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  1. Given that obviously I knew from the start that I would get no support, I would like to point that the only two real established major pieces of bad luck so far both date back three decades to the 80s.
  2. Qualfying for Europe and not being able to go is indeed bad luck. But none of the others are, they were all of our own doing. There are obvious reasons why Houiller chose Liverpool over us. Francis didn't rate Cantona after seeing him. Almost going bust was entirely of Wednesday's personell making.
  3. Agree with 83 semi, but in 93, a mistake by a Wednesday player (as with manager, chairman, etc) can't count as "bad luck". The Charlton game is I think underrated as one of the most frustrating games as a Wednesday fan. However, I think it was far more of our own doing, than bad luck. We had even been lucky to have a situation set up where we went into the tie (which is often incorrectly remembered as a replay) with a massive motivation boost, as the waterlogged original tie left us knowing we had United in the quarter final draw. Stuart Gray made a monumental over-careful mistak
  4. For people disagreeing, tell me the pieces of bad luck that weren't of our own doing. For example, "being so close to signing Cantona" does not count when it was our own manager who decided he wasn't good enough. "Losing a playoff semi penalty shootout" does not count, when it was a failure of planning by the manager, and failure of mental strength on our part.
  5. This may not be liked, but I believe we have had far more good luck than bad luck, especially with decisions, over the years. Obviously it doesn't count on the "bad luck" side that we have had bad owners, some bad players, and not taken our opportunities. These are our major pieces of good luck in the crucial seasons: 2005- An at best debatable penalty on Mclean in the playoff final at an absolutely crucial time, to turn the whole season 2012- The timing of the Ched trial was at the worst possible time for the Blades, who collapsed to let us through at the end.
  6. These are the things that Odubajo is guilty of: Being crap at defending Having brainless moments Not appealing to the ref Not rushing to restart the game Not going to our injured player Failing to get into a pumped up game mindset, partly through his own fault and partly through there being no crowd Even though this next list is much shorter, we've got to give some kind of fairness to him by giving him a fair "trial" This is the thing Odubajo is NOT guilty of: Thinking that the goal would be given, and genuinely celebrati
  7. Given that his future at the club could be in doubt, then if his statement is true, the one player who could help him out by saying something is Grabben.
  8. For the reason that, if this is what it seems, it is unforgiveable, and he should not play for us again, I think we should really give him the chance of considering his explanation here I have to say, I believe him. Odubajo is not a good footballer. However, neither that, nor our frustration at the recent run, should go against him here. Crucially, he has never lacked commitment or effort. He just isn't good enough. I know it really looks like he is celebrating a goal against us, but we have to think, would someone REALLY do this? It has never happened an
  9. Do we think any number of people will turn up to Hillsborough for the game?
  10. It's so important for us to realise how different those awesome scenes would be if we had VAR. The goal was completely fine, but there is absolutely no way under VAR that the players or fans could know that. We need to make our voices heard to stop it coming to the championship.
  11. Is a season ticket holder able to get me two tickets for Barnsley at all? Will pay plus beer money.
  12. If anyone has a spare and could meet outside the ground, let me know!
  13. The soon is far more that VAR might come down to the Championship, rather than it we go up to it. Monk said in an interview after the Cardiff non-red card that it would help the league. You're missing the point about Premier league fans. It is not a concern to us that they aren't enjoying it. What is a big concern is that we will have the same experience when it comes to us.
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