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  1. Aston Villa away

    Awesome, will straight away
  2. Aston Villa away

    (I'm a Wednesday fan who has lived most of his life in Birmingham). A definite no to Wednesday colours in the family enclosure. Villa's family enclosure is fine, but too big to be just families. Send me a PM if you need someone with a Birmingham post code to help getting tickets, more than happy to do so.
  3. Thanks so much. Actually yeah, thinking about it, Birmingham played the Saturday after last Wednesday, so should be fine
  4. With the Ipswich game moved a day later to Wednesday 22nd November, does the Reading game change from Saturday 25th November, to the Sunday?
  5. Cheers both. We're guessing pretty likely Sunday lunch time then?
  6. Is the blades away game confirmed as Saturday 13th January 1215pm kick off like it is listed, or is it subject to change and likely to go Sunday?
  7. Chansiri is skint

    I'm surprised that no one has talked about the elephant in the room if we're looking for evidence that DC is struggling financially with the club: The completely bizarre premiership 3 year season ticket idea.
  8. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    You know more than me, but I'm going to bet on a slow sell out. International week before, and a lot will know they can't get any other away tickets til maybe Ipswich (with villa and derby selling out)
  9. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    Great, cheers Sam How many are you guessing we'll sell in the end? We did sell 6,000 for Preston (I know that was increased by it being first day, though)
  10. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    Cheers Sam. Got some mates wanting general sale, how would you rate their chances? Im presuming that we sell the 2,145 for sure, and it's whether the 4k ish would sell out before general sale
  11. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    It actually says upper tier. Why are they selling the upper tier first?! It doesn't say anything about an initial allocation on the official site. I really hope they're not mugging us off with a reduced allocation, and putting us upper tier so that we can't be seen?
  12. Bolton away (14th Oct)

    Thanks v much guys, very helpful
  13. Just a quick question, friends wondering whether to travel. Will it make general sale?
  14. In terms of goalmouth action and shots on target, I think that might be the most uneventful Wednesday game Ive ever been to Can anyone name one that beats it? The closest I can come is another 0-0 at Huddersfield just after Christmas a few years ago, but I still think yesterday is the one.
  15. Can anyone help? I have two friends who would like to get tickets in the home end, but cant as they have no purchase history. They are willing to pay a £30 tip, which seems fair as it will involve a trip to the ticket office and collection.