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  1. sturutter

    Forestieri Red Card

    Given he was celebrating, presumably a Wednesday fan from the home end?
  2. sturutter

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Now that it's pretty certain that neither of them knew the details, I think Gullit has every right to feel very let down by the laziness of the BBC here. I mean, he would still have come across as an arrogant clown, but it's unfair for him to be known as an arrogant clown who criticised someone whilst knowing that their parents had died. He didn't know. Murphy not knowing the details as an English pundit with other punditry jobs is a bad black mark against him. But, Gullit? I'm not sure. He's there in the role of a big name, a Chelsea legend; is it that bad of him not to know the details of managerial appointments in the Championship? He will come away thinking "the BBC have made me look awful by not briefing me on the one important issue here," and -talking over a woman and everything else aside- I think he has every right to feel like that.
  3. sturutter

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    Not to take too much criticism away from Gullit and Murphy, but I think the biggest dropping of the ball is from the BBC production team. It's the first rule of TV to know if any of the topics that are going to be brought up could have sensitive material, and to brief the panel on any important details around it. Yes, of course it is ridiculous, especially for Murphy, that the pundits didn't know the details themselves anyway, but the BBC has got to give them the safety net of a pre-match briefing. They would (presumably?!) not have said what they did had they known the full details, and I think they will have both felt a bit sick at whichever point they learnt after the show that they hadn't just been talking about a man who had decided to take any old holiday.
  4. sturutter

    Wednesday fans at Chelsea

    Come on, let's get it right what happened with VAR and the penalty. It was not a penalty. Any "bias" from the referee was not in the big Southern club's favour. The "bias" was in fact in OUR favour, by trying to give us a penalty which wasn't a penalty. VAR simply changed the decision to the correct one. I think the underrated problem with VAR is that there will be a real damage to the joy of a goal being scored once fans get used to having to "wait and see" if a goal looks at all questionable. Very few people in football seem to be realising the damage that will do to the overall enjoyment in the game- and even more damage in the stadium than on the TV. I hate the prospect of VAR for that reason, despite the fact that it will make the game fairer. But VAR did not get anything wrong yesterday.
  5. sturutter

    FA Investigation:

    Willian probably used to being able to celebrate in thatcl corner of the ground as it's normally home fans.
  6. sturutter

    Goose is Chelsea fans only today.

    Were actually in there, easy enough to get in. But no other Wednesday fans are
  7. sturutter

    Pre match drinks

    Someone give us a name during the afternoon where people are, so that we get a big crowd in the same one. If not we're going to Earls court, which might be the place I've heard the most times so far, so come there people!
  8. sturutter

    Referee tomorrow and VAR

    If we'd always had VAR, we wouldn't have got the penalty in the final at Cardiff in 2005 or the equaliser at the Brighton second leg in 2016 It's easier to remember the ones that have gone against you
  9. If anyone can help, I really need two tickets for West Brom. Happy to pay for tickets plus postage
  10. sturutter

    Blackburn Pubs

    Where's everyone going? Is the Wetherspoons in the centre of town any good? Probably will go to the Fernhurst unless I hear otherwise- although last time there, it didn't seem to be away pub, as the bouncers were very half-heartedly saying "home fans only," to which we all said we were home fans.
  11. Experienced the same. Was also there at almost exactly 720pm. Was with my pregnant wife (our close decision on whether she should go or not turned out to probably be wrong). So, we had not much choice but to stand back, be in last, and not enter the crush. I thought our fans were well behaved, given the obvious anger of the situation. Until they opened the rest of the turnstiles about 7 minutes into the game, it really looked like it might be 30 minutes or more til people got in. The classic football situation of no single steward or police having a clue of the overview of what was happening. Our verdict on the reason behind it all was slightly different- we really don't know, though. We thought that normally there would be 6 away turnstiles, but they had decided to only open 3, to help their operation to keep fans apart. Fine if it works, but a bit of simple maths should have let them know that you're just not going to get 2,000 fans through a smaller number of turnstiles on time. A complete farce, and I agree- for South Yorkshire Police to not take command of the situation in any way is all too familiar.
  12. Does anyone have any memory from previous years on whether it makes general sale? Is it only Leeds that get given the whole end?
  13. sturutter

    Question about priority levels

    Amazing, thanks so much both
  14. I've had an away s/t the last few years, and a baby due in April looks like I might have to reduce from next season! I wanted to know, what kind of number of away games do you need to have gone to make the various priority levels. I guess the easiest way to ask is - if you've had a season ticket for the last two years, how many away games did you need to have gone to, in order to get a Blades ticket? And what about the next level--forest, Villa etc?