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  1. That is why it is not "good refereeing" to let a first half bad tackle go without a booking. If O'Nein is booked in the first half for the tackle on Matias, as he clearly should be, he doesn't make that tackle on Van Aken. Shame, joost had played well before that
  2. Sorted, no longer need ticket
  3. Hi all, Me and my wife have away s/ts but if anyone is able to help, we need a third terrace ticket for Brentford. Maybe if someone is unable to go because of the change to Sunday? Happy to pay face value and buy a pint. PM me, cheers guys Stuart
  4. For no reason at all, was thinking of the game at Wolves where Pressman got sent off really early, and Chris Stringer (Springer?) went in goal. He must have been really young, 19-20, at the time, and looked promising, but did his career slip after that?
  5. sturutter

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    The aspect not yet discussed is that it was a wrong and needless decision safety wise. There was no sign at all of a pitch invasion, no gathering of fans towards the front. It was a terrible judgement from the referee. There can be different kinds of pitch invasions, but had it come, this would have been a purely celebratory. No rivalry or bad feeling between the fans. No injury or bad outcome has ever come from that.
  6. sturutter

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    Shall we bother playing the second half against Norwich next week? There's nothing riding on it.
  7. To put it in context, it didn't matter too much, probably favoured us to knock 4/5 minutes off the clock, and isn't really worth complaining about. But...... Despite that context, I really hate the decision. There was no real sign of a pitch invasion looming, and none came at all. Even if it doesn't matter too much, you just cannot change the rules and knock time off the game. It's a shame, as it gives a bit of a false memory, like it was just an exhibition game that no one really cared about enough to want to actually play the proper length of the game. And that's not the case, Wednesday did well. Do we know any more info? Presumbaly this was pre-planned from the ref, and therefore meant that we had to agree to it? If so, too nice and too meek Wednesday.
  8. We've conquered all of Yorkshire, And we're never going to stop, From rovrum up to Leeds, We've beat the f***ng lot, David Hirst, Roland nilsson And Atdte Nuhiu, He never used to score, Now he always gets two ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ
  9. Where are we drinking?
  10. This one is a lot more debatable I know, but I even would play Wildsmith, and promise Dawson in exchange the same number of games if/when we are mathematically safe.
  11. We are looking at a season that is going to go into our history as very forgettable. There is one remaining way we could make it memorable, especially for the fans Tonight's win has given us the licence. If it means sacrificing preparations for the Milwall game to a small extent, screw it, lets do it. Nobody is going to be arrogant and say 'we're definitely not going down,' but the picture is looking very good. Nine points is a very big cushion at the bottom. The old manager returning makes it more spicy, but it's exciting enough without that. Win on Saturday,.and we are one win from Wembley. If we don't get a ' maybe winnable' one in the draw for the quarters, at least that means we have a great day out away at one of the Manchester clubs, or indeed Wembley, to play Tottenham. Our opposition on Saturday CANNOT afford to take their eye off the league. We can. Let's take advantage.
  12. sturutter

    5th Round Draw Details

    Agree or disagree- the best draw (give or take the Pigs, maybe) is home to whoever the lowest placed team is. Last 16 and two wins from Wembley, I very strongly agree. Southampton away would be a big disappointment, but for me, Rochdale at home (even away) definitely wouldn't be.
  13. May be a stupid question as I imagine the answer is no, but do we know whether they're serving in the ground on Friday?
  14. sturutter

    Need two Blades away tickets

    Yeah cheers mate. Out of a joint bank account (my wife has other away s/t), and we had left it empty on the one crucial day. Missed two calls too, on a busy day, so no excuses, but feeling pretty unlucky!
  15. sturutter

    Need two Blades away tickets

    Cheers mate, will do. Is that how it works, by priority level?