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  1. Hey mate,


    Just in case you still have ticket(s) to sell,  I am looking to buy one,  buy happy to buy two if selling as a pair



  2. 1 ticket wanted for Saturday, willing to add postage and beer money. Can also pick up from ground if it's last minute.
  3. A group of us (Wednesday fans and neutral mates) have got a last minute spare ticket in the Charlton hospitality tomorrow. From 3pm, Unlimited drinks (which we will be making the most of) and meal before, and then what looks like a seat in the directors box. We've had a last minute dropout, so I thought I would put in on here. Guy who has dropped out is willing to give it away to free, to a Wednesday fan. Only downer is that we can't celebrate any goals once we are in the home hospitality. First one to PM message me gets it.
  4. Spoke to the woman at hospitality at Charlton (has anyone else? She told me no away fans in the home hospitality) and she said that the Charlton ticket office posted 2,500 to 3,000 to us last Friday. The delay is all because of us.
  5. How quickly do you think we would sell it out? My guess is in record time, but maybe if there's 3000 then not?
  6. I'm sure this will have been asked before, but with only 2 weeks to go, are we expecting an away allocation for Charlton?
  7. I think the second half is common sense, but getting even the first half out by 3 minutes is so poor.
  8. The fact that we have so much else to be angry about doesn't make this untrue. Someone give me a reason why the league shouldn't implement this easy rule?
  9. No, if 10 minutes of 3-3 play out with Derby thinking they need to win, we definitey have a better chance of scoring in a stretched game.
  10. Then that is uncontrollable, but they can at least control what they can. Exact same kick off times for the second time is the obvious rule.
  11. It can at the same time be true that we have been a disgrace, deserve no luck, and that the point still stands.
  12. Look, it is so important to acknowledge all of the following before making the point. - We, clearly, have only ourselves to blame. - We were ultimately thrown FOUR lifelines- Cardiff, Luton, Swansea and Birmingham all threw us a favour, meaning that we had a chance we didn't deserve. - Overall, luck fell massively in our favour. We weren't good enough to take it. However, those things being true shouldn't stop us from being able to make this point in the title. It is absolute common sense, and such an easy rule to implement, to make sure the second half of the crucial connected games kick off at the same time. Why? Because information from one game being finished well before the other can of course be crucial. Even the first half of the Rotherham game kicked off 3 minutes before us, which is such poor organisation. To reiterate, this is not a complaint that we got unlucky. In fact, we have been overall LUCKY, and still finished bottom. However, the rule to sychronise the start of the second halves is so easy, and should be so clear. This is how the timeline would have been had the games been playing at the same time. 78 mins (at both Derby and Cardiff)- Derby make it 3-3. However, if the games are happening simultaneously, it is at this point 1-0 to Rotherham, and remains so for TEN minutes. So, that is a ten minutes that would have played out with Derby thinking they had to win. Our chances of making it 4-3 ourselves would have been improved if Derby had thought that they desperately needed a goal themselves. In reality, on 81 minutes in our game, Waghorn was able to get the clear message to his teammates that the Rotherham game was over , and so they could spend the last 15 minutes defending, something they would never have been able to do. It probably wouldn't have saved us, but it is a complete failure by the league to not implement the easiest of rules.
  13. Here today's true nightmare situation. It's 1-1 late on against Forest. What do we do? In the absence of other information, we may well choose to all out gamble. That may well be correct. We send Westwood up for a late corner; Forest break and win. We then watch in horror as Derby lose 3-0, and Rotherham lose today and Tuesday. We are left thinking, why wouldn't they? They are, after all, both dying a death. A point would have been enough to take it to the last day. If the games had played at the same time, we wouldn't have needed to take the gamble. (As an aside, this is why it's very unfair for Sky to move penultimate day fixtures)
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