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  1. Do we think any number of people will turn up to Hillsborough for the game?
  2. It's so important for us to realise how different those awesome scenes would be if we had VAR. The goal was completely fine, but there is absolutely no way under VAR that the players or fans could know that. We need to make our voices heard to stop it coming to the championship.
  3. Is a season ticket holder able to get me two tickets for Barnsley at all? Will pay plus beer money.
  4. If anyone has a spare and could meet outside the ground, let me know!
  5. The soon is far more that VAR might come down to the Championship, rather than it we go up to it. Monk said in an interview after the Cardiff non-red card that it would help the league. You're missing the point about Premier league fans. It is not a concern to us that they aren't enjoying it. What is a big concern is that we will have the same experience when it comes to us.
  6. What happens in that minute? Silence, applause?
  7. It doesn't matter how they got there, and how much they cheated. They are football fans like us, and big numbers are saying that they are enjoying going to the game less then ever before. As football fans, given that we may soon be under VAR for ever, this is very significant news for us.
  8. I agree that nothing is going to change on the basis of Wednesday fans on Saturday, but a protest is made of a large number of people making a tiny contribution, and hoping it adds up to enough. Despite our own issues, I think this is bigger than we're giving it credit for. This will be the single biggest change in our lifetime of football, and how we watch football. Not many people will have a neutral reaction to it, when it comes in. They will either thinks it adds to the game, or takes away, and more and more people are saying that it takes a lot away. This is not just a Premier League issue. In fact, if it's the case that once VAR has come in, it is here to stay, it actually isn't a Premier League issue now. It's a Championship issue.
  9. Definitely, but that only started when two decisions went against us. That only counts for so much. Since then, we've seen that the damage that it does to the game is far higher than most thought, and need to make our voices heard whether VAR decisions go for and against us.
  10. Match going fans in the Premier Legaue are saying that it is ruining the game. The main damage, that you now have to greet a goal with half - celebration, doubt and turning to the big screen, is so big, that fans are reporting that going to the game feels stripped of emotion. Fans of teams like Wolves, who should be enjoying their best football for decades, are saying that it doesn't feel like football any more, and they've never felt so numb at a game. Football league fans need to make their voice heard that we don't want to suffer this too, and we are one of a few teams who have that chance on Saturday. Let's sing all the songs. In fact, the strongest possible thing we can do is to join in with the Brighton fans, should VAR change a decision against them, and in our favour. 'Wednesday fans join in with Brighton fans despite VAR ruling in their favour' is something that WOULD be noticed, and commented on. We entered VAR on bad logic. Popular arguments like 'You'll get to celebrate twice,' have been shown to be nonsense. Now, the bad logic continues with 'it's early on, we just need to make changes to VAR.' Offsides are the main threat hanging over goals, which means you now have to doubt rather than celebrate. The demands are to make a decision quicker or better communicated in the ground, but this does not actually undo the damage. If you don't have an instant decision when a goal is scored, you lose so much of what makes the game great. Of course, there is an argument in the other direction . Seeing that VAR can (sometimes) restore justice, the bad decisions against us feel more frustrating this season. But cancel out a free kick being given instead of a penalty at Hull with the fact that Lees' handball in the box was missed at Reading, and cancel a wrong penalty decision at Derby with a wrong penalty decision at home to Bristol City, and things don't end up too far from even. Even though it would of course improve the game to get these decisions right, the damage is far too high. Let's be honest, the draw on Saturday is largely uninspiring. But the draw does one significant thing, which, by putting us in a VAR stadium, is to give our fans a chance to make our voices heard on something which many believe is ruining the game. Let's take that chance.
  11. Also realised that I've been to Huddersfield seven times, and haven't seen them score a single goal. O-0 where Maguire should have had a penalty at the end 0-0 between Christmas and New Year one year 2-0 the year we went up from League one 1-0 Joao to Fernando in first playoff year 1-0 Fernando late penalty in autumn 2016 0-0 in 2017 playoff first leg 2-0 this year
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