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  1. Commentators talking some right b***ocks. If this is Wigan “playing really really good” then they’re certs for the bottom 3. Still think we are the better side.
  2. HT - two good sides going for it and we were the better of the two. I reckon Moore will change half the side this half
  3. Sounded like it might have been Tango but not sure. McClean seemed to see the funny side of it, laughing and moving his hand like a conductor
  4. I’ve liked the look of Windass and Iorfa today, they’ll be like two new top drawer signings this season.
  5. The attendance for the semi final still won’t be as high as out gates in the third tier against Portsmouth and Sunderland.
  6. That Wednesday side that played tonight is more than good enough to get promoted from the third division.
  7. Good luck to him, I still think we should’ve given him another deal.
  8. Off to get Mansfield 3 on the back of my new home shirt this morning.
  9. The club should’ve been doing this sort of thing ages ago. Better late than never, hope fans use it.
  10. During his loan spell at the club he was absolute quality, sadly that fraud Carlos couldn’t manage him and let him rot in the reserves. Really wish Chancer had kept Stuart Gray on a bit longer.
  11. Another tall player to get on the end of some of these Will Vaulks long throws.
  12. Agreed. I worry Moore is going to start tinkering with things and it’ll not work. We should just stick with the formation that we had the entire second half of last season that saw us hit really good form. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.
  13. Trevor Francis. Anyone remember how he turned that match against Luton in 1992 (I think).
  14. Anyone remember that time we were beating them at their place and in cruise control and their fans started singing “Sheffield United are coming for you”?
  15. Sometimes I wish our fans would stop trying to force a rivalry with Rotherham. They don’t even know we exist.
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