. £20, each, that's £20,000. Minus extra policing and stewarding, it's maybe looking more like £10,000. £10,000 a few years ago will have been a decent fraction of the wage bill. Nowadays, it's not covering one first-teamer; it's not worth the bother. With each league positon and match won worth more and more money, then if the home team feels that giving a bigger away allocation hurts their chance of winning by even the tiniest percentage, that advantage is now worth more than the extra £10,000. More and more teams are realising that putting away fans in the most 'hidden' location can give them an extra small advantage. Newcastle and Sunderland are the worst offenders, but there are more. It's just another thing that affects the experience for the hardcore- the regular away fans. I think more teams very soon will latch onto the idea that they are right to give the smallest possible allocation, which means that many fans won't even be able to be part of that hardcore. Solution? We won't hold our breath on it, but it would be more than possible for the league to dictate that away fans must be given an allocation including the lower tier behind the goal, and 10% of the capacity, even if that is bigger than the 2,000 that is the current rule.
  18. Crown and Anchor "British pub" ten minutes off the strip is the place. There's two- ask for the bigger one.
  19. I agree. I guess the better way of looking at it is that our 'luck' is all in the two Reach goals without which we would be 11th. ' 'Lucky' would of course completely unfair if you said it to the guy, as they were not at all hit and hopes, and he is great from long range. But it is right for the bookies to put then in their 'luck' column, simply in the sense that it's way higher rate than they realistically measure for him for the rest of the season.
  20. I think we're doing great, and I think we've got a chance for the top six (which would be recognised as being incredible for a side who couldn't sign a single player). I'm just saying that I think the bookies are right that us being 6th doesnt mean we should be current 6th favourites.
  21. (This is not meant at all to be negative about Wednesday, just explaining why the bookies are rating us as they are) We're in the top six because we've been luckier than we have realised. I don't know exactly what those elements are, but you can be sure that the bookies do. Change one piece of luck- let's say for example that we ran into a very wasteful Leeds attack- and we are 10th. One way we as fans will be rating the season wrongly as we take stock is that we'll take it as a good thing that we've scored 2 really good goals (Baz), and two wonder goals (Reach). The bookies will instead count it against us that 4 goals which have won us 6 points have been unusually good. They are right to do so. Far more important are the more common ways of scoring goals- simple good cross leading to a free header, set pieces, tap-ins from attacking pressure- and it means we have 4 fewer of those. But, then you say, we have proved that we two midfielders who are great strikers of the ball. Yes, we do, but a rate of one wonder goal every six games is just not going to continue for Reach. In November and December last year, he scored two great ones, and we will have thought at the time that he might pick up 2 or 3 great more in the next five months. He got none. Good as he is, it's far more likely now that there will be no Reach wonder goals in the next five months, than he will continue at this rate.
  22. I think there is some serious underestimation here of the level of expertise that bookies have. It's a bit boring and not really football, but the data can tell us so much, and is a massive thing. A lot of very clever people have access to a lot of complex data, and would love to beat the bookies. The bookies have to be better than them all. And they almost always are. Very very few people in the UK are able to make a living from betting on football. And it's not for lack of trying. At each betting firm, someone will be employed as their championship expert. They know what to look for, have the best data, get to work 40 hours a week on it, and get the job because they are a shrewd judge. I would go as far as saying that the championship expert at any major betting company is a better judge than the biggest fan of any club. Yes, the fans may know things that can't be measured exactly, like team spirit and transfer rumours, but the bookies are pretty sharp on these too. To use Leicester's 5000/1 shot as an argument against the bookies actually makes no sense at all. Instead, the fact there is one and only one winning 5000/1 shot of all the things you can bet on over all the years actually suggests that they're getting it about right. If the bookies are pricing things correctly, then once in a while, you should see 50/1 shots come in, and once in a very long while, even a 5000/1 shot. There's no denying a roulette wheel is priced correctly. If you stood and watched if for long enough, eventually you would see the number 1 come in three times in a row. A very long shot; that's your Leicester moment. The Leicester season was actually a great thing for the bookies, as it will be remembered for a long as a way some people won a lot of money, because they "got it wrong." They didn't. I'm not saying this to say anything negative at all about Wednesday, as things are very positive at the moment, but I'll just say, that the fact the real experts have us at about 14th favourites in the league makes for bad news for us.
  23. Two minutes from time, their keeper is injured, and taking the throw in straight away could lead to an empty net. Yes, there may have been an element in his mind that he was happy for us to just keep the ball from the throw anyway. Yes, if he did mean to delay in the spirit of fairness, you could argue that it's not the right thing to do, as other teams may not reciprocate. But I think we should take it for what it looks like. He's obviously a nice guy, and I'm very proud that one of Wednesday's stars is putting fair play before the game.
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