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  1. sturutter

    Las Vegas for Boro Game

    Crown and Anchor "British pub" ten minutes off the strip is the place. There's two- ask for the bigger one.
  2. I agree. I guess the better way of looking at it is that our 'luck' is all in the two Reach goals without which we would be 11th. ' 'Lucky' would of course completely unfair if you said it to the guy, as they were not at all hit and hopes, and he is great from long range. But it is right for the bookies to put then in their 'luck' column, simply in the sense that it's way higher rate than they realistically measure for him for the rest of the season.
  3. I think we're doing great, and I think we've got a chance for the top six (which would be recognised as being incredible for a side who couldn't sign a single player). I'm just saying that I think the bookies are right that us being 6th doesnt mean we should be current 6th favourites.
  4. (This is not meant at all to be negative about Wednesday, just explaining why the bookies are rating us as they are) We're in the top six because we've been luckier than we have realised. I don't know exactly what those elements are, but you can be sure that the bookies do. Change one piece of luck- let's say for example that we ran into a very wasteful Leeds attack- and we are 10th. One way we as fans will be rating the season wrongly as we take stock is that we'll take it as a good thing that we've scored 2 really good goals (Baz), and two wonder goals (Reach). The bookies will instead count it against us that 4 goals which have won us 6 points have been unusually good. They are right to do so. Far more important are the more common ways of scoring goals- simple good cross leading to a free header, set pieces, tap-ins from attacking pressure- and it means we have 4 fewer of those. But, then you say, we have proved that we two midfielders who are great strikers of the ball. Yes, we do, but a rate of one wonder goal every six games is just not going to continue for Reach. In November and December last year, he scored two great ones, and we will have thought at the time that he might pick up 2 or 3 great more in the next five months. He got none. Good as he is, it's far more likely now that there will be no Reach wonder goals in the next five months, than he will continue at this rate.
  5. I think there is some serious underestimation here of the level of expertise that bookies have. It's a bit boring and not really football, but the data can tell us so much, and is a massive thing. A lot of very clever people have access to a lot of complex data, and would love to beat the bookies. The bookies have to be better than them all. And they almost always are. Very very few people in the UK are able to make a living from betting on football. And it's not for lack of trying. At each betting firm, someone will be employed as their championship expert. They know what to look for, have the best data, get to work 40 hours a week on it, and get the job because they are a shrewd judge. I would go as far as saying that the championship expert at any major betting company is a better judge than the biggest fan of any club. Yes, the fans may know things that can't be measured exactly, like team spirit and transfer rumours, but the bookies are pretty sharp on these too. To use Leicester's 5000/1 shot as an argument against the bookies actually makes no sense at all. Instead, the fact there is one and only one winning 5000/1 shot of all the things you can bet on over all the years actually suggests that they're getting it about right. If the bookies are pricing things correctly, then once in a while, you should see 50/1 shots come in, and once in a very long while, even a 5000/1 shot. There's no denying a roulette wheel is priced correctly. If you stood and watched if for long enough, eventually you would see the number 1 come in three times in a row. A very long shot; that's your Leicester moment. The Leicester season was actually a great thing for the bookies, as it will be remembered for a long as a way some people won a lot of money, because they "got it wrong." They didn't. I'm not saying this to say anything negative at all about Wednesday, as things are very positive at the moment, but I'll just say, that the fact the real experts have us at about 14th favourites in the league makes for bad news for us.
  6. Two minutes from time, their keeper is injured, and taking the throw in straight away could lead to an empty net. Yes, there may have been an element in his mind that he was happy for us to just keep the ball from the throw anyway. Yes, if he did mean to delay in the spirit of fairness, you could argue that it's not the right thing to do, as other teams may not reciprocate. But I think we should take it for what it looks like. He's obviously a nice guy, and I'm very proud that one of Wednesday's stars is putting fair play before the game.
  7. None but the reason is that you can do damage with a full bottle
  8. Yeah I'm a Wednesday away s/t holder and it comes to about £740
  9. I know they're not quite out yet, but if anyone has one lower tier adult Villa ticket spare, would massively appreciate it
  10. sturutter

    Reading Away

    Is this really a thing? People are really spending £25 knowing that they won't go? I hadn't heard of it at all until Wolves did it for the League Cup game- which I guess makes some sense, at only a tenner and their exciting season- but since then people are talking about it as if it is a common thing?
  11. sturutter

    Reading Away

    Reading: for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and welcome, the best; for anyone who wants a drink and some kind of atmosphere, the worst. I thought our atmosphere was poor for us, especially for a team winning away for their third win in a row. The problem with comfortable stadiums is that it is just always going to harm the atmosphere. Hard to explain why exactly, but it just does. A big section of our fans were sitting down at Reading. Maybe because it was so hot, but also a lot more likely to happen when you have plenty of legroom, and a good view even if you sit down. Box them in like at Burnley, say, or the terraces at Brentford, and people will sing a lot more. I would say that we made more noise on the season's worst performance at Brentford than we did at the season's best on Saturday, and that maybe proves the point. I personally feel that home atmospheres (obviously, going all the way back to the all-seater change) have been sanitised so much to a family atmosphere, that the rest of us should be allowed to claim the away games as a "proper" football atmosphere. Football grounds are all safe anyway, nothing worse is going to happen at an away game that getting sprayed with a bit of beer. If you bring a kid to a home game, and beer is flying and it's a bit too lairy, I think you are well within your rights to complain. If it happens at an away game, I think you can choose whether to come or stay away. Why not instead keep home games as a family thing, and keep away games as a rite of passage for the kids, when they're older?
  12. Nothing against the staff, they do a good job if you're ever lucky enough to get through. But it's as simple as- why no queueing system? They're ridiculously behind the times to not have one for an operation that size. It's bad enough at the best of times, but obviously feels all the more ironic when we're paying so much to watch a poor team.
  13. That is why it is not "good refereeing" to let a first half bad tackle go without a booking. If O'Nein is booked in the first half for the tackle on Matias, as he clearly should be, he doesn't make that tackle on Van Aken. Shame, joost had played well before that
  14. Sorted, no longer need ticket
  15. Hi all, Me and my wife have away s/ts but if anyone is able to help, we need a third terrace ticket for Brentford. Maybe if someone is unable to go because of the change to Sunday? Happy to pay face value and buy a pint. PM me, cheers guys Stuart